Shelves with Drawer

Shelves with Drawer

A shelf with drawer is a clever way to add storage to your entryway, bedroom, or any other room. It adds useful storage space for your phone, favorite book or other home accessories. Keys, notepads and other small items quickly find an out-of-sight home in the drawer. ...more
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Floating Shelf with Drawer – practical and cool

A floating shelf with drawer combines practicality and beautiful design. The wall shelf can be used as a handy storage surface or can set the scene for beautiful vases, picture frames or other decorative items to personalize your living space. In the kids room, a floating shelf with drawer can take pride of holding all the favorite toys. The integrated drawer offers storage space away from prying eyes. Now you have a place for all the important little things like your mobile, glasses and keys – and everything looks nice and tidy. And if just one floating shelf with one drawer isn’t enough, just combine several or create a whole wall shelf system with drawer units! Below, we have compared our drawer shelves to make it easier for you to find the right floating shelf with drawer for your next project.

Floating shelves with drawer – individual units

The floating drawer shelves CASSY and CASSETO each come with one drawer and are used for wall mounting. Both are made of MDF (medium density fiberboard) and then meticulously sanded by hand, before a high-gloss white surface finish is applied, which makes the shelf a great match with virtually any interior style.

Floating shelves with drawer – as many as you want

The floating drawer shelf CASSETTO has straight edges and is therefore ideal for side-by-side placement: You can mount multiple floating shelves with drawer right next to each other without any gaps to create a continuous storage shelf. The wall mounting uses floating shelf brackets, which are quite forgiving in terms of slight irregularities in the bore holes in the wall and each shelf can carry up to 30 kg in weight. The internal dimensions of the drawer are 288x194x51 mm.

CASSETO – floating shelf with drawer

Floating shelves with drawer – design highlight

The floating drawer shelf CASSY comes with beautifully rounded edges and complements any interior theme for a harmonious ambiance. Aside from its gorgeous design, the wall shelf CASSY also features a raised drawer (inner dimensions of the drawer 450x205x85 mm) for even more space for everyday objects you don’t want laying around. Wall mounting needs precision! You won’t be able to adjust the position anymore, once you have drilled the bore holes. One floating drawer shelf can hold up to 15 kg in weight.

CASSY – rounded floating shelf with drawer

Floating shelf with drawers – shelving systems with several drawers

We recommend our wall shelves with two or three drawers if you need lots of space for storage. The drawer units are part of a shelving system and offer plenty of room in walk-in closets, living rooms and the office.

Floating shelves with drawers – maximize your space

Our drawer units for CLOS-IT or WALK-IN for shelving systems come with fully extendable runners with stop effect and an elegant soft-close function. In the shelving systems WALK-IN and ON-WALL, floating drawer shelves are mounted using wall uprights. Matching drawer holders are used in the CLOS-IT system for attachment to the profile posts.

Drawer units
‘I have a single floating shelf with drawer in the entryway and a large shelving system with several drawers in the bedroom. I am really happy about the many uses of these drawers.’

Linda, Customer Service

Expert tip


Floating shelf with drawer – CASSETO

I came to look for a floating drawer shelf here, because I didn’t have a drawer for all the small stuff or any storage area for bath towels in my bathroom. I really liked the “floating” look of the drawer shelf and it rounds off the overall design of my bathroom.

Floating shelf with drawer – CASSY

Great quality and it looks really pretty too! This wall shelf is super practical with its spacious drawer. We are very happy with our new floating drawer shelf and are now thinking about getting more of these and where to put them. Maybe we could use them as bedside tables or as a floating shelf in the entryway...

Floating shelf with drawer – Drawer Units

I am very satisfied with the drawer units. The look good and have this nifty soft-close function. They are absolutely perfect for me, because I like walk-in closets – but I hate dust. I have stacked 2 drawers on top of each other and use the floating shelf to store tops and jeans.


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customer impressions


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