The need for shelves in the kitchen is undeniable and they are often much more useful than wall cabinets. Beautiful crockery shouldn’t be hidden away behind closed doors and your favorite spice should be close at hand when you cook. We have put together heavy duty kitchen shelves in many designs and sizes. ...more

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    Kitchen Shelves - robust and beautiful

    Kitchen shelves have to withstand a lot of stress. Shelf boards in particular, must be easy to clean, because wherever food is being handled, hygiene is paramount. Kitchen shelves must be impervious to steam and grease but should still look beautiful. The design aspect is very important when you make your choice: It should match your existing kitchen and look just the way you want it. Harmony and rich detail are key factors for an attractive ambiance. Let your creativity run free: Individual wall shelves not only add storage space - they can also create highlights and accents to reflect your personality. Wall shelves mounted side by side in rows can add life to previously unused spaces.

    Crockery, pots and pans and non perishables take up a vast amount of space in your kitchen. In many cases, there simply isn't enough storage space to keep everything within reach. Open shelves add space and create order, allowing you to get to whatever you need on a daily basis with ease. Kitchen dishes and utensils not only take up a lot of room, they can also weigh quite a bit. A high load-bearing capacity for the shelves is therefore another very important aspect.

    Our very versatile range offers a great selection of shelves so that you can design the kitchen of your dreams. Have fun looking through the extensive selection available from our online shop!


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