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  1. SALE
    CLOS-IT D-408 Corner wardrobe | 212/168x277x46 cm (LxHxD)
    CLOS-IT D-408 Corner Walk-In Wardrobe
    from €1,079.00 Regular Price €1,079.00
    L: 212/168 cm | H: 277 cm | D: 46 cm
    CLOS-IT Floor to Wall Posts | up to 228 cm
    CLOS-IT Floor to Wall Posts
    from €49.50 Regular Price €49.50
    H: 50-228 cm
    CLOS-IT Floor to Ceiling Posts | up to 277 cm
    CLOS-IT Floor to Ceiling Posts
    from €54.50 Regular Price €54.50
    H: 50-277 cm
  4. CLOS-IT Sloped Ceiling Adapter | for 1 Floor to Ceiling Post
    CLOS-IT Sloped Ceiling Adapter
    €9.90 Regular Price €9.90
    for extension/conversion
    CLOS-IT Standing Posts | up to 228 cm
    CLOS-IT Standing Posts
    from €54.50 Regular Price €54.50
    H: 50-228 cm
  6. CLOS-IT Standing Post Connectors
    CLOS-IT Standing Post Connectors
    from €9.80 Regular Price €9.80
    for extension/conversion
  7. NEW
    CLOS-IT Shelf Boards
    CLOS-IT Shelf Boards
    from €14.50 Regular Price €14.50
    L: 30-115 cm | D: 30 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm
  8. CLOS-IT Shelf Holder | for 1 shelf board
    CLOS-IT Shelf Holder
    €12.50 Regular Price €12.50
    for extension/conversion
  9. NEW
    CLOS-IT Wardrobe Rails
    CLOS-IT Wardrobe Rails
    from €8.60 Regular Price €8.60
    L: 30-115 cm
  10. CLOS-IT Wardrobe Rail Holders | for 1 wardrobe rail
    CLOS-IT Wardrobe Rail Holders
    €6.30 Regular Price €6.30
    for extension/conversion
  11. CLOS-IT Drawer Units
    CLOS-IT Drawer Units
    from €125.00 Regular Price €125.00
    2 or 3 drawers
  12. CLOS-IT Brackets for Drawer Unit | for 1 drawer unit
    CLOS-IT Brackets for Drawer Unit
    €9.10 Regular Price €9.10
    for extension/conversion
  13. SOFTBOX-L Storage Boxes | 530x328x328 mm
    SOFTBOX-L Storage Boxes
    €13.90 Regular Price €13.90
    universally applicable

Items 73-86 of 86

86 Items

per page
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CLOS-IT - An Elegant Open Wardrobe System

Our CLOS-IT open wardrobe system helps you realise your dream of a spacious open wardrobe in your bedroom with ease. With the highly functional modular CLOS-IT open wardrobe system, you can also design individual shelves for other rooms in no time at all. How about an open closet as a room divider that is accessible from both sides? Or an individual shelf for the previously unused space under the sloping ceiling? You can fix the elegant aluminium posts either to the wall or ceiling. Or you can opt for the free-standing version: the standing posts do not have to be fixed to the wall or ceiling. With practical drawer units, high-quality and sturdy aluminium wardrobe rails and our particularly environmentally friendly and lightweight shelf boards, your dressing room will be a dream come true. Should you require specific dimensions for your room, we will be happy to adapt the components to your requirements. During assembly, you put all shelving elements into the aluminium posts and fix them steplessly. This way you can always change plan later or implement a new idea within a few minutes.

Due to the modular character of our CLOS-IT open wardrobe system, you can design your personal open wardrobe for your bedroom just as you need it – right from the comfort of your own home. You can design your modular open wardrobe system under a sloping roof, as a space-saving wardrobe or an individual shelf for your living room, office or shop – storage just the way you need it. Of course, you can redesign your open closet at any time and add further aluminium posts, boards, drawers and wardrobe rails - so you always have enough space for your clothes. Even if you move house, the modular CLOS-IT open wardrobe system for the open wardrobe is quickly packed and adapts to your new living situation.

Open Wardrobe CLOS-IT - Open wardrobe system wall and ceiling mounted

CLOS-IT Ceiling Mounted Shelves

Image 1

CLOS-IT Ceiling Mounted Shelves

Discover now
Open Wardrobe CLOS-IT - Open wardrobe system as room divider free standing


Image 2


Discover now
Open Wardrobe CLOS-IT - Clothing rack with shelves

CLOS-IT D-200 

Image 3

CLOS-IT D-200 

Discover now
Open Wardrobe System CLOS-IT - clothes stand for bedroom


Image 4


Discover now
Open Wardrobe CLOS-IT - Open storage system as a corner wardrobe

CLOS-IT Corner Wardrobes

Image 5

CLOS-IT Corner Wardrobes

Discover now
Open Wardrobe System CLOS-IT - Open storage system for hallway


Image 6


Discover now
Open Wardrobe CLOS-IT - Open wardrobe system under a slanted ceiling


Image 7


Discover now
Open Wardrobe System CLOS-IT - Clothing rack with shelves with sloped ceiling adapter


Image 8


Discover now
Open Wardrobe CLOS-IT - Open storage system corner under a slanted ceiling

CLOS-IT Slanted ceiling

Image 9

CLOS-IT Slanted ceiling

Discover now
Open Wardrobe CLOS-IT - Open wardrobe system as a freestanding wardrobe


Image 10


Discover now
Open Wardrobe CLOS-IT - Drawer units with oak finish

CLOS-IT drawer units

Image 11

CLOS-IT drawer units

Discover now
Open Wardrobe CLOS-IT - Wall mounted shelving system in a shop


Image 12


Discover now
Open Wardrobe CLOS-IT - Ideas for your open corner wardrobe system


Image 13


Discover now
Open Wardrobe CLOS-IT - wall mounted clothing rack with shelves


Image 14


Discover now

CLOS-IT Modular Clothes Rail with Shelves - For your Open Wardrobe and Shop Fittings

It really doesn't matter if you are planning a large open wardrobe area, want to add a walk in wardrobe in your bedroom or simply want an open wardrobe system as a room divider for a big open plan area: CLOS-IT open wardrobe offers virtually endless design options. The modular design makes CLOS-IT a great choice for the living room, the hallway, the office and even commercial environments.



Up to 20% discount on all shelving systems.
Promotion valid until 30. May 2022

CLOS-IT Open Wardrobe - Overview



metal elements:  

 shelf boards:  

fixation to




suitable for



min. width

 51 cm


  drawer units

soft boxes

roof slope



Inspiration of the Modular Clothes Rail with Shelves

Discover the CLOS-IT Open Wardrobe

How do I decorate my new modular open wardrobe? What kind of installation options and combinations are possible with CLOS-IT? Have a look at this brief video to give you some ideas.

Plan Your Very Own Clothes Rail With Shelves - Quickly and Easily

Do you want to plan your open wardrobe system for the bedroom according to your own wishes? Our pre-configured modules are practical starting points for you. However, you may also put together your desired elements individually for your personal modular open wardrobe. To make planning easier, you can find important tips and tricks here.

Modular open wardrobe with shelves

Preconfigured Clothes Stand for Bedroom Units

You can also use the preconfigured units and add shelf boards, wardrobe rails and sideboards. All the screws and wall anchors you need are included in the delivery. To the preconfigured units >

Assortment Overview of the CLOS-IT Open Wardrobe 

We have put together all CLOS-IT components here for you to make designing your perfect open wardrobe system extra easy. Have a look at all the great elements for your modular CLOS-IT open wardrobe!

High-quality Profile Posts

Our elegant posts support all shelf elements: drawers, shelf boards and wardrobe rails. They are made of aluminium and impress with their elegant appearance, available in white or silver. Depending on where the open wardrobe system is to be positioned in the room, you can choose between wall or ceiling mounting.

Flexible Floor to Wall Posts

Wall posts stand on the floor and are fixed to the wall. They can be used universally for different wall heights and are available in a height of up to 227.5 centimetres. You can also shorten the posts to the size you need with a metal saw. Use the wall posts to create flexible storage space under sloping roofs, integrate a walk-in wardrobe in the bedroom or design a shelf that fits perfectly into your home.

Floor to Ceiling Posts

Ceiling posts stand on the floor and are fixed to the ceiling. If you specify your exact ceiling height when ordering, we will shorten the posts to your desired size. Ceiling posts are ideal as room dividers or for the unused space in front of windows. A flexible adapter will ensure that you can adapt the ceiling posts even to pitched roofs. In order for your shelf to stand securely on plasterboard, acoustic or straw-mat ceilings, a suitable substructure, e.g. chipboard, must be created at the fixing points in the ceiling.

Self-supporting Standing Posts

These are made of aluminium and serve as free-standing room divider. They can also be used to easily create a walk-in closet or wardrobe. Each post has a stable base (height: 16 centimetres), which means that additional fixing to the floor or ceiling is not necessary and the floor and ceiling remain intact. The posts are available in white and silver.

Adapter for Sloped Ceilings

With our CLOS-IT adapter for sloped ceilings , you can adapt the CLOS-IT open wardrobe system to your individual dimensions with millimetre precision, even for sloping ceilings or walls. Assembly and installation are very easy: the bracket is screwed directly to the sloping ceiling and the lower part of the adapter to the ceiling post. The adapter's ball joint allows for perfect adaptation to the slope up to an angle of 45°.

Elegant Wardrobe Rails

Wardrobe Rails are the focal point of walk in wardrobes and open closets and ensure that your clothes stay wrinkle free and perfect until the next time you want to wear them. The CLOS-IT wardrobe rails for open wardrobes are extremely sturdy and impress with their elegant appearance. Just like the profile posts, the wardrobe rails are made of aluminium and have a high-quality finish in silver or white.

Strong Shelf Boards

Our environmentally friendly CLOS-IT Shelf Boards are manufactured using the latest honeycomb-core technology and are surprisingly light. They do however have optimum bending strength and can withstand high loads of up to 40 kg. Ideal areas of application: Dressing room, living room, office or shop interior. The CLOS-IT shelf boards are available in our standard sizes of 45 and 79 centimetres length.

Shelf Boards Made to Measure

Tip: If you need your shelf boards in custom sizes, our CLOS-IT cut-to-size Shelf Boards are your choice. We cut the shelves to your desired size to make your open wardrobe system fit any recess.

Shoe Holders

The ideal addition: Use the Shoe Holders to keep your shoes organised and easy to see – whether in the walk-in wardrobe or in the dressing room. These are available as a set of 2 and offer space for approx. 8 pairs of shoes. Simply push them onto the light boards and secure with two screws – assembly couldn’t be easier. The holders are made of powder-coated steel.

Drawer Units

Our Drawer Units are ready-made furniture elements with drawers. They can be used for your dressing room but are also very practical as part of a open wardrobe system in the living room, office or shop. Each drawer is very spacious, can be pulled out completely and offers plenty of storage room. Just like our lightweight shelf boards, the covers are made with honeycomb technology and come in a beautiful semi-matte finish. The carcass is made of chipboard and has a melamine coating.

That’s How Our CLOS-IT Open Wardrobe Look in the Homes of Other Customers

Show us your style! Tag a picture of your new shelf on Instagram with @regalraumcom.






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Practical Tips For Your Open Wardrobe System

Tips For Your Wardrobe Closet

What should be considered when planning a walk-in closet? What things can be prepared in advance? How much space is needed and what is there to consider?

These and other questions are explained in our little guidebook. Enjoy reading our planning tips for open wardrobe!

Delivery & Shipping

Information About Delivery

  • We indicate the availability and delivery time on the product page right next to the item.
  • Screws, wall anchors and detailed assembly instructions are included in the delivery
  • Smaller shelving units can be mailed to you via parcel service.
  • Larger orders will come on a disposable pallet, which a carrier will deliver kerb-side. Carrying the parts for your new shelving system inside will be up to you. More details

Customer Reviews


"Absolutely solid and stable, space-saving and classy! The system is recommended to anyone who is looking for a space-saving and sturdy way to store clothes. We have an old house where every hole in the wall holds a potential surprise. With this system you only need a few brackets on the wall and get a super stable construction."


"Perfect – from start to finish. The website is very clear, so I had everything I needed in next to no time.. Despite prepayment, the goods were there within 3 days. The package included a document with tips and tricks as well as some jelly babies. Thumbs up! I’ll order again here for my next project."

Planning & Delivery

“Planning was simple and clear, delivery in three days is more than ok, the assembly worked out well, I can only recommend this system. We are extremely satisfied. Everything is just as we’d imagined it. Thank you!"


"We are really happy about this great shelving system and it looks like really good quality. Delivery was super quick and the customer service was exceptional. We will definitely be ordering again. Many thanks to the great team!"

Shelf configurator

Design Your Open Closet System Online

Create a truly individual open wardrobe system with our CLOS-IT shelf configurator. Conveniently plan, view in 3D and order easily.

If you need assistance with your planning, you may always call our customer service. Please send a quick sketch with your room dimensions and we will create your shelf until you are fully satisfied.