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  1. NEW
    FIREWOOD Log Rack | black
    FIREWOOD Log Rack
    from €99.00 Regular Price €109.00
    L: 77 cm, 116 cm, 155 cm | D: 35 cm | H: 38 cm, 155 cm
  2. WALK-IN L-354 Wardrobe System | 290x200x45 cm (LxHxD) | Decor oak
    WALK-IN 354 Wardrobe System
    from €619.00 Regular Price €619.00
    L: 295 cm | H: 200 cm | D: 45 cm
  3. ON-WALL B-304 Shelving System | 241x200x44 cm (LxHxD)
    ON-WALL B-304 Shelving System
    from €675.00 Regular Price €675.00
    L: 241 cm | H: 200 cm | D: 44 cm
  4. NEW
    STEP L-3x2 Stepped Shelf | Decor white
    STEP 3x2 Stepped Shelf
    from €99.00 Regular Price €99.00
    L: 185 cm, 245 cm | H: 90 cm | D: 27 cm
  5. CASE 1x5 Shelving Unit | white
    CASE 1x5 Shelving Unit
    from €279.00 Regular Price €279.00
    L: 75 cm | H: 163 cm, 185 cm | D: 34 cm
  6. CAST W-01 Wardrobe Rails | anthracite
    CAST W-01 Wardrobe Rails
    from €48.90 Regular Price €48.90
    L: 110 cm, 130 cm | H: 9 cm | D: 34 cm
  7. SALE
    BOON L-4x3-P Sideboard | 231x112x33 cm (LxHxD)
    BOON 4x3-P Sideboard
    from €525.00 Regular Price €525.00
    L: 231 cm | H: 112 cm | D: 33 cm
  8. SALE
    CLOS-IT W-204 Open Wardrobe System | 168x228x46 cm (LxHxD) | Decor white
    CLOS-IT 204 Open Wardrobe System
    from €539.00 Regular Price €539.00
    L: 168 cm | H: 228 cm, 277 cm | D: 42 cm, 46 cm
  9. SALE
    LIUM XL-3x4 Shelving Unit | 264x140x36 (LxHxD) | Decor oak
    LIUM 3x4 Shelving Unit
    from €735.00 Regular Price €735.00
    L: 200 cm, 232 cm, 264 cm | H: 140 cm | D: 36 cm
  10. SALE
    MAXX 3x6 Bookshelf | 174x218x33 cm (LxHxD) | Decor white
    MAXX 3x6 Bookshelf
    from €629.00 Regular Price €629.00
    L: 174 cm | H: 218 cm | D: 33 cm
  11. SUMO+CUBE Wall Shelf
    SUMO+CUBE Wall Shelf
    from €27.90 Regular Price €27.90
    L: 45 cm, 80 cm, 115 cm D: 30 cm, 40 cm
  12. WALK-IN L-205 Wardrobe System | 165x200x45 cm (LxHxD) | Decor oak
    WALK-IN 205 Wardrobe System
    from €329.00 Regular Price €329.00
    L: 165 cm | H: 200 cm | D: 45 cm
  13. YOMO 5x2 Shelving System | 280x79x35 cm (LxHxD)
    YOMO 5x2 Shelving System
    €459.00 Regular Price €459.00
    L: 280 cm | H: 79 cm | D: 35 cm
  14. NEW
    STEP L-2x2 Hanging Shelf | Decor black
    STEP 2x2 Hanging Shelf
    from €89.00 Regular Price €89.00
    L: 124 cm, 164 cm | H: 90 cm | D: 27 cm
  15. NEW
    STEP L-2x2 Hanging Shelf | Decor white
    STEP 2x2 Hanging Shelf
    from €89.00 Regular Price €89.00
    L: 124 cm, 164 cm | H: 90 cm | D: 27 cm
  16. CAST S-101 Clothes rack | anthracite
    CAST S-101 Clothes rack
    from €149.00 Regular Price €149.00
    L: 110 cm, 130 cm, 160 cm | H: 211 cm | D: 40 cm
  17. SALE
    BOON 4x2-P Shoe Rack | 145x76x33 cm (LxHxD)
    BOON 4x2-P Shoe Rack
    from €209.00 Regular Price €229.00
    L: 145 cm | H: 76 cm | D: 33 cm
  18. SALE
    CLOS-IT S-354 Open Wardrobe System | 299x228x42 cm (LxHxD)
    CLOS-IT 354 Open Wardrobe System
    from €1,029.00 Regular Price €1,029.00
    L: 299 cm | H: 228 cm, 277 cm | D: 42 cm, 46 cm
  19. P-SLOT S-301 Wall Shelving System | 243x200x42 cm (LxHxD)
    P-SLOT 301 Wall Shelving System
    from €309.00 Regular Price €309.00
    L: 240 cm, 243 cm | H: 200 cm | D: 42 cm
  20. SALE
    MAXX M-4x2 Corner Shelf | 166/109x76x33 cm (LxHxD)
    MAXX 4x2 Corner Shelf
    €365.00 Regular Price €365.00
    L: 166/109 cm | H: 76 cm | D: 33 cm
    BOY color Bespoke Floating Shelf
    BOY color Bespoke Floating Shelf
    from €22.90 Regular Price €22.90
    L: 45-180 cm | D: 25 cm, 30 cm | H: 5 cm
  22. SOFTBOX Storage Boxes | 328x328x328 mm
    SOFTBOX Storage Boxes
    €8.25 Regular Price €8.25
    universally applicable
  23. WALK-IN D-101 Wardrobe Shelving
    WALK-IN 101 Wardrobe Shelving
    from €139.00 Regular Price €139.00
    L: 85 cm | H: 200 cm | D: 43 cm, 44 cm
  24. ON-WALL B-205 Shelving System | 161x200x44 cm (LxHxD)
    ON-WALL B-205 Shelving System
    from €489.00 Regular Price €489.00
    L: 161 cm | H: 200 cm | D: 44 cm
  25. NEW
    STEP XL-1x1 Hanging Shelf | Decor white
    STEP 1x1 Hanging Shelf
    from €31.50 Regular Price €31.50
    L: 63 cm, 83 cm | H: 50 cm | D: 27 cm
  26. CASE 2x4 Shelving Unit | white
    CASE 2x4 Shelving Unit
    from €469.00 Regular Price €469.00
    L: 150 cm | H: 127 cm, 149 cm | D: 34 cm
  27. CAST clothes rail industrial with wall mounting
    CAST W-02 Clothes rack
    from €47.90 Regular Price €47.90
    L: 8 cm | H: 157 cm | D: 37 cm, 57 cm
  28. SALE
    CLOS-IT W-254 Sloped ceiling wardrobe | Decor oak
    CLOS-IT 254 Sloped ceiling wardrobe
    from €679.00 Regular Price €679.00
    L: 217 cm | H: 228/118 cm, 277/118 cm | D: 46 cm
  29. SALE
    BOON 1x1 Cube Shelf + Door | 38x40x33 cm (LxHxD)
    BOON 1x1 Cube Shelf + Door
    €39.90 Regular Price €69.00
    L: 38 cm | H: 40 cm | D: 33 cm
  30. SALE
    LIUM MIX-2x5 Shelving Unit | 145x174x36 (LxHxD) | Decor glass clear | preview
    LIUM 2x5 Shelving Unit
    from €599.00 Regular Price €599.00
    L: 113 cm, 145 cm, 177 cm | H: 174 cm | D: 36 cm
  31. MAXI+CUBE Glass Shelves
    MAXI+CUBE Glass Shelves
    from €25.50 Regular Price €25.50
    L: 40 cm, 60 cm, 90 cm, 115 cm | D: 20 cm, 30 cm

Items 37-72 of 463

463 Items

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Shelves - Design New Shelving Yourself and Order Online

A shelf is not just something you can store your things in – it is a piece of furniture that can change the ambiance of an entire room. As a backdrop for your decorative objects or other things: Shelves are without a doubt the most multi-functional pieces of furniture you can get.

Shelves - YOMO shelving white/oak with doors and backboards

YOMO 4x6-P

Image 1

YOMO 4x6-P

Discover now
Shelves - LIUM shelving metal/oak in the living room

LIUM MIX-3x5-1

Image 2

LIUM MIX-3x5-1

Discover now
Shelves - ON-WALL wall mounted shelving in the office


Image 3


Discover now
Shelves - BOON wooden bookshelf

BOON 3x6

Image 4

BOON 3x6

Discover now
Shelves - MAXX shelves solid wood/black

MAXX 3x6

Image 5

MAXX 3x6

Discover now
Shelf - MAXX black metal shelving

MAXX M-2x5

Image 6

MAXX M-2x5

Discover now
Shelves - P-SLOT twin slot shelving system under the sloping roof in the office

P-SLOT H2-301

Image 7

P-SLOT H2-301

Discover now
Shelves - BOON bookcase shelf with drawers and doors

BOON Mix-5x6-P

Image 8

BOON Mix-5x6-P

Discover now
Shelves - BOY wall shelf made to measure in the living room


Image 9
Shelves - MAXX metal corner shelf black/white

MAXX M-3x5 Corner Shelf

Image 10

MAXX M-3x5 Corner Shelf

Discover now
Shelves - BOON corner bookcase with doors and drawers

BOON L-5x6-P Corner Shelf

Image 11

BOON L-5x6-P Corner Shelf

Discover now
Shelving - CLOS-IT shelf white

CLOS-IT Open wardrobe

Image 12

CLOS-IT Open wardrobe

Discover now
Shelves - BOON white shelving for books in the living room

BOON 6x6

Image 13

BOON 6x6

Discover now
Shelves - CASE white shelving

CASE Bookcase

Image 14

CASE Bookcase

Discover now

Buy Shelves: What Kinds of Shelves Can I Choose From?

We have furniture in endless variations of shape and colour – the choice is yours! That's why it is so important to have a look at everything before you buy a shelf.

Buy shelves for your wall

Wall Shelving

Wall shelves are always attached to the wall - they have no contact with the floor. This type of furniture adds highlights to an otherwise empty, drab walls – especially if you add some of your personal mementos. Very practical: Wall mounting means that these products need very little space, which makes them perfect for small apartments.

Stylish Furniture

Standing Shelves

Standing shelves , as the name suggests, stand on the floor and are much more flexible in terms of placement. You can choose furniture that reach right up to the ceiling, low standing shelves or corner furniture – that is completely up to you.

"Shelving that will have to carry a lot of weight, should always be screwed to the wall."

Matthias, interior design expert


Popular Shelving

Popular shelf types – Unable to make up your mind about what type of shelf to choose? Have a look at our most popular shelves and the numerous ready-made shelf units for inspiration. Our white shelves, black shelves and our wooden shelves are particularly popular. A narrow shelf, a shelving unit with doors and bespoke shelving have also become very popular with our customers because of their ideal functionality. 

Room divider or sideboard

What Can I Use My Shelf for?

A shelf is incredibly versatile and offers great functionality. As a sideboard or dresser, your furniture can help bring order to your space and hide away private items from prying eyes. Shelving also make great room dividers. Room dividers are super practical, because they don't just create a visual division between two spaces, they also offer additional storage space.

Choosing the right colour and material

Which material and colour will be the best fit for my home?

Furniture come in all kinds of materials. Each material has its own appeal and unique character. But what's going to look great in your home? The most popular materials for bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms are wood, metal and glass. Depending on your overall interior concept, you might want to go for a warm material like wood or something cooler like metal for your home. Huge favourites with regard to colour are black, white, wood, grey and anthracite. They fit in seamlessly and can act as eye-catchers or take on a more subdued role. Grey shelves are a great way to create small, understated accents on a wall – especially if you decorate them with bright accessories in red, yellow, brown or green.

That’s how our shelving look in the homes of other customers

Show us your style! Tag a picture of your new furniture on Instagram with @regalraum_com.






Delivery & Shipping

Information About Delivery

  • We indicate the availability and delivery time on the product page right next to the item.
  • Screws, wall anchors and detailed assembly instructions are included in the delivery
  • Smaller shelving units can be mailed to you via parcel service.
  • Larger orders will come on a disposable pallet, which a carrier will deliver kerb-side. Carrying the parts for your new shelving system inside will be up to you. More details

Modular and flexible

Customisable shelving systems

Timeless design

High-quality, expandable shelves

Individual consultation

Expert support during planning

Quick shipping

Free shipping from €100

100-days returns policy

On all orders from the shop

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Shelf configurator

Design Your Shelf Online

Create a truly individual shelf with our shelf configurator. Convenient planning, a full 3D view and an easy shopping cart placing.

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