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  1. CAST clothes rail industrial with wall mounting
    CAST W-02 Clothes rack
    from £45.50 Regular Price £45.50
    L: 8 cm | H: 157 cm | D: 37 cm, 57 cm
  2. CAST S-100 Clothes rack | Height 159 cm | anthracite
    CAST S-100 Clothes rack
    from £99.00 Regular Price £99.00
    L: 105 cm, 125 cm, 155 cm | H: 159 cm | D: 40 cm
  3. Metal clothes rail - CAST wardrobe rail black - perspective
    CAST W-100 Clothes rack
    from £115.00 Regular Price £115.00
    L: 110 cm, 130 cm, 160 cm | H: 157 cm | D: 37 cm
  4. CAST S-101 Clothes rack | Height 211 cm | anthracite
    CAST S-101 Clothes rack
    from £145.00 Regular Price £145.00
    L: 110 cm, 130 cm, 160 cm | H: 211 cm | D: 40 cm
  5. CAST W-101 Clothes rack | Height 209 cm | anthracite
    CAST W-101 Clothes rack
    from £159.00 Regular Price £159.00
    L: 115 cm, 135 cm, 165 cm | H: 209 cm | D: 37 cm
  6. Freestanding clothes rail - CAST clothes rack metal
    CAST S-150 Clothes rack
    from £209.00 Regular Price £209.00
    L: 178 cm, 198 cm, 228 cm | H: 211 cm | D: 40 cm
  7. CAST W-150 Clothes rack | Height 209 cm | anthracite
    CAST W-150 Clothes rack
    from £229.00 Regular Price £229.00
    L: 183 cm, 203 cm, 233 cm | H: 209 cm | D: 37 cm
  8. NEW
    CAST D-01 Wardrobe Rail | anthracite
    CAST D-01 Wardrobe Rail
    from £55.50 Regular Price £55.50
    L: 110 cm, 130 cm | H: 54 cm, 104 cm | D: 9 cm
  9. CAST W-01 Wardrobe Rails | anthracite
    CAST W-01 Wardrobe Rails
    from £45.90 Regular Price £45.90
    L: 110 cm, 130 cm | H: 9 cm | D: 34 cm

9 Items

9 Items

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CAST - clothes rail with industrial design flair

The CAST metal clothes rail system made of iron pipes create a trendy industrial design look, while offering plenty of space for all your clothes and accessories. It really doesn't matter if you want to use it as a clothes rails in the bedroom, a coat rack in the hall or as the new home for your favourite outfits in the living room – the black clothes rail is a perfect solution for storing your wardrobe in a way that everything is easy to find at any time. The robust CAST system is made with high-quality iron pipes, making the whole structure very stable.

And best of all: no two pipes look the same: The authentic used look of the pipes make this metal clothes rails completely unique.

The Industrial wardrobe rail is a great choice if you want to keep your options open for flexible expansions of the system at a later date. All you need are some of the matching connectors we offer, and you can change around the individual elements of this shelving system or add more modules whenever you like.

Clothes Rails - CAST black metal industrial as hallway shelf

CAST S-150

Image 1

CAST S-150

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Clothes Rails - CAST metal clothes rail black pipe

CAST S-100

Image 2

CAST S-100

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Clothes Rails - CAST metal clothes rack industrial

CAST W-100

Image 3

CAST W-100

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Clothes Rails - CAST black metal clothes rack pipe for wall


Image 4


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Clothes Rails - CAST black industrial clothes rail for the ceiling


Image 5


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Clothes Rails - CAST metal clothes rack black feet

CAST Free Standing Shelves

Image 6

CAST Free Standing Shelves

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What should I keep in mind when assembling the clothes rail?

The assembly of the clothes rail will need a little bit of dexterity – it would be best if you had another person with you to lend a hand. We also recommend using the supplied gloves for assembling the pipes, as they may stain your hands.

Lay out all the pipes, connectors and feet on the floor in the correct position before you start. That will be very helpful during the assembly. Refer to the assembly instructions provided, which you can also find on the product pages of the relevant modules in PDF format.

Please note that you won't be able to screw the pipes right up to the end into the connectors, meaning there will always be a small bit of the thread still visible.

Planning of the metal clothes rail

Is it really possible to design a custom black clothes rail?

You have something very specific in mind and can't find what you're looking for among our pre-configured clothes rail modules? We will be happy to help you create exactly what you want. Simply send us a little drawing and relevant measurements, and we will work on designing your perfect black clothes rails with you.

Send your drawing to: – our planning experts will get right back to you.


Discover the CAST black clothes rail

Will a black clothes rails fit in my home? What are the possibilities of construction? Our video gives a small insight.

„The trendy wardrobe rail made of iron pipe makes my metal clothes rail an eye-catching highlight in the hall.“

Nina, interior design expert

At a glance: the metal clothes rail CAST

Black clothes rail

Free-standing or fixed to the wall

The free-standing version of the CAST wardrobe rail system will keep your clothes in order – and looks super trendy doing it. That makes it an ideal and also stylish solution for dresses, jackets, bags and any other kind of accessory. Plus, you can move the clothes rails anywhere in your home whenever you like, take it apart and put it back together after you move and adjust it to any new environment. The clothes rails also gives you the option of utilising the space underneath for storing bags or shoes.

Industrial clothes rail

Black clothes rail for the wall

Alternatively, you could go for the wall-mounted version of the metal clothes rail. The wall-mounted wardrobe rail is the right choice for you if you need some extra hanging space for your favourite outfits or want an eye-catching, attractive solution for a coat rack in the hall. There will be plenty of space underneath to place a practical shoe rack as well.

You'll achieve a truly exceptional look by mounting the wall wardrobe rail made of iron pipe on the ceiling instead.

Modular and flexible

Customisable shelving systems

Sustainable design

High quality & durable

Individual consultation

Expert support during planning

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Assembly of the black clothes rails

How do I set up my CAST metal clothes rail ?

In order to make the assembly easy for you, you will find step-by-step instructions here. With these helpful tricks nothing should stand in the way of quick assembly!

Delivery & Shipping

Information About Delivery

  • We indicate the availability and delivery time on the product page right next to the item.
  • Screws, wall anchors and detailed assembly instructions are included in the delivery
  • Smaller shelving units can be mailed to you via parcel service.
  • Larger orders will come on a disposable pallet, which a carrier will deliver kerb-side. Carrying the parts for your new shelving system inside will be up to you. More details