Shelf Boards

Shelf Boards

No more wasted space on the wall! Our decorative shelf boards made of wood, glass and metal create useful storage space for books, file folders and many other everyday items. Combine the shelf boards with shelf brackets from our range to create large area shelving systems or small recessed solutions. ...more
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Shelf Boards

Do you know where everything is in your home? Looking for a way to keep track of your favorite books, CDs and important file folders? Explore our great range of shelf boards and find exactly the right solution to suit your personal and interior style. We have put together plenty of ideas on the following pages so you can make the most of every inch in your home. Create the perfect shelf just the way you want it for your home, store, office or anywhere else you need to keep things neat and organised.

Everything in its place - shelf boards by REGALRAUM

Shelf Boards in Wood, Glass or Metal

We offer shelf boards in various materials to match your sense of style and whatever you need to store. There are a few things to consider when choosing a shelf board.

Wooden Shelf Boards

Wooden shelf boards help to create a warm, cozy ambiance. Light colored wood types like oak, beech and pine look great with many wall colors and make rooms look larger. Darker wood types like walnut are perfect for the den. White-coated wood shelf boards are a classic that work in virtually any room and match any interior theme. Our wooden shelf boards usually come with a hard-wearing melamine coating for shelves that are built to last and are impervious to scratches.

Glass Shelf Boards

Glass shelf boards add elegance to your home! Glass shelves are robust, scratch resistant and water repellent, making them ideal for rooms with high humidity like bathrooms and kitchens. The striking look of glass shelf boards also make them a great focal point for the living room. Dust and smudges are more visible on glass shelf boards, which is why they may need to be cleaned more often. A quick wipe with a damp cloth usually does the job.

Metal Shelf Boards

Our metal shelf boards are a big help in the storage room, laundry room and garage. They are strong and durable, making them a good option for storing home textiles, tools and even heavy equipment. Since metal shelves are all about versatility and functionality, we feel that a simplistic design is the best choice. Metal is relatively resistant to water, grease, mud spatter and moisture, which also makes these shelves a great choice for the basement or garden shed.

Cut to Size Shelf Boards

People all have their own styles. Plus, no two homes are the same. At REGALRAUM, you can find shelf boards that perfectly match your personal taste and shelving needs. It really doesn?t matter if you just need a small shelf board for inside your wall wardrobe, a row of seamlessly fitting floating shelves for your wall or some cut to size shelves to fill an alcove or wall recess ? we make sure everything fits perfectly. The four-sided edging on our cut ot size shelf boards ensure a particularly high quality look.


Give your shelves the strength they need

Do you want a stylish decor piece or rather a robust storage solution? Once you have found the perfect shelf board to suit your taste and needs, REGALRAUM has a wide range of suitable brackets to hold them on the wall.

You can combine many bracket types with our shelf boards for a perfect match with your interior concept. Metal, wood, elaborate or simple ? you are sure to find the right bracket to match whatever style you want. If you plan to put a lot of items on your shelf boards, we recommend strong anchoring to provide the best support to the boards and walls. If you want to use extra-long shelf boards, it is best to use three or more brackets to prevent the shelf board from sagging or breaking.

If you intend to attach a shelf to a wall, it is also important to check the wall's condition and stability. Here?s a simple test before you start drilling: Knock on the wall. A dull sound means that the wall is most probably firm and solid. If you hear a slight echoing sound, then the wall is a lightweight or hollow construction. These wall types may not be suitable for heavy loads.

It is important to drill your wall anchor holes deep enough for the length of the anchor. A protruding wall anchor is no good and trying to hammer it into the wall with brute force will only damage it. We have provided a list of sample sizes below. If you have a plasterboard or hollow block wall, then you will need to use special expanding or hollow wall anchors, which are available from hardware or DIY stores. You will need different wall anchor types for timber, stone or concrete walls as well. You can use small metal or rubber washers between the wall and the shelf board to compensate for uneven wall surfaces.

Drill hole
Srews and Dowel
Carrying capacity

1001 Combinations

Have a look through our great selection of shelf boards and brackets to put together your perfect shelf. Discover a whole world of options!


Cut ot Size Shelf Boards | white

The shelves arrived really quickly and were excellently packaged. The quality of the shelf boards is outstanding and they were cut to my exact measurements. I use them in a storage cabinet where they have to support heavy loads. They are exactly as stated in the product description.

Impression MAXI Glasboden
MAXI Glass Shelf Boards

Top quality and the safe packaging. The glass shelf is securely mounted in the wall rail and can be easily removed for cleaning. All pieces look great together and I can recommend the product without reservation.

Impression MAXI Glasboden
Cut to Size Closet Boards

I am a specialist myself, have built in kitchens for 10 years. Really a great service. Accurate to the millimeter. Great. Thank you.

Impression MAXI Glasboden


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