BOON - Cube Storage Units

BOON - Cube Storage Units

The BOON Cube Storage System is flexible, sturdy and elegant. Its great versatility and the clever BOON inserts for bottles and CDs mean that it fits into any living area, creating an attractive space for books, folders and wine. The square and rectangular shelves can be mixed and matched however you like and moved around as your needs change. ...more
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    BOON - The versatile Cube Storage Unit for Books, File Folders and Wine

    BOON cube storage units - versatile, sturdy and sleek. Our BOON shelving system leaves nothing to be desired - as a new feature in your living room, a practical helper in the office, or a tidy solution for your wine cellar. Create the exact shelving you want - BOON can be extended to any height and length to save valuable space. Combine square and rectangular panels and let your imagination do the rest - our BOON shelf planner tool allows you to design your custom furniture to perfectly suit your needs. Our customers can't get enough of it: Our BOON shelves has become a top seller in record time! The BOON shelving system is an original design by the renowned German interior decorator duo Hertel+Klarhoefer, who succeeded in creating a shelving system that not only looks stylish and elegant, but is also extremely helpful and versatile.

    BOON Cube Storage Units - overview

    Component parts

    The entire shelving system is based on three basic shelf modules - BOON-S, BOON-M, and BOON-L - which can be used in virtually endless combinations. The result is a sturdy, yet super sleek and practical shelving system. The shelves have an interior width of 328 mm / 542 mm (BOON-L), height of 328 mm and depth of 328 mm, which means that even the bulkiest file folders will fit with ease. They are perfect for books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, kids clothing, toys and anything else you would like to stow. The shelf boards are 28 mm thick for that timeless modern look.


    The shelf boards are manufactured in Germany from eco-friendly chipboard (65 - 90% cut-offs from the woodworking and forestry industries) and then coated with melamine. The shelves are highly scratch resistant and very easy to clean. The BOON shelving system is melamine-coated on all sides, which means it can also be used as a free-standing unit - for example as a room divider. Our optional BOON leveling feet will ensure perfectly level shelves. The height adjustable leveling feet compensate uneven floors perfectly.

    Areas of use

    The BOON shelving system is extremely versatile: create a stylish sideboard or room divider or use it as a free-standing shelf column. BOON furniture can even be used as a coffee table or a nightstand. The large area bookcase shelving units look extremely impressive. The BOON shelving system can be extended to any height and width to fit available space. Simply select the design you like and plan your own shelf. Just start with one shelf unit - and when you run out of storage space: add more! And if you need some help, we are here for you: Give us a call or send us a little drawing and we design your shelving system for you until you are completely satisfied.


    Your shelving system is sent off in small, easy to manage and well protected packages of 8 shelf boards each. Assembly instructions, shelf connectors and screw caps for the bore holes are included in the order. All you need is a Phillips screwdriver and a rubber mallet. Make sure to keep any left overs in a safe place, you might need them for later additions! You never know what a BOON shelving system could end up as: a sideboard could become four stools, a bookshelf could convert into a lowboard. Small shelving units can be delivered by parcel service. Larger shipments are sent via a carrier company, which will deliver your order to the curbside on a single-use pallet.

    BOON shelving system - preconfigured shelf units

    We have made the planning process for your BOON shelf very easy. There are many preconfigured shelf units you can choose from. Simply pick and choose the ones that fit your concept.

    BOON shelving system - shelf planner

    The practical BOON shelf planner makes the whole process fun. The shelf planner allows you to look at your shelf design from every angle. And you can adapt your plan to the specifics of your room. You can also combine BOON-M and BOON-L elements - give your imagination free range and build your very own dream shelves.

    Everything in its place beautifully and functional - with the BOON shelving system by REGALRAUM.


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