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CASE – White Shelving Unit


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  1. Bookends | 12x13 cm | Decor black
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CASE - White Shelving Unit

The CASE white shelving unit makes a statement ! Beautiful materials, seamless edge transitions and great quality furniture "Made in Germany" come together to offer you the very best in ingenious white shelving units! Three basic elements - Maxi, Mini and End - are joined in various combinations to create a super sturdy shelf. These design elements allow three internal shelf heights, and you can change things up whenever you like - all without any tools.

White Shelving Unit CASE - White shelving unit under a sloped ceiling

CASE Maxi-4x4 Stepped Shelf

Image 1

CASE Maxi-4x4 Stepped Shelf

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White Shelving Unit CASE - Small shelving unit as a binder shelf in the office

CASE Maxi-3x2

Image 2

CASE Maxi-3x2

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White Shelving Unit CASE - White shelving unit detail

CASE Maxi-Shelving Element

Image 3

CASE Maxi-Shelving Element

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White Shelving Unit CASE - Shelving unit white in the living room

CASE Maxi-4x4

Image 4

CASE Maxi-4x4

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White Shelving Unit CASE - Tall shelving unit white

CASE Multi-2x6

Image 5

CASE Multi-2x6

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White Shelving Unit CASE - Large white shelving unit as binder shelves in the office

CASE Maxi-4x6

Image 6

CASE Maxi-4x6

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CASE White Shelving Unit - Overview

CASE offers true flexibility, as it can be infinitely extended and is ideal for all storage purposes: Books, file folders, DVDs, CDs or anything else that needs a white shelving unit will find a perfect place in the CASE system. The combination of our sturdy 2,8 cm shelf boards with the delicate looking 1,2 cm side walls is particularly eye-catching. They give the white shelving unit its unmistakable look and create the sturdy frame needed for a shelf. The seamless edge transitions created using a cutting edge laser procedure, are another exceptional feature of this shelving unit.

Modular and Flexible - the CASE White Shelving Unit

Design your own lowboard with elements placed next to each other, a stepped shelf that follows the slant in your ceiling or an impressive, large-format wall of books or files ... Get creative! The shelving system is coated white on all sides and can also be used as a free-standing room divider. The lines separating the elements create an attractive, geometric pattern. CASE is a brilliant storage solution - in the office, on the shop floor, in your living room or at trade fairs, create modern furniture inspired by you.

White Shelving Unit

At a Glance

  • Modular shelving wall for living or office areas
  • Three basic elements - Mini, Maxi and End - are variably interconnected
  • The resulting shelf heights are 22 cm, 27 cm and 33 cm
  • Chipboard shelf boards with a robust, melamine-coated exterior
  • Beautiful, laser-cut edges for a seamless look
  • CASE can also be used as a free-standing room divider f.e between your kitchen and your bedroom
  • Design: Hertel+Klarhoefer, Made in Germany

"CASE is an elegant piece of furniture that fits perfectly in a chic office - or as bookcase in your living room."

Olga, Interior Expert


From a stepped shelf to a tall shelving unit

The CASE white shelving unit can be easily converted at any time, depending on which solution is required. This video shows you how easy it is.

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  • We indicate the availability and delivery time on the product page right next to the item.
  • Screws, wall anchors and detailed assembly instructions are included in the delivery
  • Smaller shelving units can be mailed to you via parcel service.
  • Larger orders will come on a disposable pallet, which a carrier will deliver kerb-side. Carrying the parts for your new shelving system inside will be up to you. More details

Customer Reviews


"A very good, very well thought out shelving system. Easy to assemble and very robust. And yet: it is a lot less bulky than a comparable closed cabinet element. It looks great in our new kitchen."

Andreas B.


"An impeccable product. Beautiful white shelving unit with excellent stability. I can definitely recommend them!"

Marc S.

Cutomer Service

"Very, very patient and helpful people in customer service – so nice to feel that no question was seen as stupid, too exhausting to answer or unnecessary. Thank you so much."

Nicole W.


"We are using ours in the kitchen. It has a great depth and the shelf spaces are perfect for plates and glasses – even the microwave fits perfectly."

Claudia D.


Design your white shelving unit online

Create a truly individual white shelving unit with our CASE shelf configurator. Convenient planning, a full 3D view and an easy shopping cart placing.

If you need assistance with your planning, you may always call our customer service. Please send a quick sketch and your room dimensions and we will create your white shelving unit until you are fully satisfied.