MAXX - Living Room Storage

MAXX - Living Room Storage

For the MAXX living room storage, the focus is on open side frames made of solid oak wood or modern steel. The combination with white or black shelf boards makes the shelving unit a design highlight in the living room, dinning room or office. The open shelving unit features flexibility as well as stability. Ur living room storage units will help you find the perfect furniture for your home. ...more
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    MAXX Open Shelving Units

    Our MAXX shelving system bridges the gap between modern design and reliable stability. The open side frames in solid oak or perfectly manufactured steel play a major part: Oak brings a warm, homey feel and cozy ambiance to your home. The steel frames, on the other hand, add a minimalist, trendy touch and are available in the finishes white and stone (gray). The open design of the MAXX side walls creates an airy, delicate look. The modular concept makes MAXX an excellent choice for large area bookcases in the living room or an edgy nightstand in the bedroom. We chose white shelf boards to contrast with the frames, as they add a fresh, casual and modern appeal.

    MAXX Open Shelving Units - overview

    MAXX features a contemporary design paired with excellent function and reliable stability. The basic idea behind this shelving system is to create storage room without visually overpowering your living space. The understated elegance of this shelving system will match any interior concept with ease - be it in your living room, bedroom or office. MAXX offers plenty of space for storage, display and organization. The shelving system offers plenty of room for odds and ends and sets the scene for decorative items. Use it to build your own library in your living room or bring order to chaos in your workspace. Great for large spaces: The open design shelf can also be used as a free-standing unit - for example as a room divider.

    The configuration of your shelving system or room divider is completely up to you. We also offer a selection of preconfigured shelf units in our online shop. But most of all: we want you to get creative! We are always available with help and advice if you need a hand planning your new shelving system.

    Detail information about the components

    Only a few components are needed to assemble a MAXX shelving system: MAXX-L and MAXX-XL shelf boards, MAXX corner shelf boards for corner shelf solutions and side frames in oak or metal. A clever, simple system combines shelf boards with side frames to create robust shelving. The shelves have an interior width of 542 mm, height of 328 mm and depth of 328 mm, which means that even the bulkiest file folders will fit with ease. MAXX shelves come with all parts for assembly. All you need to change or expand the shelves are additional shelf boards, side frames, leveling feet and shelf connectors. We have put together all MAXX elements here to give you a better overview:

    MAXX shelf boards: The shelf boards are manufactured in Germany from eco-friendly chipboard (65 - 90% cut-offs from the woodworking and forestry industries) and come in an impressive thickness of 28 mm. The exterior is coated with a robust melamine layer. The MAXX-XL shelf board is used on either side of the end of a shelf row.

    MAXX-F side frames: The MAXX-F open side frame is made of solid oak and is also 28 mm wide. The side frames are carefully hand-crafted by a small partner manufacturer located in the Carpathian Mountains in the Ukraine. Oak has a very pleasant and attractive look and is known for its wear resistance and sturdiness.

    MAXX-D/E side frames: The open MAXX-D and MAXX-E side frames are made of precision-cut steel and come with a heavy-duty powder coating in white or stone (gray). They are 28 mm wide and are manufactured by a small steelworks company. MAXX-D side frames are used for the middle of the shelving system. MAXX-E side frames are longer on one side and are used on the top and bottom rows of a shelving unit.

    MAXX-Fix shelf connectors for oak side frames: One pack contains 16 shelf connectors and matching screw caps. Each MAXX-L shelf board requires 2 MAXX-Fix connectors, and 4 MAXX-Fix connectors per side frame. No additional connectors are needed for the XL shelf boards.

    MAXX S-Fix shelf connectors for metal side frames: A pack contains 7 connectors, 18 screws with matching screw caps. Each MAXX-L shelf board requires 2 connectors, and 4 screws per side frame. No additional parts are needed for XL shelf boards.

    MAXX-Leg leveling feet: You can choose to build your shelving system with or without leveling feet. The MAXX leveling feet are height adjustable between 20 and 28 mm to compensate for uneven floors. One MAXX-Leg package includes 4 leveling feet. You will need 2 MAXX legs for a shelf section, and 4 for the end section.

    How versatile is MAXX?

    The highly versatile, modular MAXX system means there is virtually no limit to what you can build: a sideboard, room divider, coffee table or nightstand. The open design lends itself perfectly for use as a room divider. Have a look around our online shop - we have preconfigured a variety of shelf units you can order directly or which you can use for inspiration to create your own. More elements can be added to the MAXX shelving system at any time. Moving house to a smaller or bigger place will just give you more options with your MAXX shelving system! You now have less wall space for your shelves than before? Not a problem - create individual units with whatever you have left over after filling the available space.

    On the product pages of our MAXX shelving system, you can find installation tips and examples for you to download. Assembly instructions and a sufficient number of shelf connectors and screw caps for the bore holes are included in your delivery.

    Preconfigured modules

    We thought we'd go and make things really easy for you: Our online shop offers plenty of preconfigured shelf units in many versions. We have put together a selection of stepped shelf units and standard shelf units in various heights and widths for you. Simply select what suits your space situation.

    We will be more than happy to assist you with planning your perfect MAXX shelving system. Give us a call or send us a drawing. We will do all the planning for you and make sure you will love the end result.


    Small shelving units can be delivered by parcel service. Larger shipments are sent via a carrier company, which will deliver your order to the curbside on a single-use pallet. You will be responsible for carrying all delivered goods inside your home.

    Inspiration and design ideas with the MAXX shelving system

    The open shelving system MAXX offers you a lot of design possibilities. Use the furniture to place decorative elements and books in an appealing way.


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