P-SLOT - Peg Board

P-SLOT - Peg Board

The functional peg board for the P-SLOT wall shelving system keeps your tools organized – in the basement, garage or your hobby room. The peg board has many uses, can be extended at any time, and is a great helper for tool storage – Everything has its place! ...more
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14 Item(s)

Set Descending Direction

Peg Boards: Practical, versatile and extendable whenever you want

Our peg board with European standard hole grid will make a perfect addition for your workshop or tool van. It keeps all your tools perfectly ordered and at arm’s reach. Finally you can get your work done without having to search drawers, open cabinet doors and so on. The peg board can be combined with all shelf uprights (slot distance/grid spacing 50 mm) from the P-SLOT range: Simply hook the peg board onto the uprights and add tool holders of your choice (hooks, tray holders, peg board bins). You keep adding to your tool collection? You can add more peg boards, shelf uprights and tool holders whenever you need them – so you can make sure that you keep track of your valuable tools, no matter how many DIY projects you are currently working on.

Peg boards – buy a whole set or design your own?

You want a ready-made selection of tool holders and a peg board to match? No problem! Our Peg board set comes with a whole range of useful products you will need to get order into your tool chaos. It is put up and stocked in no time at all. If you want a custom solution for your own workshop, you can pick and choose the products you want and design your very own peg board arrangement. Each and every accessory can be purchased individually, which means you can add to your existing collection whenever you need to. Here you find a full list of all our peg board products:

Peg board set

Our Peg board set will finally make DIY projects fun again! We have put together a selection of shelf uprights, a peg board and the most popular accessories (holders, hooks and trays) for a perfect starter kit consisting of 18 items. You can arrange the accessories whatever way suits you best and you can move, replace or add accessories whenever you want.

Peg board set

The basics: Wall uprights and peg boards

Design your very own workshop peg board arrangement. Everything is based on our peg boards made of powder-coated steel with a white finish. They fit all shelf uprights (with slot spacing/grid dimension of 50 mm) from the P-SLOT product line. Attach the single slot uprights or twin slot uprights on the wall and hook in the PANEL peg board with European standard hole grid. Add hooks, holders and trays where you want them.

Shelf uprights and a peg board for your perfect tool wall

Hook sets

You can hang all kinds of tools on your peg board with our hook set. HOOK s are a great choice for hanging up small pliers, saws or adhesive tape. The slightly larger PIN s are perfect for hanging rolls or spirit levels. Our POWERHOOK s come with a rubberized surface to hold your cordless screwdriver safely and in easy reach.

Hook set for peg board

Metal holder

Our metal holders are very robust and we have had great feedback about them. Our RACK is the best place for screwdrivers. We recommend our WRENCH tool holder if you have an assortment of wrenches to organize. The DRILL holder helps keep your drill bits in order. The HOLD tool holder is made of powder-coated steel sheet and very handy for hanging up smaller tools like hammers and paint brushes.

Holder for hooking into a peg board

Tray holders

The BOARD tray holder is a great way to create bins for crafting materials or small tools. The tray holder is made of powder-coated steel, which means that the surface is a lot more scratch-resistant than with regular coating. The maximum load capacity of a tray holder is around 5 kg.

Tray holder for peg board

Peg board bins

Our TRAY holder offer plenty of space for bolts, wall anchors and any other small parts. They are made of high-quality white plastic (ABS) and are available in four sizes. Simply hook them into the PANEL peg board and get going with your next DIY project!

Peg board bins for hooking into peg board


New ideas for peg boards

We use our peg board for cleaning utensils instead – for floor brushes, shovels, buckets, and even the vacuum cleaner!No more chaos in our home!Great quality!

Hobby room

This product is simply great for the hobby room. It is versatile, saves space and finally creates some order around here! :)I really like the heavy-duty holders. I hang my hammers and a flex from those ...

Home workshop/garage

Everything now has its place in the garage since we put up the peg board. It is a really great help for hobby mechanics.The quality is very good and it really stands out from the other stuff on offer in DIY stores – everything fits perfectly and looks very sturdy as well.

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