Walk-In Wardrobe

Walk-In Wardrobe

You want a walk-in wardrobe system with plenty of room for your clothes and shoes? Now you can design your very own storage miracle – with CLOS-IT and WALK-IN. Both systems excel in terms of design, versatility and quality. Use the online shelf planner to design your walk-in wardrobe today – slanted ceilings and corners are no problem. Or contact our consulting service!

Chose your walk-in wardrobe system

Regalraum offers two unique shelving systems for walk-in wardrobes: CLOS-IT and WALK-IN. The two systems feature different components and are designed to make creating your own walk-in wardrobe easy. Every decision is yours, including how many wardrobe rails, drawers and shelf boards your wardrobe should have. You also decide on the width, height and depth to suit your available space.

DESIGN shelving system: CLOS-IT

  • • Exclusive and premium-quality shelving system
  • • Elegant aluminum profile post
  • • Stepless partitioning
  • • Elegant components
  • • Around corners, under slanted ceilings and in wall recesses (custom made)
  • • Floor-based system, can be used as a room divider
  • • Version without wall or ceiling fixing: Standing post with stable foot
from £149

CLASSIC shelving system: WALK-IN

  • • Functional and low-cost shelving system
  • • Steel brackets and wall uprights
  • • 50 mm grid
  • • Extensive selection of accessories like wire shelf boards, pant racks, storage containers
  • • Around corners, under slanted ceilings and in wall recesses (custom made)
  • • Wall-mounted system that frees up floor space
from £85

Ideas for your walk-in wardrobe system

Isn’t it great if the walk-in wardrobe system you designed fits perfectly into its designated space? We completely agree – which is why we have come up with some ideas how to best use your available space. These ideas will help you organise your clothes at all times and you will never have to go search for a particular item ever again. Allow us to offer some inspiration for your very own system!

Planning a walk-in wardrobe

What does a walk-in wardrobe cost?

As always when it comes to habitation, a walk-in wardrobe can be realised with a small, medium and large budget. The more wardrobe rails you use, the cheaper it will be. Many drawers and shelves increase the comfort - but then you have to slightly rise your budget. Per shelf metre you should expect an average of £110 - 240. The final pricing of your walk in wardrobe can easily be calculate in our shelf planner.

What are the advantages of an open wardrobe?

  1. The room appears bigger and brighter, because no bulky cabinets have to be accommodated
  2. You have full flexibility because you can assemble all parts individually
  3. You always have the perfect overview of your wardrobe, as no doors cover the view
  4. An open wardrobe fits every room situation - even in small rooms, sloping ceilings, corners, niches - and even as a room divider.

Does the open wardrobe fit my individual room measures?

For your wardrobe to fit perfectly into your home, you can order posts and shelves for the CLOS-IT system from us custom-made. So you can be sure that your shelving system in the bedroom or living room will be just as individual as you are!

How much space do I need for a walk-in wardrobe?

The dream of a walk-in wardrobe is much easier to realise than one often thinks. A walk-in wardrobe can already move into small rooms from a size of approx. 6 m². Also an empty children's room or the unused workplace are excellently suited to transform them into a walk-in dressing room. If no separate room is available, a walk-in wardrobe can easily be integrated into a bedroom.

Does a walk-in wardrobe fit into small rooms and roof pitches?

Thanks to flexible wardrobe systems, even difficult rooms with sloping roof, corners and even free-standing room dividers are no problem. The ceiling posts can be cut to your desired height, as can the shelves, which we can cut-to-size for you as a service. In this way, previously unused niches will finally become storage space - and you can realise your dream of a dressing room.

'No matter how a room is built - a walk-in wardrobe from Regalraum fits any case. Corners and niches are no problem either, because our colleagues cut the components to your individual measures with millimetre precision.'

Lisa, Online Marketing Managerin

Expert tip

Start now and configure your shelving system


Tips for your walk-in wardrobe


A cleverly planned and organised wardrobe – but how? Our founder and interior design professional Claudia Dolle offers helpful advice.

1. The right room

A “walk-in wardrobe system” is a storage solution for clothes in a variety of room situations. Traditionally, a separate room is outfitted to hold clothes and accessories. When planning your own walk-in wardrobe, make sure to calculate for a shelf depth of 50 cm and a distance of 1.2 m to the opposite wall or shelf. Closets under slanted ceilings are a great idea for utilizing hard to reach spaces. Both slanted ceiling versions – underneath the roof pitch or behind a jamb wall – require custom solutions for the specific ceiling height. Large open spaces always benefit from room dividers: They separate the sleeping area from the dressing room, create an airy ambiance and offer a storage solution accessible from all sides. Custom made shelves are a great solution for wall recesses. They allow you to utilize every last inch of available space perfectly. The drawing offers an idea of perfect use of space in various room situations.

2. Closet or open shelving system

An open wardrobe organiser looks stylish and gives you a complete overview of your wardrobe. It makes rooms appear larger, because there are no bulky doors marring the overall look of the room. Open wardrobe systems offer virtually endless combination options and flexibility in terms of planning. They are the perfect solution for any household, space requirements and budget. Closets with doors have the advantage that they hide everything from view and look super tidy. They also protect rarely worn clothes from collecting too much dust.

TIP: If you are looking for a way to combine an open wardrobe with dust-free storage, then you should have a look at our decorative storage boxes: They will keep your winter clothes and bed linen nice and fresh until you need them again.

  elegant + airy

3. Needed space in your wardrobe

Think about how much space you will need for what kind of items before you start planning the actual shelving system: How many drawers, wardrobe rails and shelf boards will you need in your wardrobe? And: Do you prefer hanging or folding your clothes?

An 80 cm wardrobe rail can hold: 25 men’s shirts (3 cm per shirt) or 20 trousers, skirts or suits (4 cm per item). Alternatively you can hang 10 winter jackets on it (8 cm per jacket).

An 80 cm shelf board can hold: 3 stacks of shirts with 10 pcs each (H = 15 cm, W = 25 cm) or 4 pairs of shoes (W = 20 cm, H = 13 cm).

Have a look at the table here to help summarize the space you will need in your wardrobe. Just print it out, fill it in and start planning!

4. Organization in your wardrobe

The bigger your walk-in wardrobe system, the more logic is needed in its organization. It makes sense to sort clothes by type, size, color or season. That will make it a lot easier for you to find the right outfit.

The allocation of space for different items is also very important:
The best place for your favorite clothes is at a height between 50 and 170 cm off the ground.
The areas below 50 cm and above 170 cm off the ground should be reserved for bed linen, towels and next season’s clothes.

5. Accessories, color and lighting

Drawers are great for items you don’t want to get dusty. Drawer inserts create additional order in your drawers: Smaller items like socks, belts and ties will all find their perfect place. Linens and seasonal clothing feel right at home in storage boxes with lids where they remain dust-free until their next use. Lighting is important when choosing an outfit. Make sure your walk-in wardrobe is well lit. The best choice are hanging halogen lights, because they don’t alter the color appearance of your clothes. A walk-in wardrobe should also contain a full length mirror.
Paint your walls in trendy colors and get some nice rugs. You will love the end result!


Stephanie, interior design expert

You want some more helpful advice and ideas?

Your 4 next steps to getting the perfect wardrobe

You want to have a walk-in wardrobe in your home? No problem! We will show you how you can make your dream of a walk-in wardrobe system reality in just 4 steps.

1. Measure the space for your walk-in wardrobe

As a first step, measure and draw the space you want to use for your walk-in wardrobe. Measure the height and width of at least two locations and note down the lesser value. Our measurement instructions are very helpful and will make designing in our wardrobe configurator a whole lot easier later on. Don’t forget about doors, slanted ceilings, wall recesses and other fixed points in the room. Baseboards, wall sockets, light switches and radiators must also be considered right from the start.

2. Plan your walk-in wardrobe system

We have pre-configured a selection of shelf modules for you on the pages CLOS-IT and WALK-IN to use for your walk-in wardrobe. These shelves can be easily modified to suit your needs by clicking the button “Adjust in the shelf configurator”. Alternatively, you can design your walk-in wardrobe from scratch with individual elements or use our clever shelf planner to configure it exactly the way you want it. You decide the height, width and depth and can add nifty accessories like LED lighting and storage boxes . The 3D planning module considers the exact room dimensions in your bedroom or walk-in wardrobe. You will know exactly what your new wardrobe system will look like and can keep track of the cost involved. Do you want to get started with the shelf planner right now? Here you will find the planners for the systems CLOS-IT and WALK-IN:

3. Order and receive your delivery

Each order is put together and packaged carefully, and will usually arrive at your door 1-3 days after we have received your payment. Custom made merchandise will take around 2 weeks to get to you. All the screws and wall anchors you need are included, as well as detailed assembly instructions. Small shelving units can be delivered by parcel service. Larger shipments are sent via a carrier company, which will deliver your order to the curbside on a single-use pallet. Carrying everything inside will be up to you. Our customer service is here for you if you ever have any questions about your delivery.

4. Assembly couldn’t be easier

A few simple tools and just a little knowledge how to use them will be enough to construct your very own walk-in wardrobe system. You should estimate around 60 minutes per shelf meter for two people to install a CLOS-IT wardrobe system. It will be around 30 minutes per shelf meter for a WALK-IN system. Components like a sideboard will require additional time. You should allow about 30 minutes for the pre-assembly of a sideboard.

Still have questions? Our knowledgeable customer service team will be happy to share tips with you and help you plan and carry out whatever you have in mind for your walk-in wardrobe!

Would you like support in planning your shelving system?

For the walk-in wardrobe to fit perfectly into your home, we are happy to take on the individual planning of your customised shelving system - at no additional cost.

Our shelf experts look forward to your call or e-mail:

Monday to Friday 8a.m.-5p.m.
Phone: +49 (0)6245 94596 - 0
E-Mail: contact@regalraum.com

What REGALRAUM shelving systems offer you


Individually adapt the shelf with the configurator


Our interior experts support you in the planning process


Shelves produced in Austria


Trendy design and high functionality


Delivery in individual parts for do-it-yourself

Our wide variety of products for your walk-in wardrobe!


 CLOS-IT wardrobe system

We use it for storing clothes, shoes, jackets and all our sports and outdoor equipment in the hallway and the bedroom. It really looks great and is super functional. The whole place now looks a lot tidier. We added sliding doors to the system on one wall. And since we have a slanted ceiling, the version with the wall posts was the only solution without turning the wall into Swiss cheese.

Impression CLOS-IT
 CLOS-IT wardrobe system

These shelves are really perfect for our walk-in wardrobe. Our house is pretty old and drilling holes into any wall can result in unwanted surprises. This system only needs a few wall attachments to make it very stable. Customer service planned the whole thing for us and gave us some very useful tips. We really liked the idea of hanging two sideboards one above the other to get more storage space for little things like socks.

Impression Schubladen
 WALK-IN wardrobe system

We are using this system as an open wardrobe in our holiday home. It took us a while to find furniture that wouldn’t be too expensive but still functional and attractive. WALK-IN is exactly what we wanted. The extensive range of accessories is also a great plus, because this system really allows you to create the exact shelves you want. We will probably also get a matching “Multilight” set for some nice indirect lighting.

Impression WALK-IN
4.8/5 Reviews 
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