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Walk-in Wardrobe Ideas - CLOS-IT and WALK-IN

Planning Tips

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CLOS-IT Shelf Configurator
WALK-IN Shelf Configurator

A comparison of the shelving systems CLOS-IT and WALK-IN 

CLOS-IT wardrobe system

  • Exclusive shelving system made of anodized/powder-coated aluminum
  • Elegant shelf and bracket design
  • Floor-based system (minimal wall stress)
  • Assembly versatility, floor to ceiling post can be used as room dividers
  • Adjust shelve spaces to any height
  • Suitable for wardrobe solutions under slanted ceilings or in corners
  • available in the styles white/white, white/gray, white/black, oak/gray, oak/white, oak/black

WALK-IN wardrobe system

  • Traditional style shelving system made of powder-coated steel
  • Affordable wall uprights and brackets
  • Wall-mounted system (frees up floor space)
  • Easy assembly with few attachment points in the hang tracks
  • Extensive selection of accessories like wire shelf boards, pants racks, rolling storage containers
  • Suitable for use as wardrobe solutions in corners
  • available in the styles white/white, white/gray, oak/gray, oak/white

A price comparison of the shelving systems



  • Made of anodized/powder-coated aluminum
  • Can be used as room divider
  • Brackets can be positioned at any level


  • Made of powder-coated steel
  • Very quick assembly
  • Brackets can be adjusted every 50 mm

Shelf boards/shelf brackets


  • Lightweight shelf boards + shelf holders


  • Lightweight shelf boards + shelf supports
  • Wire shelf boards + wire shelf brackets
  • Pants rack

Wardrobe Rails


  • for post mounting


  • For rail mounting
  • For wire shelf board mounting
  • For wall mounting

Drawer units


The drawer units are threaded into the rails of the posts on the left and right
and then locked into place with small grub screws.
The height is variably adjustable.


The drawer units hook into the wall uprights.
The height can be adjusted by 5 cm upward or downward.

Comparison: Dimensions


CLOS-IT is our floor-based closet organizer with sections measuring either 82 cm or 48.3 cm.
The floor to wall posts have a length of 227.5 cm.
They can be shortened with a hacksaw, making them a great
choice for creating storage space for e.g. clothes under a slanted ceiling. The floor to ceiling posts have a standard height
of 277 cm, which we customise to fit your ceiling height. Simply enter the dimensions you need
in the corresponding field when placing your order. You can even create free-standing shelving systems with CLOS-IT floor to ceiling
posts – perfect when you want a shelf to double as a room divider and wardrobe organiser.


WALK-IN is our wall-mounted closet organizer that leaves floor space unobstructed.
Its sections measure either 80 cm or 46 cm and come in a net height of 201 cm
including hang tracks. The hanging uprights come in a length of 199.5 cm and can
be loaded with shelf boards, closet rods and side boards on
their entire length in a 5 cm grid. When installing your WALK-IN shelving system,
you can choose whatever distance to the floor you require (we recommend a distance of about 20 cm).
Then you can easily vacuum or wipe the floor underneath.

Customer Reviews

CLOS-IT wardrobe system

"We use it for storing clothes, shoes, jackets and all our sports and outdoor equipment in the hallway and the bedroom. It really looks great and is super functional. The whole place now looks a lot tidier. We added sliding doors to the system on one wall. And since we have a slanted ceiling, the version with the wall posts was the only solution without turning the wall into Swiss cheese."

CLOS-IT wardrobe system

"These shelves are really perfect for our walk-in wardrobe. Our house is pretty old and drilling holes into any wall can result in unwanted surprises. This system only needs a few wall attachments to make it very stable. Customer service planned the whole thing for us and gave us some very useful tips. We really liked the idea of hanging two sideboards one above the other to get more storage space for little things like socks."

WALK-IN wardrobe system

"We are using this system as an open wardrobe in our holiday home. It took us a while to find furniture that wouldn’t be too expensive but still functional and attractive. WALK-IN is exactly what we wanted. The extensive range of accessories is also a great plus, because this system really allows you to create the exact shelves you want. We will probably also get a matching “Multilight” set for some nice indirect lighting."