Glass Shelves

Glass Shelves

Glass shelves add a sense of floating lightness and appealing elegance to any room. In the living room, a glass shelf sets stylish accents and creates the perfect stage for your most beautiful things, in the kitchen it offers space for dishes and spices and a glass bathroom shelf is perfect for holding hand towels or cosmetics. ...more
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Our glass shelves - find the one you love

Are you looking for a new stylish and sophisticated glass shelf? Or maybe you need one that combines contemporary design with practicality? You will find all that and more in our great selection of shapes, colours, and sizes. A glass shelf is a great choice for transforming wall space into a stylish platform for cherished items. Everything displayed on it will look exceptional! We have combined some of our bestsellers to make things easier for you.

Numerous applications and special features of glass shelves

A glass shelf will complement your existing furniture of your home. You create additional storage space where you can highlight your most cherished possessions and decorative accessories. We offer products in a variety of colours and shapes.

Glass bathroom shelf

Keep all your options open: Now you have an extra space for all the important little things in the bathroom. This product is made of 8 mm thick, clear or frosted tempered glass. The rounded corners and high gloss polished edges make it a popular favorite.

  sylish +

Glass shelf for the kitchen

Our white, red or black glass shelf boards are supported by aluminum wall brackets – such a glass shelf is an eye-catching and practical solution, as well as a decorative element. The glass shelf boards are made of 8 mm thick tempered glass with high gloss polished edges – simple elegance at its best!

Glass shelf kitchen
  multi colour

Glass shelf with LED illumination

Illuminated LED glass shelves – battery-operated No wires, no transformer, no wall plug: simply beautiful and a highlight for any home! The top-tier LED technology used here is reliable as well as economical. It creates a glamorous platform for your favorite items (the LEDs are integrated in the shelf brackets, the ON/OFF switch is on the left; the lights are powered by 4x AA batteries (not included) and have a battery life of approx. 40 hours)


Black glass shelf

Our black glass shelf is an eye-catching and practical solution, as well as a decorative element. It is made of 8 mm thick tempered glass with high gloss polished edges and is supported by our powder-coated ELIOT brackets.

  angular edges
pure design

Glass corner shelf

Clever storage solutions for corners. This glass corner shelf is made of clear or frosted tempered glass with a thickness of 8 mm. The edges are polished to a high-gloss finish. We have selected our JAM metal clip for these sets.

corner solution


ROUND+JAM glass shelf

The bracket design is simply ingenious. Only one bore hole per bracket – you could even use existing bore holes. The brackets are super slimline and take up very little space on the shelf – the glass looks elegant without seeming cold and is super easy to keep clean. The choice of model and size is completely up to you.

SQUARE+RAIL glass shelf board

I put up the products in the kitchen to create more storage space. I must say they look amazing yet subtle. The screws and wall anchors are good quality and a real godsend. All in all: a great products!

MAXI+CUBE glass shelf

I am a private customer and bought some boards for my kitchen. I am very satisfied with the product quality. Highly recommended in every way!



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