Boutique + Store

Boutique + Store

The great quality of our shelves for commercial use come to the fore when it comes to their installation and of course their wear resistance in everyday use. Shelves for wall mounting can be placed at any wall height and entire shelving systems can be customized to the available space and specific uses. We set the stage for your products! ...more

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    1. 10-50 cm (51)
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    1. 1-50 cm (115)
    2. 51-100 cm (62)
    3. 101-150 cm (113)
    4. 151-200 cm (107)
    5. 201-250 cm (128)
    6. 251-300 cm (37)
    7. custom (36)

    1. 10-20 cm (38)
    2. 21-30 cm (42)
    3. 31-40 cm (388)
    4. 41-50 cm (72)
    5. custom (3)


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    1-36 of 530

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    Shelving for Store interiors

    Practical, yet stylish shelving reflects the character of a store or boutique. Shelving for shop interiors has to do much more than create storage space for products on wall shelves and shelving systems. The look and quality of the shelves send a subliminal message to the customer about the quality of the items on offer. A harmonious shop interior creates trust and invites customers to linger and browse and ideally invites them to identify personally with the brand and products. It is therefore very important to think about the style and type of shop interior and the kind of shelving you want to use. Do you prefer a minimalist, focused image with a very manageable number of products? Or maybe you want to invite customers to browse and spend time looking at large quantities of stock that is organised and easily viewable? We have the right shelf solution for both cases and more.

    Another important aspect is strategic product presentation. How can key products be placed in the shop to be highly visible? How do you display special offers so that they can't be missed? These are key questions for visual marketing and are essential for a successful shop interior. Wall mounted shelves are a great idea and can be placed at any height to ensure that products are visible from a distance. Our practical shelving systems offer incredible flexibility for new shop designs or store updates: variable shelf boards and interchangeable storage modules add variety and allow you to change the appearance of your shop with ease.

    We offer an extensive range of high quality, highly versatile products for attractive and functional shop interiors.


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