P-SLOT - Shelf Uprights + Accessories

P-SLOT - Shelf Uprights + Accessories

The large P-SLOT product range offers a virtually endless number of possible combinations. All brackets, shelf boards and wall uprights can be combined with each other. You can be your own designer and draft your own wall shelving system to suit your personal needs. ...more
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P-SLOT - Wall Uprights + Accessories

The wall uprights are an excellent basis for versatile storage solutions and a great variety of available spaces. They are mounted to the wall and the shelf boards are simply hooked in. The wall uprights and shelf brackets are made of steel. Their exteriors are powder-coated and come in the colours gray, white, black, brown and galvanized. You can combine the wall uprights and shelf brackets in whatever way you like.

What can I use Wall Uprights for?

They are the basic framework on which the shelf boards are attached. They can be mounted on the wall at virtually any height you want, which means they can be mounted above a washing machine to hold your detergents or next to a kitchen cabinet to store cans. They are very practical next to a work bench, above a radiator, next to the window or under a slanted ceiling. The possibilities are endless.

The shelf boards can be hooked in with a grid measurement of 50 mm to suit your specific storage needs. File folders or paperbacks, cans of paint or jam jars - the shelf height is entirely up to you! The best feature of an open wall shelving system is that you have everything you need within reach and can see where everything is at a glance.

How about the strength of these Shelves?

Wall-mounted shelves have a great load capacity - even if they are not supported at the front. Each wall upright offers up to 10 attachment points and the weight can be distributed evenly over the entire wall space. We recommend our WallFix mounting hardware kit for the wall mounting of the wall uprights. With each of the attachment points used in the wall upright, a shelf bracket can support up to 55 kg per 20 cm. And with so many available attachment points it really doesn't matter if you can't use one or the other because of an underlying power line. The load simply distributes across the rest of the wall anchors. The WallFix mounting hardware kit includes universal wall anchors by the German brand manufacturer TOX that are suitable for solid brickwork as well as for lightweight construction walls.

Single or Twin Slot Uprights?

The single slot uprights are ideal for constructing individual shelves using two uprights with shelf boards or to finish off a shelf wall. The twin slot uprights are our all-rounders and are used mostly for the lateral expansion of shelves. The slot distance in the wall uprights is 50 mm, which means they are fully compatible with other shelving systems available in DIY stores. We recommend using our WallFix mounting hardware kit for wall mounting.

How much space will I need?

To give you a better idea of how much space is usually needed for things, we have put together a brief overview of various types of clothes and storage options with relevant measurements.

Shipping + Delivery

Small wall shelving systems can be delivered via parcel service. For larger shipments, we commission a carrier company, which will deliver your order to the curbside on a single-use pallet. You will be responsible for carrying all delivered goods inside your home.

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