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  1. NEW
    BOON L-4x3-P Sideboard | 231x112x33 cm (LxHxD) | Decor oak
    BOON 4x3-P Sideboard
    from £495.00 Regular Price £495.00
    L: 231 cm | H: 112 cm | D: 33 cm
  2. SOFTBOX Storage Boxes | 328x328x328 mm
    SOFTBOX Storage Boxes
    £8.45 Regular Price £8.45
    universally applicable
  3. BOON L-5x6-P Corner Shelf | 166/166x218x33 cm (LxHxD)
    BOON 5x6-P Corner Shelf
    from £949.00 Regular Price £949.00
    L: 166/166 cm | H: 218 cm | D: 33 cm
  4. SOFTBOX-L Storage Boxes | 530x328x328 mm
    SOFTBOX-L Storage Boxes
    £12.90 Regular Price £12.90
    universally applicable
  5. NEW
    BOON 5x2-P Sideboard | 181x76x33 cm (LxHxD)
    BOON 5x2-P Sideboard
    from £329.00 Regular Price £329.00
    L: 181 cm | H: 76 cm | D: 33 cm
  6. BOON Mix-5x5-P Corner Shelf | 181/88x183x33 cm (LxHxD)
    BOON 5x5-P Corner Shelf
    from £899.00 Regular Price £899.00
    L: 181/88 cm | H: 183 cm | D: 33 cm

36 Items

36 Items

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Customised Planning: Shel with Doors

A shelf doesn't necessarily have only open shelf spaces – Regalraum also offers the option of adding doors. Shelving units with doors has the great benefit of hiding away small bits and pieces and all the clutter. The position, size and colour of the shelf doors is entirely up to you – after all: you are designing a storage solution that's right for your needs. A unit for the living room, a bookshelf, a room divider or something for the kids room – a shelving unit with doors will look great anywhere and has many uses.


Practical and Decorative: Furniture with Doors

We offer a wide range of shelf elements. We also offer pre-configured shelf units with doors in various designs, colours and sizes – from simple storage shelves to eye-catching configurations on which you can display your treasured items to perfection. Our shelf with doors can be configured in various sizes with the online shelf configurator and can then be combined with shelf spaces or storage elements. The end result will be the perfect design solution for your home.

Shelving Unit With Doors - YOMO sideboard with doors

YOMO 3x2

Image 1

YOMO 3x2

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Shelving Unit With Doors - BOON corner shelf with doors and drawers white

BOON L-5x6-P

Image 2

BOON L-5x6-P

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Shelving Unit With Doors - YOMO lowboard with doors

YOMO 3x1

Image 3

YOMO 3x1

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Shelving Unit With Doors - BOON modern shelf unit with doors oak

BOON Mix-5x6-P

Image 4

BOON Mix-5x6-P

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Shelving Unit With Doors - BOON modern shelf with doors white

BOON - Cube Storage Unit

Image 5

BOON - Cube Storage Unit

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Shelving Unit With Doors - YOMO shelf with doors and backboards

YOMO 4x6-P

Image 6

YOMO 4x6-P

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Which shelving unit do you choose?


Our BOON shelving unit is perfect for designing a shelf with doors. It features very flexible, robust and elegant shelf boards in three sizes.

Our YOMO shelving unit is a more delicate, playful shelving system, to which you can add colour accents to reflect your personal taste.

The purist look

Shelving Unit with Doors with a Homely Design

For the kitchen, as a corner shelf or as a room divider: A shelving unit with doors can be put together in any height or width you want.  And if you like, you can add splashes of colour or play with the looks of open and closed shelf spaces. The end effect will be a shelf that is just as unique as your home. Guaranteed.

Custom design

Everyone's on Board – with High Boards, Low Boards and Sideboards

There is virtually no limit to what you can create and a shelving unit with doors can just as well become a dresser for the hallway or for the living room. Our shelf configurator offers endless combination options – in terms of width, depth and height.

What furniture options are there?

  • A sideboard is a great idea for any living room and can easily replace those old-fashioned and clunky wall-to-wall units.
  • In narrow hallways, a highboard becomes a functional companion for umbrellas, scarves and jackets.
  • Stylish lowboards offer all the space you need for a record player and speakers in your work area.

Push-to-open mechanism

Doors without Handles

Regalraum shelves with doors are particularly exclusive, because they offer storage space behind doors without handles. The push-to-open mechanism is absolutely ingenious. That is why the shelf doesn't come with rows of bore holes for the doors. A mounting template comes as part of the delivery, so you can drill the holes yourself if you want to add doors. And back walls are – of course – also included.

Delivery & Shipping

Information About Delivery

  • We indicate the availability and delivery time on the product page right next to the item.
  • Screws, wall anchors and detailed assembly instructions are included in the delivery
  • Smaller shelving units can be mailed to you via parcel service.
  • Larger orders will come on a disposable pallet, which a carrier will deliver kerb-side. Carrying the parts for your new shelving system inside will be up to you. More details

Lasts a lifetime

Sustainable design

Our shelving systems combine timeless design with modularity. This means they not only adapt to your personal style, but also meet changing needs.

Designed for everyday use, most of our shelving systems are not only strong and durable, but also have a hard-wearing finish. And if a unit does get damaged, you can simply reorder it from the shop and replace it yourself. So hopefully you will enjoy it for many years to come.

Modular and flexible

Customisable shelving systems

Sustainable design

High quality & durable

Individual consultation

Expert support during planning

Quick shipping

Delivery time indicated next to the item

100-days returns policy

On all orders from the shop

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