Wall recesses and unused walls in the hallway are perfect for creating additional shelf space for keys and accessories or for creating a place for shoes and coats. We offer a variety of wall mounted shelves and versatile shelving systems for just such a purpose. Right here you can find the right solution for the available space in a design you will love! ...more

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    Shelves for the Hallway

    Shelf solutions for the hallway must fulfill two functions: they must offer plenty of storage but cannot take up too much of the floor space. After all: the hallway must allow people to pass through without having to maneuver around obstacles. In terms of storage, shelves in the hallway must accommodate things like jackets, hats, umbrellas and shoes - sometimes in large numbers. Ideally, the whole thing should look well organised.

    Wall shelves are a good idea for narrow hallways, as they take up little or no floor space. The open design of these shelves has a positive impact on the perceived size of the available space. Our shelving systems with shelf boards in various depths will allow you to adapt your solution to the layout of your hallway. The modular design will help you realize your ideas with ease. Versatile drawer units and storage boxes keep things tidy and free of clutter. Our SOFTBOXes in many attractive colours add life and cheerfulness to any space.

    Have a look around our online shop for many different shelving system options and wall shelf solutions. Get yourself some inspiration and ideas on how to combine design and functionality to create your very own, personal style. Have fun mixing and matching!


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