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    P-SLOT S-301 Slot Shelving
    P-SLOT 301 Slot Shelving
    from £315.00 Regular Price £315.00
    L: 240 cm, 243 cm | H: 200 cm | D: 42 cm
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    P-SLOT H1-401 Slot Shelving | Decor white
    P-SLOT 401 Slot Shelving
    from £419.00 Regular Price £419.00
    L: 320 cm, 323 cm | H: 200 cm | D: 42 cm
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    P-SLOT HW-101 Slot Shelving | Decor white
    P-SLOT 101 Slot Shelving
    from £109.00 Regular Price £109.00
    L: 80 cm, 83 cm | H: 200 cm | D: 42 cm
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    P-SLOT H1-201 Slot Shelving
    P-SLOT 201 Slot Shelving
    from £215.00 Regular Price £215.00
    L: 160 cm, 163 cm | H: 200 cm | D: 42 cm

10 Items

10 Items

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Pantry Shelving: Use utility room shelves to create a tidier pantry and laundry room 

Our basic wall-mounted pantry shelving creates a lot of storage space in your utility room. Whether for a laundry room or pantry, a pantry shelving system offers plenty of space to store food and drink items or kitchen equipment that are not in use every day. It is easy to keep areas under wall-hung household equipment clean, which is why they are particularly straightforward to use. With pantry shelving, it is important to choose a surface that is robust and can be wiped clean easily. Depending on your needs, you can choose between a range of shelf brackets and boards that have different load-bearing capacities as utility room storage.

Pantry Shelving - P-SLOT Pantry Shelving Ideas Wood White

P-SLOT Mix-404 Corner shelf

Image 1

P-SLOT Mix-404 Corner shelf

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Pantry Shelving - P-SLOT Pantry Shelving Ideas Wood White Wire Shelf Boards

P-SLOT D-201

Image 2

P-SLOT D-201

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Pantry Shelving - P-SLOT Pantry Shelving Ideas Detail


Image 3


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Pantry Shelving - P-SLOT Laundry Room Shelving

P-SLOT Mix-350

Image 4

P-SLOT Mix-350

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Pantry Shelving - P-SLOT Laundry Shelving white

P-SLOT D-302

Image 5

P-SLOT D-302

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Pantry Shelving - P-SLOT Laundry Shelving Detail Wardrobe Rail

P-SLOT D-100

Image 6

P-SLOT D-100

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Pantry shelving ideas: These are our utility room storage ideas

Individual and flexible kitchen helper

Pantry shelving

Use our 3D shelf configurator to customise the perfect pantry shelving for your individual kitchen storage space, which will help you store your food items in a safe and hygienic way. Simply choose for your pantry cabinet from shelf boards, wire shelf boards and wire baskets to find the elements you need to store your food items, preserving jars, bottles and kitchen equipment. There are also variations in the stability of the uprights and brackets – all depending on what you need. If you are looking for a pantry shelf in a specific size, you can opt for a made-to-measure one that our workshop will individually cut to size for you.

In perfect order 

Laundry room shelving

Our flexible laundry shelving systems are the right choice if you are looking to equip your laundry room with individual shelves. They provide space for laundry, detergent, fabric softener and anything else you may need to store in this room. If you would like to add storage space for freshly laundered clothes to your utility room, you can simply integrate one or more clothes rails into the launrdy shelving unit, where you can hang shirts or dresses up to dry. The flexibility of our utility room shelving systems for laundry rooms means that you can also adapt the size of the shelves exactly to suit your requirements for the room, by installing it over a washing machine and a dryer, for instance. You can also choose between classic wooden shelf boards, airy wire shelf boards and wire baskets, and practical, easy- to-clean steel shelves for your utility room storage.


Discover the P-SLOT pantry shelving

The P-SLOT wall shelf offers you lots of design options. Use the shelf for the laundry room, for example. It is also ideal as a shelf for the pantry. Just have a look!

'The open shelves in our pantry means that everything we might want for our daily needs is at our fingertips.'

Daniel, interior design expert

Lasts a lifetime

Our shelving systems combine timeless design with modularity. This means they not only adapt to your personal style, but also meet changing needs.

  • Modular & timeless
  • Adaptable to new spaces
  • As if made to measure
  • Durable and robust

Assembly instruction

How do I set up my pantry shelving?

In order to make the assembly easy for you, you will find instructions here. With these helpful tricks nothing should stand in the way of quick assembly!

Shelf configurator

Design Your Shelf Online

Create a truly individual shelf with our shelf configurator. Convenient planning, a full 3D view and an easy shopping cart placing.

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