Metal Wall Shelves

Metal Wall Shelves

Our metal wall shelves are simple, elegant and minimalistic. Tasteful living accessories, small lamps and books can be presented effectively on this wall shelves. In addition to the design, every metal wall shelf impresses with flexible ways of application and a high resistance. ...more
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Super versatile Metal Wall Shelves

Metal wall shelves are super versatile. Decorative metal wall shelves can be used virtually anywhere in your home – their elegantly understated look will match any interior theme or furniture style. In the bathroom, floating shelves create space for towels or decorative objects, and in the kitchen they offer useful storage for essentials or create a fitting backdrop for your most decorative crockery. The raised sides and in some cases the actual shelf brackets of many of our metal shelves can double as bookends, creating a modern style bookshelf for your favorite books, magazines and personal items in the living room. You can have individual small and highly decorative metal wall shelves – or complete metal wall shelving systems. These are extra versatile and extremely sturdy. These are the perfect choice for utility rooms for an amazing amount of storage space and keeping everything in its place.

Our Metal Wall Shelves: Practical and beautiful

Our small, minimalist metal wall shelves are definitely gaining ground among our customers. The purist design of these shelves will match any sort of interior style or theme. Anyone looking for larger storage furniture that is functional as well as attractive, will like our metal shelving systems a lot. They offer plenty of space for stock, file folders, tools or clothing – and are practical and beautiful.

SHOWCASE metal wall shelves

Our SHOWCASE metal wall shelves are a popular favorite among interior designers. They are made of a single 1.2 mm thick steel sheet. No unsightly joints will mar the appearance of these elegant metal wall shelves. Another distinctive characteristic of these metal wall shelves are the raised sides, which help to keep your books and decorations from accidentally falling off the sides.

KATANA metal wall shelf

The KATANA metal wall shelves are similarly manufactured from a single steel sheet (2.5 mm thick), which means that here too, there won’t be any unsightly edges. The straightforward, modern look is exactly the one praised in plenty of online designer blogs right now, which means that you will be right on trend with one of our metal wall shelves. One special aspect of these metal wall shelves is their wall mounting: They can be mounted upward as well as downward. You can therefore achieve two completely different looks. See for yourself!

SUMO+BELT metal wall shelf

Our SUMO+BELT metal wall shelf features a trendy and very practical stainless steel shelf board. Use it for pots and pans in the kitchen or for towels in the bathroom – these wall shelves have a load bearing capacity up to 40 kg and are a perfect storage solution!

P-SLOT metal wall shelf system

The P-SLOT wall shelf system in metal focuses specifically on function and versatility. This low-cost wall shelf system crates plenty of space quickly and easily: in utility rooms, garages or pantries. They just need three steps for their installation: Attach the wall uprights on the wall, hook in the brackets where you want them, and attach the shelf boards on top of these. Choose between easy-clean steel shelf boards with a robust surface finish for the storage of power tools or garden utensils – or the ingenious wire shelf board with round metal wire mesh, where dust has virtually no chance to settle.


SHOWCASE metal wall shelves

We put these three metal wall shelves into our kitchen. They are incredibly practical and also look great! They really underline our modern interior theme.

We also use one of them to hold guest towels in our bathroom. The raised sides on the shelf boards keep the towels neat and prevent slippage. And best of all: the shelf looks really trendy and makes our bathroom look ultra modern. Perfect :-)

KATANA metal wall shelf

I have never had any shelves that were remotely as good as these KATANA metal wall shelves. I am now up to 9! Just 2 bolts (or max. 3) will reliably hold these shelves and will carry plenty of weight. They are super robust and resilient. There isn’t a scratch on any of the metal shelf boards. The shelves seem to float on the wall, are subtly elegant and really provide a stage for whatever sits on them. Top product, highly recommended!

P-SLOT metal wall shelf system

We use the shelving system in our pantry. The quality is great and the price is fair. Double-quick delivery. Highly recommended.

I use the shelving system in my garage. It has created plenty of space there and is really robust. I now have space for all my tools and garden utensils. The quality is second to none.



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