Cutting service

accurate to the millimetre

Cut to size

You are looking for a wall shelf to fit inside a niche in your living room?
Or millimeter-exact storage shelves for your pantry with space for many utensils?
Need shelves under a sloping roof for your home office to cleverly store office material?

To realize your ideas even for tricky room layouts where standard products would not fit we can custom cut selected products to your needs.

Our Cut to Size Products for your perfect Shelf

Plan your perfect shelving solutions with our cut to size products to match your ideas and room layouts.
Perfectly use every inch of available space.

Choose from our range of cut to size products:


Our Professional Cutting Service for Bespoke Shelving

We will cut your cut to size shelves and alcove shelving at our workshop to the exact measurement you want and then add new edging as needed - our carpentry workshop is ready to fulfill your dreams. Measure the space for the made to measure shelves exactly. Enter the desired length in the relevant input field and order what you need with just a few mouse clicks. Your new bespoke shelving will be delivered to your door. It couldn’t be easier!


BOY Bespoke Floating Shelf

"We didn't want to have seperated shelves over our redesigned wardrobe. Nowhere was our length. Here you could order to the centimetre, we couldn't find it anywhere else. Ordering, packing and shipping were great. Well packed so that nothing would happen, despite the length. Also the assembly was not rocket science. Everything was great! We can only recommend!"

BOARD+COUNTRY Bespoke Wall Shelf

"High-quality material and very well processed. Very appealing optics. Ideal solution for the wall stairs for our cats. Construction and assembly presuppose mechanical skills."

P-SLOT cut-to-size

"Great online shop with shelf configurator! We bought the P-SLOT shelving system for the second time and are amazed about its stability! Shipping with forwarding agency, fast delivery!"

Custom wire shelf boards

"Assistance / ordering / delivery / quality: everything was and still is outstanding. I have already recommended Regalraum to my friends and will definitely order here again when the time comes. Thank you!!"