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With great attention to detail, we are constantly developing new shelving solutions in cooperation with designers and manufacturers. In order for your shelves to arrive quickly and safely, our dedicated logistics team picks and packs your orders with care. Cut to Size solutions are made in house by our professional carpentry. And if you would like a personal consultation, our customer service will do its utmost to understand your ideas, provide you with perfect advice and meet your expectations. We love, what we do.

We love our work, with...

  • 1000 cups of coffee
  • 500 pieces of Magnum ice cream
  • 50 birthday cakes
Claudia Dolle | CEO CEO

Claudia Dolle

Sven Patrick Maier | IT-Administration IT-Admin

Sven Patrick Maier

Olga Karsten | Online Marketing Head of Online Marketing

Olga Karsten

Linda Premer | Kundenservice Customer Service

Linda Premer

Dennis Jeretzki | Kundenservice Customer Service

Dennis Jeretzki

Lisa Marie Goos | Online Marketing Manager Online Marketing Manager

Lisa-Marie Goos

Daniel Wiebe | Creative Director Creative Director

Daniel Wiebe

Uri | Security Security


Sylvie Napetschnig | Online Marketing Manager Online Marketing Manager

Sylvie Napetschnig

Matthias Klebingat | Kundenservice Customer Service

Matthias Klebingat

Andreas Klebingat | Kundenservice Customer Service

Andreas Klebingat

Nina Schüller | Kundenservice Customer Service

Nina Schüller

Lisa Carbone | Social Media Manager Social Media Manager

Lisa Carbone

Stephanie Pankalla | Online Marketing Online Marketing

Stephanie Pankalla

Nina Balzhäuser | Online Marketing Online Marketing

Nina Balzhäuser

Herrmann Schmidt | Tischlerei Carpentry

Herrmann Schmidt

Malgorzata Götz | Logistics Logistics

Malgorzata Götz

Hella Drobek | Returns Returns

Hella Drobek

Thomas Kuentzel | Logistics Logistics

Thomas Kuentzel

Beate Graf | Tischlerei Carpentry

Beate Graf

Martin Melichar | Logistics Logistics

Martin Melichar

Ronnie Ziese | Logistics Logistics

Ronnie Ziese

Stefano Tonon | Logistics Logistics

Stefano Tonon

Andreas Kleinert | Logistics Logistics

Andreas Kleinert

Gabriele Benseme | Logistics Logistics

Gabriele Bensemer

Alexandra Dusza | Logistics Logistics

Alexandra Dusza

Norbert Siegmayer| Logistics Logistics

Norbert Siegmayer

Joanna Glombik| Logistics Logistics

Joanna Glombik

Team Logistics Logistics team

Logistics team


A new Shelving System emerges

There are many steps on the way from the idea to the final product. See how a new shelving system, in our case the "MAXX Open Shelving System" is created.


1. Brainstorming

There are many ideas. And shelves as well. For that reason it is all the more important for our marketing team to give much thought to how a new shelving system has to be. What it should be capable of and what to set aside. Until the idea is finally born 9 months not always have to pass, but many hours nevertheless...

2. Conceptual Design

After the idea is born, the kid needs a name. We decide on "MAXX". In cooperation with designers and manufacturers the new shelving system is drafted. Many designs are discussed until our favourite is certain.

3. Down to the last Detail

Idea and concept stand - the details have yet to be clarified. Which colours should be offered? What materials do we use for the new shelving system and what décors are the best?

4. Quality check on the Prototype

All questions are dealt with - shape, colours, materials and décors are set. The newly produced prototype is examined by our team. Functionality, workmanship and quality are checked.

5. Integration into our Shop

Together with our customer service adjustments and configuation options of the new shelving system are integrated into our Online-Shop.

6. Ready

Finally! The new "MAXX" shelving system made it's way into our Online-Shop. Much mental work, time and attention to detail were spent to realize our idea. But it was worth it. And now it is avaiable for everyone.


We love Shelves - and we want to share our passion with you!



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