WALK-IN - Wardrobe Shelving Systems

WALK-IN - Wardrobe Shelving Systems

The WALK-IN Wardrobe Shelving System lets you design your own open wardrobes flexibly and with ease. The rails are easily mounted on the hang track, and you can add shelf boards, wardrobe rails, drawers and many other components to suit your needs. ...more
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WALK-IN - The open Walk-in Wardrobe for your home

WALK-IN is a great modular shelving system that allows you to design and build your very own dressing room with ease and flexibility. The installation couldn't be easier and there will be hardly any drilling and screw fitting involved. The wardrobe system is constructed in three easy steps: Attach the horizontal hang track, hook in the uprights and position the shelf boards - your open wardrobe is ready to use. Versatile configuration means the shelf system can completely meet your storage needs and leverage every inch of available space. The hanging system allows the wall uprights to be repositioned with ease and each individual component can be positioned wherever you want it and combines with all other elements - they also fit with the P-SLOT and ON-WALL systems.

WALK-IN Advantages at a Glance

WALK-IN is an ingenious shelving system for creating an open wardrobe or outfitting an office or shop. It can be used in virtually any area that needs organization and you can plan, design and build it yourself with ease.

  • Classic shelving system in powder-coated steel
  • Affordable wall uprights and brackets
  • Wall-mounted system with space underneath, no ceiling-mounting
  • Simple assembly with few attachment points in the hang tracks
  • Wide range that includes wire shelves, pants rack, rolling storage containers
  • Available in a white or grey finish

Plan your open wardrobe - quickly and easily

You can plan your wardrobe the traditional way and put together individual pieces from our great range of components. Or use our preconfigured WALK-IN shelf units to make planning your new shelving system super easy. The rails and brackets for the WALK-IN shelves come in white and grey as standard. All the screws and wall anchors you need are included in the delivery. And if you want, you can get really creative with our WALK-IN shelf planner. This is where you plan your new shelves online, view them in 3D, keep track on your spending and order the finished design with just a few mouse clicks.

Our components for your open wardrobe

The WALK-IN range offers a great selection of elements for many uses with which to create your very own walk in wardrobe.

Hang tracks

The hang tracks come in two lengths, allowing you to attach shelves anywhere on your wall. The steel elements are finished with a sleek powder coating. The hang tracks are available in white and grey.

Hanging uprights

The hanging uprights are quickly mounted and can support up to 150 kg in weight. The slot distance in the wall uprights is 50 mm, which means the hanging uprights are fully compatible with other shelving systems available in DIY stores. They can be mounted on the wall without hang tracks if you prefer or with the 2-row wall uprights from the P-SLOT shelving system. We recommend our TrackFix mounting hardware kit for the hang tracks.

Wire shelf boards

The multi-functional and ingenious wire shelf boards are attached with matching wire shelf board brackets and a great choice for storing textiles in your walk in wardrobe. These wire shelf boards are a very practical choice for your topmost shelves, as you can see what is stored on them from below. Another advantage: the wire mesh offers very little surface for dust to settle. You can cut the wire shelf boards to size with a hacksaw if you need a non-standard shelf width or if you want to fill a gap between the shelving system and the wall. Alternatively, you can order your wire shelf boards in a custom size from us.

Shelf boards

Board shelves are made of environmentally friendly chipboard (65-90 % made of recycled wood offcuts from the woodworking and forestry industries) in Austria and feature a robust melamine coating. The white decor has a satin matt surface, the oak decor has a wonderful wood feel. Thanks to the six sizes offered, even deep shelving solutions can be realised without any problems. The shelves are fixed with the BOARD brackets.

Wardrobe Rails

Wardrobe rails are the focal points of an open wardrobe system. You can choose between three attachment options: Use the wardrobe rails brackets that are hooked into the rails. Alternatively, you can choose HANG brackets, which combine a wardrobe rail with a wire shelf board. Your third option is to use our new WALL brackets, which attach directly to the wall for your wardrobe rail. Our heavy-duty wardrobe rails can be cut to size using a simple hacksaw. We recommend the CAP wardrobe rail stopper to finish off the look.


The rolling containers offer plenty of storage space and can be positioned next to the wardrobe or be used as a mobile shelf space. They are also great in combination with a walk-in wardrobe and are perfect for flexible use in shop interiors. The spacious pull-out drawers are perfect for all those things you need within easy reach. As the containers come with casters, you can move them effortlessly wherever they are needed.

Drawer units

Drawer units offer plenty of storage space. The drawers with soft-close function pull out fully and move smoothly on concealed runners.

Our shelf planner for your open wardrobe

Make your own ideas reality with our WALK-IN shelf planner. It allows you to plan your shelving system online and view the result in 3D before you order anything. The total cost of your dream shelves is updated after every change you make and when you are happy with your design, you can order everything online with just a few mouse clicks.

The delivery of your open wardrobe

Every order we receive is meticulously compiled, packaged and sent on its way within 24 hours. All necessary screws and wall anchors, as well as detailed assembly instructions are included. Small shelving units can be delivered by parcel service. Larger shipments are sent via a carrier company, which will deliver your order to the curbside on a single-use pallet. You will be responsible for carrying all delivered goods inside your home.

Our Customer Service will be happy to assist you on the phone or via email if you ever need any help. We know everything there is to know about our shelving systems and make sure that everything fits.

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