Shelves play an important role when it comes to designing the look of your home. Wall shelves, shelving systems for clothes, room dividers or large-size bookcases – the right shelf will create a perfect home storage solution and help organize and showcase your possessions. Find the perfect shelf for your living room, kitchen, bathroom or office! ...more
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We just love shelves

A shelf is not just something you can store your things in - it is an interior design element that can change the ambiance of an entire room. Use it as a practical storage area for you DVD collection or for staging your decorative objects for best effect: Shelves are without a doubt the most multi-functional pieces of furniture you can get. In terms of living rooms, big, clunky, full front closets are definitely a thing of the past. We here at REGALRAUM understand that trend and offer the kind of shelves that leave nothing to be desired in terms of versatility and design - and all that at very affordable prices!

Shelves - we have them all

For a stylish living room, a trendy, modern office or as a treasure trove in your wine cellar - no matter what you are looking for, we'll have what you need. How about one of our practical book shelves or a room divider shelves ? Having trouble making sense of your wardrobe? Our walk in wardrobe is a great choice for those with plenty of clothes: finally everything has its place. You are looking for a way to utilize all that wasted space in corners? Our corner shelves may just be the perfect solution. There is a free wall, but you can't or won't drill holes? Our highly versatile free standing shelves are modular, which means you can add or combine them in any way you choose: BOON - Cube Storage Units or MAXX - Open Shelving Units .

Here you will find some useful information to help you choose the shelf or shelving system you need for your home, office or store:

10 tips to find your perfect shelf

We are often asked how to plan the purchase of a shelf or shelving system with logic and practicality. We have put together 10 bullet points you need to consider when looking for new shelves:

1. Clear overview - Make sure you know exactly what you want to store on your shelves. Only then can you decide how many shelf boards you will need and what type they should be. Do you want to get some order into your favorite books and add some decorative items to your living space or do you need a shelf for the office to hold all those bulky file folders? Maybe you need more drawers or more shelf boards? Would you prefer a free standing shelf for your shoes or is a wall-mounted, hanging shelving system the better choice for you?

2. Courage - Get rid of clutter you haven't needed in a couple of years. You will have so much more space for plenty of nice new things in your brand new shelves - plus you can do a good deed if you donate it all to charity or simply drop it off at a second hand store.

3. Order - the larger the shelving system you are planning, the more logic you will need to organise it correctly. Separate your things by type, width, depth, colour or season. Systematic storage makes it much easier to find something specific ... and take your time for planning! Our shelving elements are very flexible in terms of what goes where, but people don't tend to change things around much once everything is stored away.

4. The best and the rest - whatever you store right on top and out of the way will soon be forgotten about. All the things you love and use often should be stored within easy reach. Your favorite book, for example, should be at eye level in the shelf or on a special corner shelf so you can find it whenever you want it.

5. Space - don't plan your shoe shelf to be too small and make sure you won't have to stack your books. It is annoying to have to work to find a specific object, don't you think? And a CD shelf can also be a really good idea. We try and make things as easy as possible for you by offering plenty of widths and depths, as well as plenty of styles and shelf heights.

6. Privacy - drawer units and stylish storage boxes can hold plenty of things you don't want everyone to see. A great solution for underwear and lingerie, for example. You want to add a splash of colour to your bedroom or living room? How about storing your things in storage boxes in a fresh lemon green, classy gray or trendy beige-brown, that simply slide right into your shelf. An investment that is really worth your while and adds a trendy flair to your new shelving system.

7. Separation - room dividers offer plenty of storage room and create a clear division between your living spaces. A room divider constructed with shelves doubles your benefits right away. There is enough room for everything you need close at hand and you can place the room divider wherever you want it.

8. Stability - our bookends from the P-SLOT shelving system make sure that everything stands upright on your shelves. Bookends are a particularly good idea for floating shelves.

9. All-in-1 - writing utensils in the sideboard, magazines in the bookshelf - that doesn't only look disorganised, it encourages clutter. One single, generously proportioned wall shelf takes up very little space in real terms, looks a lot more harmonious than several individual pieces of furniture - and it keeps everything in one spot. And if you really want a shoe shelf, then you can simply add it on.

10. Perfection - paint your walls in trendy colours and get some nice rugs. Leave one shelf empty or place a couple of beautiful decorative items on a floating shelf . A few decorative objects can change the ambiance of a whole room and give it character. You will love the effect!

Down to the last detail

A sophisticated filter system - that's what we always wanted. It was really important to us that our customers can search our great range of products with ease by defining the key characteristics for the product they are looking for. Right at the top of the list is - of course - strength. Do you want a shelf to hold file folders or wine bottles? In that case you should choose a shelf with a load-bearing capacity of 40 kg. Do you want to revamp your living room and add a few beautiful shelves to hold decorative items? Those definitely won't have to be heavy-duty shelves. All shelf elements can be filtered by size and the shelf brackets by suitability for specific shelf board depths and thicknesses. Most importantly: the filter system is super fast, so you can see exactly what you want right way.

We are the shelf experts

Virtually all our products come with a detailed description of load-bearing capacities, dimensions and surface finishes. You can decide there and then if you have found the right furniture for your home. Will the shelf brackets match the shelf board? How much storage area will there be on the shelf? Will the winter tires be too heavy for the shelf brackets? Maybe a free standing shelf would look better in my living room? Every decision you make will be much easier, because you get all the information you need. And if you ever feel you would prefer some expert advice for the selection of your new furniture: give us a call! Our customer service is familiar with all the details.

Buy shelves online - your advantages at a glance

In our online shop you will find a great selection in one place. Take your time to browse through our range of shelves - at any time of the day! This saves you valuable time for the trip to the city and nerves for queuing up at crowded cash registers. Have you found the shelf that is suitable for you and your space situation? Then choose your preferred payment method and order conveniently from home. Many of our shelves are available immediately and can be delivered to you within a very short time. Thanks to the assembly instructions, which are available online, the construction of the new favorite piece is not only fun for experienced craftsmen. If you have any questions, our customer service is just a phone call away and will be happy to help you. Ordering with us is a pleasure!

Have fun with REGALRAUM.


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