Pantry - Basement - Garage

Pantry - Basement - Garage

Without enough storage options, your pantry, basement or garage will quickly become cluttered. Shelves for wall mounting and large area shelving systems offer relief from clutter and help you find a place for everything. Unused areas on walls, in recesses or under slanted ceilings suddenly become valuable storage space. ...more

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Shelves for the Pantry, Basement and Garage

Functional shelving solutions are the answer if you are looking for options to furnish your pantry, basement or garage. Key factors here are maximized storage space and high load-bearing capabilities, because this is where you will be storing your tools, winter tires and non perishables. Shelves for the basement must be robust, impervious to external influences and easy to clean. Ideally, you should fill the entire wall with shelves to create as much storage space as possible. Hazardous materials and dangerous tools should be stored right on top, well out of reach of children. Your best choice here is a shelving system with metal shelf boards and wire baskets that are easily adapted to your changing needs. Individual shelf units might be the right solution if your available wall space is relatively small. For dusty environments, shelves with veneer or a melamine coating that are easily rinsed down may be just what you need. The same applies for the storage of liquids of all kinds - after all: little spills can happen any time. Uncomplicated construction combined with key features like functionality, versatility and stability give you exactly the shelving system you want.

Our online shop offers a wide variety of shelves and accessories to realize the exact storage solution you want. Enjoy yourself as you explore at all the interesting offers on our website!

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