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  1. YOMO 1x1 Shelving System | 57x42x35 cm (LxHxD)
    YOMO 1x1 Shelving System
    €79.00 Regular Price €79.00
    L: 57 cm | H: 42 cm | D: 35 cm
  2. YOMO 1x2 Shelving System | 57x79x35 cm (LxHxD)
    YOMO 1x2 Shelving System
    €125.00 Regular Price €125.00
    L: 57 cm | H: 79 cm | D: 35 cm
  3. YOMO 1x5 Shelving System | 57x189x35 cm (LxHxD)
    YOMO 1x5 Shelving System
    €279.00 Regular Price €279.00
    L: 57 cm | H: 189 cm | D: 35 cm
  4. YOMO 3x5 Bookshelf | 168x189x35 cm (LxHxD)
    YOMO 3x5 Bookshelf
    €619.00 Regular Price €619.00
    L: 168 cm | H: 189 cm | D: 35 cm
  5. YOMO 2x1 Shelving System | 113x42x35 cm (LxHxD)
    YOMO 2x1 Shelving System
    €129.00 Regular Price €129.00
    L: 113 cm | H: 42 cm | D: 35 cm
  6. YOMO 2x2 Shelving System | 113x79x35 cm (LxHxD)
    YOMO 2x2 Shelving System
    €209.00 Regular Price €209.00
    L: 113 cm | H: 79 cm | D: 35 cm
  7. YOMO 2x3 Shelving System | 113x116x35 cm (LxHxD)
    YOMO 2x3 Shelving System
    €289.00 Regular Price €289.00
    L: 113 cm | H: 116 cm | D: 35 cm
  8. YOMO 2x5 Bookshelf | 113x189x35 cm (LxHxD) | Decor oak
    YOMO 2x5 Bookshelf
    €455.00 Regular Price €455.00
    L: 113 cm | H: 189 cm | D: 35 cm
  9. YOMO 6x6 Stepped Shelf | 335x225x35 cm (LxHxD)
    YOMO 6x6 Stepped Shelf
    €889.00 Regular Price €889.00
    L: 335 cm | H: 225 cm | D: 35 cm
  10. YOMO 3x3 Stepped Shelf | 168x116x35 cm (LxHxD)
    YOMO 3x3 Stepped Shelf
    €309.00 Regular Price €309.00
    L: 168 cm | H: 116 cm | D: 35 cm
  11. YOMO D-Door/Backboard Set | 536x324 mm
    YOMO D-Door/Backboard Set
    €27.90 Regular Price €27.90
    also retrofittable
  12. YOMO 3x6 Shelving System | 168x225x35 cm (LxHxD)
    YOMO 3x6 Shelving System
    €725.00 Regular Price €725.00
    L: 168 cm | H: 225 cm | D: 35 cm
  13. YOMO 4x1 Shelving System | 224x42x35 cm (LxHxD) | Decor oak
    YOMO 4x1 Shelving System
    €235.00 Regular Price €235.00
    L: 224 cm | H: 42 cm | D: 35 cm
  14. SOFTBOX-L Storage Boxes | 530x328x328 mm
    SOFTBOX-L Storage Boxes
    €13.90 Regular Price €13.90
    universally applicable
  15. YOMO 4x5 Shelving System | 224x189x35 cm (LxHxD)
    YOMO 4x5 Shelving System
    €789.00 Regular Price €789.00
    L: 224 cm | H: 189 cm | D: 35 cm
  16. YOMO 5x5 Shelving System | 280x189x35 cm (LxHxD)
    YOMO 5x5 Shelving System
    €959.00 Regular Price €959.00
    L: 280 cm | H: 189 cm | D: 35 cm
  17. YOMO 5x5 Stepped Shelf | 280x189x35 cm (LxHxD) | Decor oak
    YOMO 5x5 Stepped Shelf
    €659.00 Regular Price €659.00
    L: 280 cm | H: 189 cm | D: 35 cm
  18. YOMO 6x5 Shelving System | 335x189x35 cm (LxHxD)
    YOMO 6x5 Shelving System
    €1,129.00 Regular Price €1,129.00
    L: 335 cm | H: 189 cm | D: 35 cm
  19. YOMO B-Shelf Boards | 54x32,8x3,8 cm
    YOMO B-Shelf Boards
    €16.90 Regular Price €16.90
    for extension/conversion
  20. YOMO Side Frames | white
    YOMO Side Frames
    from €9.50 Regular Price €9.50
    for extension/conversion
  21. YOMO R-Backboards | 539x324x12 mm
    YOMO R-Backboards
    €10.90 Regular Price €10.90
    also retrofittable
  22. YOMO Shelf Connectors | 16 pcs
    YOMO Shelf Connectors
    €7.90 Regular Price €7.90
    for extension/conversion
  23. SOFTBOX Storage Boxes | 328x328x328 mm
    SOFTBOX Storage Boxes
    €8.25 Regular Price €8.25
    universally applicable

36 Items

36 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction

YOMO – the Super Versatile Book Storage

YOMO is a great book storage unit for living spaces and features a minimalist, elegant design language that inspires. Its intelligent design lets you create book storage solutions in any height and length: Living room shelves, book cases and room dividers. And of course a free standing shelf would not be a system if you couldn't mix and match plenty of ideas and modules.The easiest assurance that your books will fit is to choose a book storage unit with adjustable shelving.

Book Storage YOMO - Shelving system white/oak with backboards in the living room

YOMO 3x5

Image 1

YOMO 3x5

Discover now
Book Storage YOMO - lowboard white

YOMO 3x1-P

Image 2

YOMO 3x1-P

Discover now
Book Storage YOMO - Book shelving units as stepped shelf in white/oak

YOMO 6x6

Image 3

YOMO 6x6

Discover now
Book Storage YOMO - Shelving unit with doors in white/oak as bookshelf

YOMO 4x6-P

Image 4

YOMO 4x6-P

Discover now
Book Storage YOMO - Bookshelf in white oak with doors and backboards

YOMO 6x6

Image 5

YOMO 6x6

Discover now
Book Storage YOMO - Book storage ideas as a room divider in the office

YOMO 6x4-P

Image 6

YOMO 6x4-P

Discover now
Book Storage YOMO - shelf boards in white/oak mix detail

YOMO B-Shelf Boards

Image 7

YOMO B-Shelf Boards

Discover now
Book Storage YOMO - lowbard oak/white in the living room

YOMO 3x2-P

Image 8

YOMO 3x2-P

Discover now
Book Storage YOMO - Book shelving units with white shelf boards and grey backboard detail

YOMO R-Backboards

Image 9

YOMO R-Backboards

Discover now
Book Storage YOMO - Book shelving unit in white/oak as office shelf

YOMO 6x4-P

Image 10

YOMO 6x4-P

Discover now

The YOMO Book Storage – Overview

We want you to create your perfect shelf, which is why we have put together an overview of the key YOMO book storage unit elements for you right here. These can be combined to create the bookshelf, office shelf or room divider you always wanted and easy organized.

DESIGN of the Book Storage

Material and Look

The delicate 1,6 cm rises and the strong 3,8 cm shelf boards are made of chipboard with decorative veneer, combining the flexural rigidity of natural wood with the smooth surface of chipboard. The visual effect is sleek and elegant and the shelf boards are extra strong. You can add doors and rear walls for individual shelf sections in contrasting colours for eye-catching accents. Using elements of the same colour will create a more subdued and harmonious overall effect. The interplay of open and closed shelf areas creates a unique, custom look and allows you to add your personal style to your living space.


Assembly? Very Simple

The modular, cube-shaped shelves and racks are quickly assembled – best in twos. No more excuses for people with 'two left hands'! The sides and the slightly recessed shelf boards already create a full- functioning book storage unit. You just have to then add a back wall and a door.


One Back Panel per Row

The coloured back panels are very easy to install. Simply position them into the shelves and snap into place with just one tap – no tools necessary. Your new piece of furniture can also be used away from the wall and makes a practical addition to any spot in your home. One back panel per shelf height suffices for extra rigidity. It can be added to any of the unit's shelf rows. More back panels can be added at any time or repositioned whenever you want to change the look of your shelves.

Book storage with PUSH-TO-OPEN

Handleless Doors

If you need storage space, simply hide your things behind our handleless doors . Thanks to Push-To-Open technology, a light push is all it takes to open it. There are no rows of holes for the doors on the book storage unit. Using a centre mark template, you can drill the holes yourself as required. Rear panels are included in the scope of delivery.


Discover the YOMO book storage

How do I decorate my new book storage unit? What kind of installation options and combinations are possible with YOMO? Have a look at this brief video to give you some ideas.

Delivery & Shipping

Information About Delivery

  • We indicate the availability and delivery time on the product page right next to the item.
  • Screws, wall anchors and detailed assembly instructions are included in the delivery
  • Smaller shelving units can be mailed to you via parcel service.
  • Larger orders will come on a disposable pallet, which a carrier will deliver kerb-side. Carrying the parts for your new shelving system inside will be up to you. More details

Modular and flexible

Customisable shelving systems

Timeless design

High-quality, expandable shelves

Individual consultation

Expert support during planning

Quick shipping

Free shipping from €100

100-days returns policy

On all orders from the shop

Our products in the category YOMO - Book Storage were given an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 by 19209 customers. View all reviews

Designed by

Hertel & Klarhoefer

The shelving system was designed by the design office Hertel & Klarhöfer. Peter Christian Hertel and Sebastian Klarhöfer founded their design agency in 1999 in Berlin. Their timeless furniture designs speak a clear form language and are simple, yet elegant.

© Sonja Müller

Customer Reviews


"Amazing, faultless quality. Delivery was real quick. Everything was safely packaged. Assembly is easy, but takes some hours for the 6x6 big version. Nevertheless, it was time well spent. Attaching the doors needed a little bit of technical know-how. We used the template provided to mark the positions of the drill holes. We are so happy with the results that we went ahead and ordered another shelf."

Susanne H.

Delivery + Customer Service

"We got our delivery on the agreed date. The quality of the furniture is really good. I would have liked to have a little more detail in the assembly instructions. But a quick phone call was enough to answer my questions. I am very happy and will definitely recommend your products."

Gabriele S.

Design of the Book Storage Unit

"I ordered the 4x3 YOMO book storage unit and am super happy with it. The design looks great, the finish is impeccable and it was easy to assemble. Getting in touch with customer service was a breeze and the person on the other end was friendly and knowledgeable. I will definitely recommend Regalraum and will order from you guys again as well."

Cindy H.


"The book storage unit has been standing in our home for around three months now and we are very happy with it. Planning, ordering, delivery and assembly were very easy and the result is exactly what we wanted. We get compliments for the shelf every time friends come round. It definitely is an eye-catcher and a conversation starter!"



Design Your Book Storage Unit Online

Create a truly individual shelf with our YOMO shelf configurator. Convenient planning, a full 3D view and an easy shopping cart placing.

If you need assistance with your planning, you may always call our customer service. Please send a quick sketch and your room dimensions and we will create your shelf until you are fully satisfied.