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  1. NEW
    MAXX 6x4 Shelving Unit | 345x147x33 cm (LxHxD)
    MAXX 6x4 Shelving Unit
    from €799.00 Regular Price €799.00
    L: 345 cm | H: 147 cm | D: 33 cm
  2. YOMO 2x2 Stepped Shelf | 113x79x35 cm (LxHxD) | Decor oak
    YOMO 2x2 Stepped Shelf
    €185.00 Regular Price €185.00
    L: 113 cm | H: 79 cm | D: 35 cm
  3. NEW
    BOON 5x3 Cube Storage Unit
    BOON 5x3 Cube Storage Unit
    from €339.00 Regular Price €339.00
    L: 181 cm, 224 cm, 288 cm | H: 112 cm | D: 33 cm
  4. NEW
    MAXX M-2x2 Stepped Shelves | 117x76x33 cm (LxHxD) | Decor black
    MAXX 2x2 Stepped Shelf
    from €149.00 Regular Price €149.00
    L: 117 cm | H: 76 cm | D: 33 cm
  5. YOMO 2x3 Shelving System | 113x116x35 cm (LxHxD)
    YOMO 2x3 Shelving System
    from €289.00 Regular Price €289.00
    L: 113 cm | H: 116 cm | D: 35 cm
  6. NEW
    BOON L-5x2 Cube Storage Unit
    BOON 5x2 Cube Storage Unit
    from €249.00 Regular Price €249.00
    L: 181 cm, 224 cm, 288 cm | H: 76 cm | D: 33 cm
  7. NEW
    MAXX M-1x3 Shelving Unit | 60x112x33 cm (LxHxD)
    MAXX 1x3 Shelving Unit
    from €139.00 Regular Price €139.00
    L: 60 cm | H: 112 cm | D: 33 cm
  8. NEW
    NATURE Floating Shelf | 60x20x2,5 cm
    NATURE Floating Shelf
    from €46.90 Regular Price €46.90
    L: 60 cm, 80 cm | D: 20 cm
  9. YOMO 3x6 Shelving System | 168x225x35 cm (LxHxD)
    YOMO 3x6 Shelving System
    from €725.00 Regular Price €725.00
    L: 168 cm | H: 225 cm | D: 35 cm
  10. NEW
    BOON Mix-6x3 Storage Unit | Decor oak
    BOON 6x3 Storage Unit
    from €405.00 Regular Price €405.00
    L: 216 cm, 281 cm, 345 cm | H: 112 cm | D: 33 cm
  11. NEW
    MAXX M-1x4 Shelving Unit | 60x147x33 cm (LxHxD)
    MAXX 1x4 Shelving Unit
    from €179.00 Regular Price €179.00
    L: 60 cm | H: 147 cm | D: 33 cm
  12. VINTAGE+LOOP Hanging Shelf | Decor oak wood veneer
    VINTAGE+LOOP Hanging Shelf
    from €26.90 Regular Price €26.90
    L: 60 cm, 80 cm | D: 20 cm, 25 cm
  13. NEW
    MAXX M-2x6 Shelving Unit | 117x218x33 cm (LxHxD)
    MAXX 2x6 Shelving Unit
    from €445.00 Regular Price €445.00
    L: 117 cm | H: 218 cm | D: 33 cm
  14. SOFTCUBE Wall Cube Shelf Set - 3 pcs
    SOFTCUBE Wall Cube Shelf Set - 3 pcs
    from €44.90 Regular Price €44.90
    3 pcs
  15. YOMO 1x6 Shelving System | 57x225x35 cm (LxHxD) | Decor oak
    YOMO 1x6 Shelving System
    €329.00 Regular Price €329.00
    L: 57 cm | H: 225 cm | D: 35 cm
  16. NEW
    MAXX 3x2 Corner Shelf | 109/109x76x33 cm (LxHxD) | Decor black
    MAXX 3x2 Corner Shelf
    from €299.00 Regular Price €299.00
    L: 109/109 cm | H: 76 cm | D: 33 cm
  17. low price
    SOFTCUBE Cube Shelves | 26x20x26 cm
    SOFTCUBE Cube Shelves
    €28.90 Regular Price €28.90
    L: 26 cm | H: 26 cm | D: 20 cm
  18. YOMO 6x2 Shelving System | 335x79x35 cm (LxHxD)
    YOMO 6x2 Shelving System
    €539.00 Regular Price €539.00
    L: 335 cm | H: 79 cm | D: 35 cm
  19. NEW
    MAXX 2x2 Shelving Unit | 117x76x33 cm (LxHxD)
    MAXX 2x2 Shelving Unit
    from €175.00 Regular Price €175.00
    L: 117 cm | H: 76 cm | D: 33 cm
  20. YOMO 4x4 Stepped Shelf | 224x152x35 cm (LxHxD) | Decor white
    YOMO 4x4 Stepped Shelf
    from €475.00 Regular Price €475.00
    L: 224 cm | H: 152 cm | D: 35 cm
  21. NEW
    BOON 6x4 Cube Storage Unit | Decor white
    BOON 6x4 Cube Storage Unit
    from €519.00 Regular Price €519.00
    L: 216 cm, 281 cm, 345 cm | H: 147 cm | D: 33 cm
  22. NEW
    BOON 2x6 Cube Storage Unit | Decor oak
    BOON 2x6 Cube Storage Unit
    from €285.00 Regular Price €285.00
    L: 74 cm, 117 cm | H: 218 cm | D: 33 cm
  23. NEW
    MAXX 6x5 Shelving Unit | 345x183x33 cm (LxHxD) | Decor ash
    MAXX 6x5 Shelving Unit
    from €979.00 Regular Price €979.00
    L: 345 cm | H: 183 cm | D: 33 cm
  24. NEW
    MAXX M-4x4 Shelving Unit | 231x147x33 cm (LxHxD)
    MAXX 4x4 Shelving Unit
    from €555.00 Regular Price €555.00
    L: 231 cm | H: 147 cm | D: 33 cm
  25. NEW
    NATURE+LOOP Hanging Shelf | 60x20 cm
    NATURE+LOOP Hanging Shelf
    from €56.90 Regular Price €56.90
    L: 60 cm, 80 cm | D: 20 cm
  26. YOMO 5x5 Shelving System | 280x189x35 cm (LxHxD)
    YOMO 5x5 Shelving System
    €959.00 Regular Price €959.00
    L: 280 cm | H: 189 cm | D: 35 cm
  27. NEW
    MAXX 3x3 Shelving Unit | 174x112x33 cm (LxHxD)
    MAXX 3x3 Shelving Unit
    from €335.00 Regular Price €335.00
    L: 174 cm | H: 112 cm | D: 33 cm
  28. YOMO 3x4 Shelving System | 168x152x35 cm (LxHxD) | Decor oak
    YOMO 3x4 Shelving System
    from €499.00 Regular Price €499.00
    L: 168 cm | H: 152 cm | D: 35 cm
  29. NEW
    MAXX M-4x6 Corner Shelf | 166/109x218x33 cm (LxHxD)
    MAXX 4x6 Corner Shelf
    from €919.00 Regular Price €919.00
    L: 166/109 cm | H: 218 cm | D: 33 cm

Items 181-216 of 251

251 Items

per page
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Bookshelves – a home for your favourite reads

A bookshelf isn't just a shelf. It has a very special purpose in your home. Many people dream of having a big library or even a dedicated reading room, while others just want a stylish backdrop for their favourite books, DVDs, picture frames or other important mementos. And if the bookshelf also has the right colour to match the living room, well, then it will add cosiness and warmth to the room. It really doesn't matter which aspect is more important for you: home library or decoration – the main feature of a bookshelf must always be stability. And it should have the right measurements for your needs: height, depth and width. That is why REGALRAUM offers an opportunity to put together any sort of shelf using the innovative Shelf Configurator. It is online, easy to use and you'll be done in just a few mouse clicks. And in most cases, the bookshelves leave plenty of room for flexibility: Your bookshelf can grow alongside your book collection.

Bookshelf - BOON wide cube bookcase with doors in the living room

BOON Mix-6x6

Image 1

BOON Mix-6x6

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Bookshelf - CASE white bookcase under a slanted ceiling

CASE 4x4 Stepped Shelf

Image 2

CASE 4x4 Stepped Shelf

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Book shelves - ON-WALL wooden bookshelf oak white in the living room


Image 3


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Bookshelves - MAXX white bookcase next to sofa

MAXX M-2x5

Image 4

MAXX M-2x5

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Bookshelf - BOY small bookcases made to measure


Image 5
Bookshelf - SHOWCASE small bookcases metal white


Image 6


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Book shelves - LIUM bookshelf metal black


Image 1


Discover now
Bookshelf - YOMO wooden bookcase with doors and backboards

YOMO 4x6-P

Image 2

YOMO 4x6-P

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Bookshelf - STEP wall mounted bookcase black metal

STEP L-2x2

Image 3

STEP L-2x2

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Bookshelf - BOON oak bookcase in the living room

BOON 3x6

Image 4

BOON 3x6

Discover now
Bookshelf - MAXX modern bookcase in white/oak

MAXX 3x6

Image 5

MAXX 3x6

Discover now
Bookshelf - BOON cube bookcase with doors under a slanted ceiling

BOON 4x4-P Stepped Shelf

Image 6

BOON 4x4-P Stepped Shelf

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Bookshelves - Overview

A bookcase can be a real highlight in your home! Our modular furniture allow you to create unique solutions to suit your book storage needs. Have a look around for some inspiration!


Which bookshelf is right for me?

Big or small – there is a perfect bookshelf for any home. A wall shelf for books might be the right solution if you don't have much space. A floating bookcase is quickly installed and can hold decorative objects in addition to books. Plus, it doesn't take up any space at all. It would also be a good choice for having your cooking books handy in the kitchen.

A room divider shelf is the right choice for very large rooms. It can separate your work space from your living area, creates structure in large open spaces and offers plenty of much needed storage space. A great idea would be an open shelf, which makes your books accessible from both sides. Hanging plants or creepers will also look very nice in the room divider shelf.

If you have a whole room available for your library or you just want the focus of the room to be on your books, then you should probably choose a bookcase. It will also leave plenty of room for your personal mementos. And for your comic book collection, your art books and your travel guides.

Or how about a bookshelf for the kids room? It is a great place for books of fairytales, picture books and stuffed animals, as well as other toys that can be arranged neatly.

white bookcasewhite bookcase
step bookcasestep bookcase

Stepped shelf for books

Could I fit a bookshelf under the slanted ceiling in the attic?

Bookshelves by REGALRAUM are modular – that means they are very flexible and can be made to fit any space situation and purpose in your home. All you need is the 3D online Shelf Configurator. Simply enter the right measurements and then add the individual parts wherever you want them. Now you can create a shelf design to fit perfectly under a slanted ceiling – turning previously unused space into a practical storage solution.

A unique look

Which design, material and colour should I choose for my bookshelf?

A beautiful bookshelf can completely change the ambiance of a room. The right choice of shelf will make your home a welcoming, positive place to be. Before you start planning your bookshelf, you should first decide if you want to go for a classic, understated white or if you would prefer a warm wood look in beech, oak or walnut.

wooden bookcasewooden bookcase
black metal bookcaseblack metal bookcase

Black bookshelf in a urban look

Would a black bookshelf look good in my home?

The answer is: Yes! Black bookcases look super elegant – and are right on trend at the moment. In a bright room, black bookshelves create a focal point and are iconic for urban interiors. A black bookshelf will also look great as a room divider in an office or large living space. Just add a splash of colour here and there for visual highlights.

Natural style

A wooden bookshelf makes a house a home

Wooden bookshelves add warmth and cosiness to your home. The natural look feels inviting and makes you want to curl up with a good book. You can choose from wooden bookshelves featuring a hard-wearing melamine coating, a gorgeous wood veneer or extra robust solid wood. Whichever décor you choose: A wooden bookshelf is a true classic and needed in every home.

wooden bookshelfwooden bookshelf

Classic or modern? These are the most popular interior styles

The design and colour of your new bookshelf should match the rest of your furniture and the overall interior style of your home.

Scandinavian chic

The Scandinavian style relies on understated white and beige hues, as well as soft natural colours. White bookshelves are always a great match for modern, purist interiors. Homes with a more rustic style will also benefit from white bookshelves. Add some furniture pieces in soft blues for a warm and cosy ambiance.

The natural look

A wooden bookshelf adds warmth and a feeling of comfort, creating a perfect feel-good ambiance, where you will love to curl up with a good book. Rattan or jute furniture elements or accessories round off the look.


Always a good choice: a white bookcase with shelf boards in various lengths. This look is classic and timeless, and combines perfectly with a wide variety of home accessories. You might also want to add a sideboard or lowboard into the mix.

Urban style

You like the hip urban look and industrial style furniture that remind you of a chic New York loft? Have a look at our black metal shelves that will help you add focal points to your home.

'My book collection keeps growing and I need a bookshelf that I can add more shelf space to when I need it. A modular piece of furniture gives me the flexibility I need – I love it!'

Claudia, founder and CEO of REGALRAUM

Hält ein Leben lang

Nachhaltiges Design

Our shelving systems combine timeless design with modularity. This means they not only adapt to your personal style, but also meet changing needs.

Designed for everyday use, most of our shelving systems are not only strong and durable, but also have a hard-wearing finish. And if a unit does get damaged, you can simply reorder it from the shop and replace it yourself. So hopefully you will enjoy it for many years to come.

Flexible helpers: Corner or bookcase with doors

How can I design my bookshelf to fit perfectly?

Ask yourself the following questions before you start configuring your custom shelf: How much space do I have available for the shelf? How big is the book collection? Do you want to have extra space for decorative objects and maybe some plants? What colour should the shelf be – white, black or maybe a wood décor (oak, beech or walnut)? You should also think about what other functions your shelf should have. A bookcase with doors, for example, can also serve as a great room divider. With integrated back walls, things that should not immediately catch the eye can be perfectly stowed away. Choose a stepped shelf if it will live in a room with a slanted ceiling. Then it is guaranteed to fit perfectly.

bookcase with doorsbookcase with doors
modern bookcasemodern bookcase

Shelf variations

What type of shelf is best for use as a bookshelf?

What kind of shelf would you like for your books? What other functions do you look for in that piece of furniture? REGALRAUM offers the following shelf variations:

  • Bookcase: home to your personal library and some very special decorative objects
  • Shelving system: its modular character allows additions and changes at any time
  • Room divider: doubles as a bookshelf and partition between living spaces
  • Wall shelves and floating shelves: eye-catching focal points for your favourite books

Modular and flexible

Customisable shelving systems

Sustainable design

High quality & durable

Individual consultation

Expert support during planning

Quick shipping

Free shipping from €100

100-days returns policy

On all orders from the shop

Our products in the category Bookshelf were given an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 by 21420 customers. View all reviews

Shelf configurator

Design Your Shelf Online

Create a truly individual shelf with our shelf configurator. Convenient planning, a full 3D view and an easy shopping cart placing.

Start planning now

Delivery & Shipping

Information About Delivery

  • We indicate the availability and delivery time on the product page right next to the item.
  • Screws, wall anchors and detailed assembly instructions are included in the delivery
  • Smaller shelving units can be mailed to you via parcel service.
  • Larger orders will come on a disposable pallet, which a carrier will deliver kerb-side. Carrying the parts for your new shelving system inside will be up to you. More details

Customer Reviews

CASE bookcase

'This system is a great choice as a bookshelf or as a storage space for all your file folders in the office. The extra strong intermediate shelf boards are a welcome extra that not many suppliers can offer. Stability and the finish are both exceptional. The product is worth every cent. Delivery was super fast too.'

MAXX system

'I am really happy with my new bookshelf. It looks great and is super robust. The quality is amazing too. Everything arrived in perfect shape without a scratch or dent. All bore holes fit perfectly as well. The instructions were easy to follow and everything was explained in simple terms.'

BOON shelving system for books

'The product is very good. I am using my bookcase as a TV unit, for books and decorative accessories – this is perfect for anyone, who enjoys designing their own living space.'

YOMO Shelving System

'Amazing, flawless quality. Delivery was real quick. Everything was packaged securely. Assembly is easy, but takes some hours for the 6x6 big version. Nevertheless, it was time well spent. Attaching the doors needed a little bit of technical know-how. We used the template provided to mark the positions of the drill holes. We are so happy with the results that we went ahead and ordered another shelf.