P-SLOT - Wall Mounted Shelving Unit

P-SLOT - Wall Mounted Shelving Unit

Our shelving system P-SLOT is a small miracle. It convinces with its minimalist appearance and plenty of space to gather all your favourite items. It offers numerous combination possibilities and the steel beams are highly resilient. The wall shelf system P-SLOT is not only suitable for the student room, but adapts individually to all rooms. ...more
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P-SLOT - the wall shelving system for storage + organisation

This is where Industrial meets Nordic style: our shelf system P-SLOT impresses with its simple look and becomes a real eye-catcher in your home. Whether for the student room, hallway or a shop - the shelf can be combined not only in the Nordic Industrial look (oak/black), but also in numerous other variations and thus adapts to your individual needs. So that the shelf fits like a glove, it can also be made to measure. The shelf thus brings exactly the storage space you need into your home. You can also equip functional rooms such as garages or study rooms perfectly with the P-SLOT. Another particularly practical feature is that the shelf is attached to the wall. This keeps the floor free, making it easier to clean or use as an additional storage area.

The installation is very simple and takes place in three steps. First mount the wall rails to the wall, then hang the brackets in the desired position and finally fix the selected shelf to it. Screws and dowels are supplied.

Wall shelving systems with wood, steel or wire shelf boards

The P-SLOT wall shelving system allows you to use every inch of wall space. No matter how large or small the room is. Choose your perfect shelf unit from our selection:

Shelf units with wood shelf boards

Wood shelf boards with robust melamine coating are very affordable and can also be delivered in custom sizes. The type of shelf bracket you choose has a major impact on the function of the shelf. Choose from three bracket types:

  • Angle shelf brackets are highly functional - they offer a shelf surface with bore holes for the attachment of the shelf boards.
  • 1-row shelf brackets are extra versatile - the shelf board is simply placed on top of the bracket and a small upstand at the front keeps it in place without any need for screws.
  • 2-row shelf brackets are more decorative - the bracket is shorter and offset against the bottom edge of the shelf board. These brackets come with bore holes for a screw attachment of the shelf board.

The max. load bearing capacity of our P-SLOT shelves in combination with wood shelf boards is around 40 kg per shelf meter (suitable for file folders). When used at the allowed maximum weight, the chipboard shelf boards may bend slightly. If you really need to pack weight on your shelves, we suggest the ON-WALL shelving system with lightweight shelf boards - these will never bend.

  reasonable +

Shelves with steel shelf boards

These heavy-duty shelves can hold up to 60 kg per shelf meter and are just what you need in the garage, basement or the workshop. The smooth surface of the P-SLOT shelf units with steel shelf boards is very hard wearing and easy to clean. Grease or dirt residue from tools or gardening utensils stored on the shelves is cleaned up double-quick.

  high capacity

Shelf units with wire shelf boards

Shelf units with wire shelves are perfect for textiles, as everything is well aired and easy to keep track of on wire shelf boards. The round wire bars accumulate very little dust, and you can see all contents at a glance, right up to the top shelf. These shelf boards will hold up to 20 kg per shelf meter. The wire shelf boards can be cut to size with a hacksaw so that they fit into wall recesses.

  well ventilated

Overview of the components

All metal components are made of steel with a powder-coated finish. The wall shelving systems, P-SLOT and also the peg board can be combined with each other whichever way you like. The P-SLOT system offers a range of wall uprights and brackets that can be mixed and matched.

  • Shelving system 1-row wall uprights - the perfect choice for highly versatile wall shelving systems for e.g. the store room, basement or garage.
  • 2-row wall uprights - mainly used for lateral expansions of your wall shelving systems
  • 1-row shelf bracket - matches all wood and wire shelf boards
  • 2-row shelf bracket - for an elegant finished look in combination with wood shelf boards
  • Angle shelf brackets - highly functional for the positioning and attachment of wood shelf boards; perfect for shelving systems in e.g. the basement, store room or garage
  • Inclinable angle shelf brackets - for the presentation of flyers, brochures and magazines
  • BOOK brackets - attach and hold wood shelf boards Additional support for books
  • Peg board - keeping your tools perfectly organised; great for the basement or workshop
  • Custom shelf boards - order the length you need
  • Wardrobe rails - just what you need for a well-organised wardrobe
  • Metal shelf boards - highly robust and sturdy; an excellent choice for wall shelving systems in the garage, basement or workshop
  • Wire shelf boards - perfect for textile storage
  • Wire baskets - store anything you need within easy reach
  • Bookends - prevent your books falling off the side of the shelf
  • Rolling containers - mobile storage space for textiles and supplies
  • Storage boxes - creating order in the blink of an eye, with or without lid

Inspiration and design ideas with the P-SLOT wall shelf system

The wall shelf P-SLOT offers you a lot of design possibilities. Use the furniture to place decorative elements and books in an appealing way.

Information about the delivery of your new P-SLOT Shelf

  • Each order is assembled and packaged carefully, and shipped within 24 hours.
  • Screws, wall anchors and detailed assembly instructions are included in the delivery.
  • Smaller shelving units can be mailed to you via parcel service.
  • Larger orders will come on a disposable pallet, which a carrier will deliver kerb-side. Carrying the parts for your new shelving system inside will be up to you.

Do you have any questions? Our customer service is available to you by phone or email from Monday to Friday (8:00 am to 5:00 pm CET).


P-SLOT in the storage room

Our storage room finally looks the way I wanted! The shelving system features a combination of custom length shelf boards and wire shelf boards and everything looks organized and neat. Perfect :-)

Impression P-SLOT
As a dressing room

I fitted your P-Slot system into every last corner of my dressing room. Putting everything together is simple enough, but you have to be precise – otherwise it will just look off ;-)
Tip: Use a laser level if you have one – it makes everything a lot simpler!

Impression P-SLOT
Shelving systems in the utility room

I used your shelving system to build a wall shelf in a utility room. My customers are just as amazed about the versatility of this modular system as I am. Every single part is finished to a very high standard.

Impression P-SLOT
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