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Stepped Shelves


33 Items

33 Items

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  1. NEW
    STEP XL-2x2 Stepped Shelf
    STEP 2x2 Stepped Shelf
    from £79.00 Regular Price £79.00
    L: 124 cm, 164 cm | H: 90 cm | D: 27 cm
  2. NEW
    BOON 5x5 Stepped Shelf | Decor white
    BOON 5x5 Stepped Shelf
    from £335.00 Regular Price £335.00
    L: 181 cm, 288 cm | H: 183 cm | D: 33 cm
  3. NEW
    MAXX 4x4 Stepped Shelf | 231x147x33 cm (LxHxD) | Decor black
    MAXX 4x4 Stepped Shelf
    from £375.00 Regular Price £375.00
    L: 231 cm | H: 147 cm | D: 33 cm
  4. SOFTBOX Storage Boxes | 328x328x328 mm
    SOFTBOX Storage Boxes
    £8.45 Regular Price £8.45
    universally applicable
  5. SALE
    MAXX M-6x6 Stepped Shelves | 345x218x33 cm (LxHxD) | Decor white
    MAXX 6x6 Stepped Shelf
    from £715.00 Regular Price £715.00
    L: 345 cm | H: 218 cm | D: 33 cm
  6. NEW
    STEP XL-3x2 Stepped Shelf
    STEP 3x2 Stepped Shelf
    from £105.00 Regular Price £105.00
    L: 185 cm, 245 cm | H: 90 cm | D: 27 cm
  7. SOFTBOX-L Storage Boxes | 530x328x328 mm
    SOFTBOX-L Storage Boxes
    £12.90 Regular Price £12.90
    universally applicable
  8. SALE
    MAXX M-5x5 Stepped Shelves | 288x183x33 cm (LxHxD)
    MAXX 5x5 Stepped Shelf
    from £525.00 Regular Price £525.00
    L: 288 cm | H: 183 cm | D: 33 cm
  9. SALE
    YOMO 6x6 Stepped Shelf | 335x225x35 cm (LxHxD)
    YOMO 6x6 Stepped Shelf
    from £839.00 Regular Price £839.00
    L: 335 cm | H: 225 cm | D: 35 cm
  10. NEW
    BOON L-4x4 Stepped Shelf | Decor oak
    BOON 4x4 Stepped Shelf
    from £239.00 Regular Price £239.00
    L: 145 cm, 231 cm | H: 147 cm | D: 33 cm
  11. NEW
    BOON L-6x6 Stepped Shelf | Decor white
    BOON 6x6 Stepped Shelf
    from £459.00 Regular Price £459.00
    L: 216 cm, 345 cm | H: 218 cm | D: 33 cm
  12. YOMO 3x3 Stepped Shelf | 168x116x35 cm (LxHxD)
    YOMO 3x3 Stepped Shelf
    from £289.00 Regular Price £289.00
    L: 168 cm | H: 116 cm | D: 35 cm
  13. NEW
    BOON L-2x2 Stepped Shelf | Decor white
    BOON 2x2 Stepped Shelf
    from £95.00 Regular Price £95.00
    L: 74 cm, 117 cm | H: 76 cm | D: 33 cm
  14. NEW
    MAXX 3x3 Stepped Shelf | 174x112x33 cm (LxHxD)
    MAXX 3x3 Stepped Shelf
    from £239.00 Regular Price £239.00
    L: 174 cm | H: 112 cm | D: 33 cm
  15. YOMO 2x2 Stepped Shelf | 113x79x35 cm (LxHxD) | Decor oak
    YOMO 2x2 Stepped Shelf
    £175.00 Regular Price £175.00
    L: 113 cm | H: 79 cm | D: 35 cm
  16. NEW
    MAXX M-2x2 Stepped Shelves | 117x76x33 cm (LxHxD) | Decor black
    MAXX 2x2 Stepped Shelf
    from £139.00 Regular Price £139.00
    L: 117 cm | H: 76 cm | D: 33 cm
  17. YOMO 4x4 Stepped Shelf | 224x152x35 cm (LxHxD) | Decor white
    YOMO 4x4 Stepped Shelf
    from £449.00 Regular Price £449.00
    L: 224 cm | H: 152 cm | D: 35 cm
  18. NEW
    BOON 3x3 Stepped Shelf | Decor white
    BOON 3x3 Stepped Shelf
    from £155.00 Regular Price £155.00
    L: 110 cm, 174 cm | H: 112 cm | D: 33 cm
  19. SALE
    YOMO 5x5 Stepped Shelf | 280x189x35 cm (LxHxD) | Decor oak
    YOMO 5x5 Stepped Shelf
    from £625.00 Regular Price £625.00
    L: 280 cm | H: 189 cm | D: 35 cm

33 Items

33 Items

per page
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Gorgeous Step Shelves - Discover the Beauty of Step Shelves

A step shelf adds practical storage space to any room and is a true all-rounder: It offers plenty of space for books when used as a bookshelf, as a room divider it visually separates your living and work space, and it cleverly adds storage room in unused spaces under slanted ceilings. The stepped arrangement creates an attractive stage for decorative accessories and your favourite photo frames. Our stepped shelving units CASE, MAXX and BOON offer flexibility, versatility, strength and beauty. The purist lines and modular character of these stepped shelves add beauty and style to any space – in the living room, bedroom or office. Created by the designers Hertel+Klarhoefer, our stepped shelves are not just a study in beauty - they are incredibly clever as well: The modular character of these shelves means that you can make changes or add more modules at any time – even years after your initial purchase. Select your own personal step shelf!


Stepped shelves - MAXX Step Shelf in black with metal frame

MAXX M-5x5

Image 1

MAXX M-5x5

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Stepped shelves - MAXX step shelf white / solid wood

MAXX 5x5

Image 2

MAXX 5x5

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Stepped shelves - YOMO stepped shelving for sloping roofs

YOMO 6x6

Image 3
Step shelves - BOON stepped shelf white with doors

BOON 4x4-P

Image 4

BOON 4x4-P

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Step shelves - BOON stepped shelf under a slanted ceiling

BOON 5x5

Image 5
Step shelves - CASE shelf for slanted ceiling white

CASE 4x4

Image 6

Stepped Shelves - Overview

plenty of storage space

CASE – Step Shelf in White

The CASE step shelf is simply beautiful to look at and gets top marks for quality and finish as well: High-end materials and innovative edge designs with a seamless look make this stepped shelf a true storage highlight. Shelves offer plenty of room for entire encyclopaedias, large file folders or beautiful decorative objects. In the living room as a stair bookcase or in the office as an attractive room divider – the CASE step shelf fits right into any interior theme. Our pre-configured CASE step shelf units consist of just 2 basic elements – CASE Mini and CASE End – which simply click into each other and can be changed around without any need for tools. The CASE step shelf can be moved and changed whenever you like, which means it adapts flexibly to your changing needs. The delicate joint lines between the basic elements create a beautiful pattern all over the shelf. The shelf boards are made of eco-friendly chipboard, are made in Germany and come with an easy-care melamine coating in white.

white step shelf casewhite step shelf case
step shelves oak white maxxstep shelves oak white maxx

attractive open side frames

MAXX – Step Shelf in White With a Wooden Frame

The combination of white shelf boards and a solid wooden side frame makes the MAXX step shelf a stylish eye-catcher in your living room or den. The MAXX step shelf offers plenty of space for everyday items and decorative objects – and the open side frames add a sense of airiness and simplicity. The shelves have inner dimensions of W = 542 mm, H = 328 mm and D = 328 mm, which is large enough to hold big file folders or an entire encyclopaedia. This shelf will also look great as a stylish room divider. The MAXX step shelf is also amazingly versatile: Since the shelf is based on a modular system, you can build it to any size and even add to it years after its initial purchase. The robust, solid wooden side frames and the special arrangement of the shelf boards guarantee absolute rigidity and stability, no matter how much you put on it. The shelf boards are made of eco-friendly chipboard and come with a durable, easy-care melamine coating.

Timeless and urban

MAXX M – Modern Step Shelf in Black

The MAXX M modern stepped shelf in black is a stylish option. The elegant colour is perfect for creating a contrast to other furniture and brings structure to your space. Black step shelves can be combined with white or wooden furniture, and also match many other interior decoration styles. The modular MAXX stepped shelf, with its open metal side frames, has a high load capacity and its compartments offer plenty of storage space for books, folders, and accessories. The free standing shelf is also perfect as a room divider. When decorated with vases, candles, and plants, the black stepped shelf is a real eye-catcher in your home.

black metal step shelfblack metal step shelf

'Place two or three indoor plants on the stepped shelf to create an instant feel-good ambiance in your home.'

Olga, interior design expert

Lasts a lifetime

Our shelving systems combine timeless design with modularity. This means they not only adapt to your personal style, but also meet changing needs.

  • Modular & timeless
  • Adaptable to new spaces
  • As if made to measure
  • Durable and robust
wooden step shelf yomowooden step shelf yomo

with doors and back walls

YOMO – White/Oak Step Shelves

The YOMO step shelf features high-end quality and a unique, modern purist design. Slimline white contours alternate with solid, chunky shelf boards with a scratch resistant, decorative veneer. The shelf boards can hold up to 15 kg in weight each, making them an excellent choice for books and heavy file folders. And if you like, you can add some colour highlights to your step shelf by choosing back walls in white, gray or pool that can be inserted easily into the shelves without any need for tools. If you want the shelf for much needed extra storage space, then you might also add some of our white, handle-less push-to-open doors to your design. The open and closed compartments add an attractively unique look to the shelf. The shelf system is completely modular, which means it is easy to assemble and you can change things around or add to the shelf whenever you like.

versatile and adaptable

BOON – Our Step Shelf in White or Vintage Oak

The BOON step shelf is well on its way to becoming a design classic as it is super versatile, features a timeless design and is incredibly robust and durable. BOON shelves are available with square or rectangular shelf spaces (BOON-L). The BOON shelf planner makes mixing and matching shelf sizes a breeze to create your very own bespoke step shelf. The many optional add-ons like BOON door inserts or our practical storage boxes will give your BOON stepped shelf a completely unique look. The shelves have an interior width of 328 mm / 542 mm (BOON-L), height of 328 mm and depth of 328 mm, which means that even the bulkiest file folders will fit without a problem. The BOON step shelf can be built to any height or width and you can change it around whenever you want. Our BOON step shelf is available in white and in vintage oak. The shelf boards are top quality "Made in Germany". They are made of eco-friendly chipboard and get top marks for their scratch resistant, easy-care melamine coating. That means the shelf will do wonders in the kids room, as a practical room divider or as an attractive bookshelf in the living room.

wooden step shelves boonwooden step shelves boon


Assembling the Shelves

All of the step shelves are very easy to assemble. All you need are some small tools like a screwdriver and a rubber mallet for building the shelf. You can also extend your room divider or change things around to easily adapt to a new space situation or change of use. Your new step shelf also comes with levelling feet. You can add those in case of uneven flooring to get things nice and straight. And if you have any of the mounting kit left over – keep it! Who knows: you might want to re-purpose your step shelf at some point to make a sideboard or several stools.

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