ON-WALL - Office Shelving

ON-WALL - Office Shelving

The ON-WALL office shelving is a robust rail system that can be combined in a variety of ways and used in many different rooms or offices. The modular concept adapts perfectly to available space. File folders or paperbacks? Create the shelf heights you need! ...more
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ON-WALL - The Shelving System for the Living Room, Shop + Office

What could be more attractive and practical than a bookcase. This is ON-WALL, our top choice for your private library or office space. This shelving system is highly versatile and can be used in many living situations, will adapt perfectly to your needs and will always look elegant and understated in brilliant white. The shelf boards can be hooked in at any height to match various book or file folder formats. File folders or paperbacks? Create the shelf heights you need! The best feature of an open shelving system is that you have everything you need within easy reach.

Overview of the System

ON-WALL is the perfect shelving system - not only for books! It will look great wherever you need shelf space: at home, in the office or on the shop floor. Wall-mounted shelves have to carry heavy loads without the benefit of floor support. You'll have a much better feeling if you know that the weight is not just hanging from a handful of wall anchors. In the ON-WALL shelving system, you have up to 10 attachment points per shelf bracket. That gives you peace of mind if there is a specific area on the wall where you can't drill a hole.

Wall uprights

The wall uprights come in four lengths, allowing you to attach shelves anywhere on your wall. We recommend our WallFix mounting hardware kit for attaching hang tracks. With all attachment points used, a wall upright can support up to 55 kg per 20 cm. The wall uprights and brackets are made of steel and are finished with a sleek powder coating in grey or white. The shelf boards and drawer units come in white.

Lightweight shelf boards

Our lightweight shelf boards are made of an innovative wood-based material. A state-of-the-art honeycomb structure gives the shelf boards their signature light weight, but makes them extremely strong with a load-bearing capacity up to 40 kg. They also display excellent flexural strength. It makes them a great choice for heavy-duty uses, e.g. for books, file folders in the office or as a storage solution in a shop. The matte exterior in white lends the lightweight shelf board an air of elegance. The shelf boards can be attached using the BOOK brackets or the lightweight shelf board brackets.


Sideboards are a nifty storage solution for the office or living room. They offer plenty of storage space. Sideboard drawers can be drawn out completely and are equipped with a soft-close function. Just like our lightweight shelf boards, the drawer units come with covers made with honeycomb technology in a beautiful semi-matte finish. The body of the drawer unit is made of chipboard and has a sturdy melamine coated exterior. All you have to do is choose - do you want two deep drawers or would you prefer three shallow ones?

Preconfigured shelving systems

Planning your new shelving system couldn't be easier if you include some of our preconfigured ON-WALL shelf units. All shelves can be combined and expanded with components from the WALK-IN and P-SLOT shelving systems. All the screws and wall anchors you need for attaching the wall uprights are included in the delivery.

ON-WALL - shelf planner

Our ON-WALL shelf planner lets you plan every last detail of your bookcase or office shelving - and you can look at it in 3D from every angle. The total cost of your dream shelves is updated after every change and you can order everything online with just a few mouse clicks.

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