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Planning Tips for Dressing Rooms

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8 Planning Tips for Dressing Rooms

What is there to consider when planning a walk-in closet? These 8 planning tips help you to realize the dream of your own dressing room.

Get an overview

Getting Organized

How much space do you actually need for your clothes? The first step towards a real answer is to get better organised. Only then will you be able to plan the exact storage space you need. Do you have more clothes to hang up or are they mostly folded? Do you want your shoes in the wardrobe or do you need the space for bed linen? How many drawers do you want?

Clean out your clothes

Be Courageous

Clothes you haven’t worn at all last year will only take up unnecessary space. Plus you lose time looking for your favorite outfit. Be courageous and get rid of all the old clothes and accessories you will never wear anyway! You will have plenty of space for many new things
... and you can do some good: Bring it all to a second hand shop or donate it to a charity. There are people out there who really need help.

Tidy up

Order is everything

The bigger your walk in wardrobe, the more logically it should be organised. It makes sense to sort clothes by type, size, colour or season. You will also find your perfect outfit for the day much quicker.
... so give yourself some time to plan everything properly. Our shelving systems WALK-IN and CLOS-IT are super versatile and you can make changes whenever you like – but it is unlikely that you will want to reorganise everything, once all your clothes are in it.

'The nice thing about the modular systems is that you can start cost-effectively. Because they are expandable at any time, the dream of a Walk-In Wardrobe is easy to realize. '

Lisa, Social Media Manager

Favorites At Eye-Level

Positioning your clothes correctly

Things you store right at the bottom are out of sight and out of mind. The same applies to things placed up high or way in the back. The best place for your favorite clothes is at a height between 50 cm and 170 cm off the ground. Your favorite jeans should be right at eye-level. The areas below 50 cm and above 170 cm off the ground should be reserved for bed linen, towels and next season’s clothes. Our grid boards (wire shelf boards) are perfect for your top-most shelves because they let you see what is on them without having to reach for a step ladder.


The right depth

Choosing the right size

A shelf board depth of 40 cm is perfect for folded clothes. Anything on hangers will need a depth of 50 cm. Our preconfigured modules come in a depth of 44 cm and are a great choice for folded items. If you like things a bit more spacious, then you might prefer a shelf depth of 50 cm. And if you want total perfection, combine 40 and 50 cm deep shelf boards. Select 40 cm deep shelf boards for lengths up to 2 m to match drawer units and 50 cm deep shelf boards above wardrobe rails.


Feel-Good Space

Plan clothes rail and shelf boards

Folded clothes that are stacked to high or too many hangers on a wardrobe rail means squeezing things in and having to pull things out. A recipe for disaster in a walk-in wardrobe. Allow yourself some breathing space! Here are some pointers to help you plan your space:

Our 80 cm wardrobe rail can hold:
• 25 men’s shirts (3 cm per shirt) or
• 20 trousers, skirts or suits (4 cm per item) or
• 10 winter jackets (8 cm per jacket)

An 80 cm shelf board will hold:
• 3 stacks of folded shirts, 10 per stack (H = 15 cm, W =25 cm) or
• 4 pairs of shoes (W =20 cm, H =13 cm)

Well hidden

Drawer with storage boxes

Drawer units are perfect for items you don’t want to get dusty. Drawer inserts create additional order in your drawers: Smaller items like socks, belts and ties will all find their perfect place. Linens and seasonal clothing feel right at home in storage boxes with lids where they remain dust-free rest until their next use.


Light & Colour

Illuminate the room

Lighting is an important element when choosing an outfit. Make sure your walk in wardrobe is well lit. The best choice are hanging halogen lights, because they don’t alter the colour appearance of your clothes. Paint your walls in trendy colours and get some nice rugs. Round off the look with a couple of decorative items for the shelf boards. You will love the effect!



Design Your Individual Walk-In Wardrobe

Configure your modular wardrobe with shelves now. In our online planner you can easily design your walk-in wardrobe yourself and view it in 3D.