CLOS-IT + WALK-IN - Compare shelving systems

CLOS-IT + WALK-IN - Compare shelving systems

Choosing is always difficult. That is why we show you the differences between our CLOS-IT and WALK-IN shelving systems here in direct comparison. However, both have one thing in common - they can be supplemented or expanded at any time according to your mood. And now it's starting - choose, plan, have it delivered - be happy! ...more
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Ideas for your Walk-In Wardrobe System

Traditional walk-in wardrobe systems offer a great overview of everything you have in your wardrobe and entice you to try out new combinations and looks. Our WALK-IN and CLOS-IT shelving systems are the perfect choice for creating your very own walk-in wardrobe system. Both shelving systems are highly versatile and can be customized to fit your specific needs and available space. Do you want plenty of shelf space? No problem! Stacks of drawers? We can do that! A lot of wardrobe rails for coats and shirts? That can be done too! Looking for ideas about how to design your open wardrobe system? Have a look at our many pictures and get inspired to put together your very own wardrobe shelving system!

WALK-IN and CLOS-IT – A Comparison of two Walk-In Wardrobe Systems

WALK-IN or CLOS-IT – Which shelving system works best for your home? Compare the merits of our two modular Walk-In Wardrobes.


WALK-IN - Shelving System

  • Classic shelving system in powder-coated steel
  • Affordable wall uprights and brackets
  • Wall-mounted system that frees up floor space
  • Simple assembly with few attachment points in the hang tracks
  • Wide range that includes wire shelves, pants rack, rolling storage containers
  • Available in white or silver finish


CLOS-IT – Shelving System

  • Exclusive shelving system in anodized aluminum
  • Elegant shelf and bracket design
  • Floor-mounted system with minimum wall stress
  • Flexible assembly, floor to ceiling post can be used as room dividers
  • Adjust shelves to any height
  • Available with E6/EV1 finish – silver


Price Example: WALK-IN

  • Benefitting Shelving system consisting of:
  • • 14 Wire shelf boards
  • • 2 Drawer units (2 drawers each)
  • • 1 Wardrobe rail
  • + Mounting kit
  • + Shelf connectors


Price Example: CLOS-IT

  • Exclusive shelving system consisting of:
  • • 14 Lightweigt shelf boards
  • • 2 Drawer units (3 drawers each)
  • • 1 Wardrobe rail
  • + Mounting kit
  • + Shelf connectors


  • Powder-coated steel
  • Very quick assembly
  • Brackets can be positioned every 50 mm


  • Made of aluminum
  • Can be used as room divider
  • Brackets can be positioned at any level


  • Lightweight shelf board + lightweight shelf brackets
  • Wire shelf boards + wire shelf board brackets
  • Pants rack


  • Lightweight shelf boards + shelf brackets

WALK-IN Wardrobe Rails

  • For rail mounting
  • For wire shelf board mounting
  • For wall mounting

CLOS-IT Wardrobe Rails

  • For post mounting

Drawer Units

  • For CLOS-IT shelving system

Drawer Units

  • For WALK-IN shelving system

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5 Steps to creating an open Walk-In Wardrobe

It is actually much easier to build a wardrobe system than people often imagine. We show you how you can create your dream wardrobe in just 5 steps, and without spending a fortune. You should estimate around GBP 130-230 per meter of shelving, plus the time it takes to install the wardrobe system. Your reward is fabulous storage space and a complete overview of your clothes, accessories and shoes!

Define the room

Define your Room Layout

Determine space requirements

Determine Space Requirements

Planning your wardrobe

Planning your Wardrobe

Order online

Order online

Assembly couldn’t be easier

Assembly couldn’t be easier

1. Walk-in Wardrobe - Define your Room Layout

Where do you want to create your open wardrobe system? To make the most of your room, you should first determine which shelving system best fits your room. Do you have an entire room available? A modular shelving system can transform an empty room into a perfect walk-in wardrobe. A walk-in corner wardrobe is a true storage genius, cleverly converting unused corners into useful space. You can even use our shelves to turn a small room into a walk-in wardrobe. An unused wall in a bedroom is just perfect for an open wardrobe. A wardrobe solution can also double as an elegant room divider, separating the bed from a dressing area. Versatile wardrobe organisers offer infinite ideas for creating your dream wardrobe. Your ideal wardrobe is just waiting for you.


Can be created with either shelving system



Can be created with either shelving system



Can be created with the shelving system


2. Walk-in Wardrobe - Determine Space Requirements

Proportions - Walk-in Wardrobe

We provide measurements for favorite articles of clothing to make it easier for you to estimate how much space you will need. For example: an 80-cm-wide shelf board can hold 3 stacks of shirts or 4 pairs of shoes. An 80-cm-long wardrobe rail can hold about 25 shirts, 20 pairs of pants or skirts and 10 winter jackets. Drawer units are designed to hold smaller items like socks, belts and ties. Divider inserts create additional order in your drawers. Linens and seasonal clothing feel right at home in storage boxes with lids where they can get a dust-free rest until their next use.

Shelf Depth - Walk-in Wardrobe

If you prefer to store clothes folded, wardrobes with shelf boards 40 cm in depth are entirely adequate. Clothes on hangers need a bit more space, about 50 cm. Our pre-assembled shelf modules come with shelf boards 40 cm deep. For those who want a more upscale solution, a wardrobe system with 50 cm deep shelf boards is a better choice. And if you want total perfection, use both 40 and 50 cm deep shelf boards. Use shelf boards 40 cm deep in the lower section to match the sideboards. Above the wardrobe rails, you might use shelf boards 50 cm deep, which match the width of hangers. Planning is easy with the Shelf Planner .

WALK-IN Shelving System

WALK-IN is our wall-mounted wardrobe organiser system that leaves floor space unobstructed. Its sections measure either 80 cm or 46 cm and come in a net height of 201 cm including hang tracks. The hanging uprights are 199.5 cm long and can support shelf boards, wardrobe rails and sideboards in a 5 cm grid. When installing your WALK-IN shelving system, you can choose whatever distance to the floor you require. We recommend approximately 20 cm so that it is easy to clean or vacuum underneath.

CLOS-IT Shelving System

CLOS-IT is our floor-mounted closet organiser with sections measuring either 82 cm or 48.3 cm. The floor to wall post are 227.5 cm long and can be shortened with a hacksaw for use under slanted ceilings to create useful clothing storage. The floor to ceiling post have a standard height of 277 cm, which we customize to fit your ceiling height. Simply enter the dimensions you need in the corresponding field when placing your order. You can even create free-standing shelving systems with CLOS-IT floor to ceiling posts, perfect when you want a shelf to double as a room divider and wardrobe organiser.

3. Planning your Walk-in Wardrobe

Our pre-configured CLOS-IT and WALK-IN modules make planning easy and inexpensive. And you can add to any of our modules at any time to suit your needs. Planning is good. A 3D visualization is better! Use our Shelf Planner to create your ideal shelving system. The 3D planner replicates your exact room dimensions and allows you to include windows, wall recesses and doors. You will know exactly what your new wardrobe system will look like and can keep track of the cost involved.

4. Order your Walk-in Wardrobe Online

You can opt for a pre-configured wardrobe module or create your very own custom wardrobe from scratch. Our shelf planner will have you ordering exactly what you need and want in just a few clicks. Your order is dispatched within 24 hours of receipt of payment (MO-FR).

5. Walk-in Wardrobe - Very easy to Assemble

You don’t need any special skills and only a few simple tools to construct your very own walk-in wardrobe system. Make sure you have a second person to help you with the assembly. It is better and safer to have someone help out while you are up on the ladder juggling the spirit level, ruler and drill. As a first step, sort out all delivered parts according to type and size. You will have a better overview and it will be a lot easier to find the right parts when you need them. We suggest you cover the floor with blankets before you start to prevent any damage to your floor or scratches to your shelf boards and shelf rails.

For exact measurements, you will need a spirit level and a ruler or tape measure. Use a pencil to make marks on the wall. Use an electric drill with a 6 mm drill bit to drill the holes for the wall anchors. For a brittle wall, we recommend using a 0.5 to 1 mm smaller drill bit. Your delivery will – of course – include all the screws and wall anchors you need. The wall anchors are so-called universal anchors but may not be suitable for every wall type. A porous concrete wall or a plasterboard wall may require special wall anchors. We recommend using a rubber hammer to sink the wall anchors into the wall.

Take it one step at a time – for two people to install a CLOS-IT wardrobe system, you should estimate one hour per shelf meter and for WALK-IN, one-and-a-half hours per shelf meter. Components like a sideboard will require additional time. You should allow about 30 minutes for the pre-assembly of a sideboard.

Still have questions? Our knowledgeable customer service team will be happy to share tips with you and help you plan and carry out whatever you have in mind!

Customer Reviews

CLOS-IT Shelving System

Used in a separate room for our shoes, jackets, coats and also for all our sports and outdoor equipment. It really looks great and is super functional. The room looks much tidier ;) Since we have a slanted ceiling, the version with the wall supports was the only solution without turning the wall into Swiss cheese.

WALK-IN Shelving System

Our wardrobe had gotten too small, so we opted for wall shelves for clothing to maximize space. The wardrobe organiser is really good quality. The boards and the wardrobe rails are extremely strong. It is so easy to expand or add to the modules. Everything fits together. We are extremely satisfied and will shop here again when we need something.

CLOS-IT Shelving System

Robust, space-saving and classy! I can recommend this system to anyone looking for a compact and robust option for storing clothes. Our house is pretty old and drilling holes into any wall can result in unwanted surprises. This system only requires a few wall attachments to make it very stable.



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