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Table Legs

16 Items

16 Items

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  1. low price
    PASO-V Adjustable Table Legs - 50 mm | 600-900x50 mm
    PASO-V Adjustable Table Legs - 5 cm
    from £17.90 Regular Price £17.90
    H: 60-90 cm
  2. low price
    POP Round Furniture Legs - 30 mm
    POP Round Furniture Legs - 3 cm
    from £1.50 Regular Price £1.50
    H: 10 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm
  3. low price
    POP Round Table Legs - 30 mm
    POP Round Table Legs - 3 cm
    from £3.60 Regular Price £3.60
    H: 70 cm, 80 cm, 90 cm
  4. PASO Round Table Legs - 60 mm
    PASO Round Table Legs - 6 cm
    from £12.90 Regular Price £12.90
    H: 71 cm, 87 cm, 115 cm
  5. CHESS Bench Legs - 2 pcs | 35x8x42 cm | Decor black
    CHESS Bench Legs - 2 pcs
    from £115.00 Regular Price £115.00
    H: 42 cm
  6. CHESS Table Legs - 2 pcs | 80x8x72 cm | Decor black
    CHESS Table Legs - 2 pcs
    from £205.00 Regular Price £205.00
    H: 72 cm
  7. low price
    HAIRPIN Table Legs | 71 cm
    HAIRPIN Table Legs
    £16.90 Regular Price £16.90
    H: 71 cm
  8. low price
    PLIX Furniture Legs - 24 mm
    PLIX Furniture Legs - 2,4 cm
    from £1.75 Regular Price £1.75
    H: 10 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm
  9. NEW
    STILT Table Legs - 5 cm
    STILT Table Legs - 5 cm
    from £14.90 Regular Price £14.90
    H: 71 cm, 87 cm
  10. low price
    PLIX Table Leg - 24 mm
    PLIX Table Leg - 2,4 cm
    from £5.60 Regular Price £5.60
    H: 70 cm, 80 cm, 90 cm
  11. low price
    HAIRPIN Furniture Legs
    HAIRPIN Furniture Legs
    from £8.45 Regular Price £8.45
    H: 20 cm, 45 cm
  12. low price
    FLASH Furniture Legs - 2,4 cm
    FLASH Furniture Legs - 2,4 cm
    from £3.30 Regular Price £3.30
    H: 15 cm
  13. PASO Round Furniture Legs - 60 mm | 190x60 mm
    PASO Round Furniture Legs - 6 cm
    from £8.45 Regular Price £8.45
    H: 19 cm
  14. NEW
    CLAMP-IT Table Legs - 2 pcs | 75 cm
    CLAMP-IT Table Legs - 2 pcs
    £69.00 Regular Price £69.00
    H: 75 cm

16 Items

16 Items

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Table Legs and Furniture Legs

Our table legs and furniture feet look great, are super versatile and easy to attach. Have a look around our high quality collection and find the perfect type of desk legs for your project. Our metal table legs, wooden table legs and furniture legs come in heights between 10 cm and 115 cm. You want to build a new dining table or a coffee table? Our product range is sure to offer just what you need for any DIY project.


Table legs - CHESS table legs bench legs black


Image 1
Table legs - PLIX square furniture feet


Image 2
Table legs - CLAMP-IT metal furniture feet in white


Image 3


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Metal Table Legs - HAIRPIN table legs black


Image 4


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Table legs - PASO stainless steel table legs with white or black finish

PASO Round

Image 5

PASO Round

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Table legs - POP metal furniture feet


Image 6


Table Legs and Furniture Legs

Should I choose table legs or furniture feet for my DIY project? The answer is simple: It really depends on the height of the furniture item you are building! Our table legs come in standard lengths between 60 cm and 115 cm. Let’s say you want to build a shoe rack or a bench with a lower height, then you should probably go for some of our furniture legs instead. We offer a whole range of furniture feet with lengths between 10 cm and 60 cm.

What to Do with Our Desk Legs?

You have a table with a broken leg? It can be easily repaired by replacing all four. Or you could build your own table as a neat little DIY project: Buy a table top you like and then choose matching table legs. Our component parts are suitable for any project you want to tackle at home: a kitchen or living room table, a table for the garden or home office or even a work bench for the garage. The height-adjustable table legs are extra practical if you want a desk to "grow" or want to use it for a variety of purposes.

What Materials, Shapes and Colours are there to Choose from for Desk Legs and Furniture Feet?

Our most popular items are the desk legs and furniture feet in wood or metal. Metal table legs are extra robust and look really well with a wooden tabletop. In the section Table legs Stainless Steel at REGALRAUM, you can choose from a variety of styles. Many of the models are height-adjustable, which means the desk legs and furniture feet can adapt perfectly to the conditions in your home. Wooden table legs have a very natural, high-quality look and can look very elegant in combination with the right tabletop. And if you are looking for a more modern look for your home or patio – have a look at the table or bench legs in a purist design made of high-quality stainless steel.

PASO VARIO – Height-Adjustable Table Legs

The PASO VARIO table legs differ from the PASO models in terms of their additional height adjustment function. The desk legs are height adjustable between 60 cm and 90 cm. That is how you can create your very own tables, worktops and more that match your body height and ensure ergonomic working or circumvent obstacles like window sills.

PASO – Desk Legs + Furniture Feet

Our PASO table legs and furniture legs come in a traditional circular column shape. They metal table legs made of steel tubing and are then powder-coated, brushed or chromed. Our PASO table legs and PASO furniture legs are delivered complete with mounting plates and appropriate bolts for a quick, tool-free assembly or disassembly of the legs. All PASO models come with integrated, height adjustable levelling feet to compensate for uneven floors.

POP and PLIX – Metal Table Legs + Furniture Feet

We have a huge selection of POP and PLIX furniture feet and desk legs! The POP models are all slim and round, while PLIX is square-shaped. Both model versions are made of steel tubing. You can choose a black, white, silver, stainless steel or chromed finish, depending on the model. Our range also includes metal table legs in various lengths: 90 cm – for a perfect workspace in the workshop at home, 70 cm – for your desk or 20 cm for the couch table. For uneven floors, we recommend our adjustable LIFT-IT levelling feet .

CHESS – Metal Table Legs and Bench Legs

The CHESS bench legs and table legs feature a simple and purist design for extreme weight bearing capacity (up to 300 kg). They are also perfectly weatherproof and therefore an excellent choice if you are looking to build a table or bench for your outdoor area. Furniture with CHESS legs also look great in the kitchen or the living room. The metal table legs are manufactured from stainless steel or powder-coated aluminium.


HAIRPIN – Metal Table Legs in Black

The HAIRPIN metal table legs and HAIRPIN furniture legs impress with their wonderfully delicate hairpin look. They are based on stylish mid-century design and are perfect as elegant desk legs for the home office or as dining table legs in the kitchen. The black table legs and furniture legs look great no matter where they're used. Metal table legs in modern hairpin design are made of black, powder-coated steel and each leg can support 50 kg.

DIY: Build Your Own Desk

You don’t need a carpenter if you want a new table. You won’t believe how easy, economical and fun it is to make your own. All you need is: 1x tabletop, 4x legs, 1x cordless drill and a little free time. You can get any tabletop you like from a DIY store, a timber merchant or a furniture supplier. Look for products with an easy-care melamine finish, robust multiplex tabletops or something more cosy for the dining room in solid wood – it all depends on your taste and what you will be using the table for. For a larger table with a length of 160 cm or more, we recommend a material thickness of at least 2.5 cm to 3 cm. Tabletops that aren't thick enough for their length could sag in the middle. For smaller tables up to 80 cm long, you can have a much thinner tabletop – even 18 mm will still suffice. Make sure that you have a robust mounting plate and strong threaded pin to give your desk the stability it needs.



Attaching the Desk Legs to the Tabletop

It is most important to have a solid surface to work on when you are building your table. It would be best if you placed the tabletop upside down on the floor and make sure you have plenty of room to move around it. Make sure to place a blanket on the ground first to prevent any damage to the new tabletop. Place the mounting plates in the desired locations at the corners and attach them with bolts. All you have to do now is to screw the desk legs onto the threaded pins – that’s it! Put it next to your favourite spot on the balcony or enjoy the long awaited extra workspace in the office. If you need some design ideas, we have added two creative examples for your new DIY project here.


DIY Project 1: A Desk that “Grows” with Your Child

A “growing” kid’s desk can be pretty costly if you want to buy one ready-made. It will cost a lot less if you make one yourself: Four height-adjustable PASO VARIO table legs and a tabletop are all you need to build your own “growing” kid’s desk. Since the table legs are height-adjustable, you can ever so often extend the legs, when your child has grown. A desk fitted with height-adjustable table legs will grow with your child. The legs are also very easily removed if you ever want to store away the table or transport it. Simply unscrew the table legs from the threaded pins – you won’t even need a tool.


DIY Project 2: Coffee Table Made of Pallets

Pallet furniture is really easy to build and right on trend. A cleaned-up pallet and four metal coffee table legs are all you need to create an eye-catching coffee table for the living room. A good choice here would be metal coffee table legs. Attach two glass panes to the lower shelf to create beautiful shelf space in your new coffee table. New pallet furniture for the terrace, garden or living room are quickly made with our practical furniture feet.

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Customer Reviews

PASO-V height-adjustable table legs

'Height-adjustable desk legs are perfect for my home-made office desk – really good quality, delivery was quick and flawless too. I am very happy with it. I am going to order some more metal table legs in various sizes to build some custom furniture for my workshop.'

Table legs

'Table legs for a side table. Great quality and finish, easy to install and excellent stability. Each individual wooden table leg was packaged really well, there was no transport damage and all accessories were included. Highly recommended.'

PASO metal table legs

'Very well-made metal table leg, good quality and looks good. Size and price are unbeatable. We used the table leg for our dining table. I give this online shop top marks – completely satisfied.'