Wall Shelves

Wall Shelves

Stylish wall shelves offer practical storage options, create more space and add character to their surroundings. They are are particularly helpful in small apartments because they save space, create eye-catching highlights, and at the same time visually separate designated living spaces. ...more
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Wall Shelves for a beautiful home

It often just takes a clever detail to make your home and furniture more contemporary. Our shelves bring a fresh touch to your interior, are beautiful home accessories and have a practical use as storage areas. In our online shop a large selection of shelving, floating shelves and cube shelves is available in many exciting designs. Choose the desired colour and dimensions and order your new piece of furniture from the comfort of your own home. You can't decide which shelf is suitable for you? Or would like to know how to fix a wall shelf? Below you will find exciting information, tips and ideas from our experts to help you find the right furniture.

Wall Shelves made of Wood, Glass or Metal

There are plenty of materials to choose from - the same applies for wall shelving! Each material has its own appeal and underlines the design of the furniture. Which material will best suit your home? Let’s have a look at the most common materials: wood, glass and metal.

Wooden Wall Shelves

A wooden hanging shelf provides a cosy atmosphere. Furniture with light coloured wood like oak, pine or beech is typically used for Scandinavian styles. They make small rooms appear more airy and have a modern feel. A dark colour, such as the walnut finish, are more grounding and embody the perfect symbiosis between elegance and comfort. You don’t want to commit to a specific type of wood? No problem! White coated wooden shelving will fit in perfectly with virtually any interior concept and can be transformed into visual highlights by displaying colourful decorative items.

wall shelves wood
  homelike modern

Glass Shelves

A look of weightlessness and elegance! Glass shelves in the bathroom create space for cosmetics and set the stage for the presentation of your most precious possessions in the living room. Despite their delicate look, many of our glass shelves can carry a lot of weight, which makes them a popular choice for kitchens as well. You can choose from a variety of shapes from rectangular to rounded and colours like clear, frosted, white, black and red.

wall shelves glass
  elegant look

Metal Wall Shelves

A metal shelf looks cool and edgy and adds contemporary chic to any room. The purist, straight lines combined with a slimline silhouette create a lightweight, airy look. You associate metal shelving with boring grey? Our metal shelves are available in white and black as well. The look is not impersonal and cold - quite the opposite! They create a trendy, contemporary ambiance for modern living spaces.

wall shelves metal
  clean Design
Tip from experts: ‘Wall shelves are a great tool for creating order as well as lightweight look and feel. I like combining several shelves to create a generously dimensioned shelf wall for my favorite decorative objects and plenty of magazines and other items.’

Lisa, Social Media Manager

tip from the experts

Designer Look Wall Shelves

Need a focal point for your wall? Wall shelves in trendy designs create visual highlights that underline the decorative aspect over their function. Creating an eye-catching focal point for your feature wall couldn’t be easier. You might try combining several plain, straight-line shelves to create a whole wall of shelves. Cubes are a very popular solution as well, as they can be combined in many different arrangements for a fantastic decoration

Wall Shelf Design Katana
Wall Shelf Set Design Windows
Cube Shelf Design Softcube

Small Wall Shelves

Small shelves are the unsung heroes of the shelf world. They create focal points on barren walls and offer storage space for the little treasures you hold dear. The shelves themselves are gorgeously decorative objects and a great alternative to picture frames & Co. The best effects are achieved using several small shelves on a colored wall. Here is a selection of particularly popular small shelves:

What are the Attachment Options for Wall Shelves?

There are plenty of ways to put a shelf on the wall. The type of shelf bracket you choose plays a major role in the weight your furniture will be able to support and the kind of look it will have. It is best to think about what you want to store on your shelf before you go out and buy one. Do you want to display picture frames and accessories on it? Or do you need something stronger with plenty of space for dinnerware or heavy books? Each shelf type is displayed with information about its load-bearing capacity to make it easy for you to choose the right product for your purposes. We have also put together the most popular attachment options to give you a better overview of what’s on offer.

Wall shelves with functional brackets

A Shelf with functional brackets is probably the most common wall shelf. Lateral brackets double as bookends and keep everything else in check that could take a nosedive off the shelf. Inwardly offset shelf brackets can be attractive decorative elements. We have put together a selection of shelf sets for you to choose from. Haven’t found what you were looking for? Why not design your very own shelf using the boards and brackets from our various collections!

shelf board with bracket

Wall shelves with internal brackets

The perfect choice for minimalists and fans of the Scandinavian look: The internal shelf brackets for our shelves with invisible wall mounting simply disappear inside the floating shelf board. The brackets are completely invisible and the shelf appears to be floating weightlessly on the wall. All that can be seen is the minimalist design. All the shelf space can be used and you don’t have to arrange your books or decorations around any brackets.

wall shelf with hidden bracket Holz

Wall shelves with built-in attachment points

This wall mount has the big advantage that it is invisible. The built-in attachment points integrated into the rear side of the cube shelves are an elegant solution for mounting a shelf without annoying fastening elements. Important: This type of wall mount requires precision when drilling, as it does not allow any more corrections afterwards. The drill holes must be matched to the shelf with millimetre precision.

cube wall shelf WINDOWS

Wall shelves with saw tooth attachment

Some cube shelves are wall-mounted with a saw tooth attachment. This type of wall attachment forgives small inaccuracies when drilling or hammering, because the elongated saw tooth plates allow for a bit of offset, which means the shelves can be nudged a little bit until they are perfectly level.

wall shelf cube DADO

How sturdy is your wall?

Is your masonry strong enough to securely hold heavy shelves? Here is an easy trick: Knock on the wall to find out how sturdy it is. A dull muffled sound points towards a brick or concrete wall. These walls will easily support heavy loads and will hold heavy duty shelves full of books or dinnerware. A hollow sound will most likely mean that you are dealing with drywalling. These walls are not suitable for the mounting of heavy furniture. Hanging some small decorative shelves or shelf cubes that won’t be holding heavy weights will not be a problem for that type of wall. All our shelves come with universal wall anchors that can be used in brickwork as well as in drywalling. Please remember that the max. load bearing capacity for wall shelves is significantly reduced when they are mounted on drywalling.

capacity concrete


capacity honeycomb brick

Honeycomb Brick

capacity drywall


The walls in older buildings are usually constructed with bricks, sandstone, vertical coring bricks or have had concrete repair work done, which may make them very porous. This is what you do if a bit of the wall breaks away during drilling, making the hole much too large or if sand starts trickling out because you hit a joint: Mix some quick setting concrete from the DIY store and fill the opening with it. Once the mix has set, you can drill again in the same place and the wall will usually be a lot more robust there.

Customer Reviews


Our two shelves in walnut finish hang on top of each other in our living room and look very classy thanks to the natural-looking wood grain. They are perfect for us because we didn't want to see any mounts and the boards fit perfectly between the existing furniture due to their size. I can only recommend the products and will definitely order again in this shop!


The glass shelf is placed at an appropriate distance above a radiator in the bedroom, so that the walls are no longer so quickly contaminated by the heating air. The products are recommended to anyone who values quality at a good price.


I bought the shelf set for my hall and think that the form looks very good. The cubes can be individually combined and put together. Fast delivery. Thanks to the dowels supplied, installation was quick and we were able to use the cubes immediately to store various small items.

for regalraum.com

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