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Boutique + Store

The great quality of our shelves for commercial use come to the fore when it comes to their installation and of course their wear resistance in everyday use. Shelves for wall mounting can be placed at any wall height and entire shelving systems can be customized to the available space and specific uses. We set the stage for your products! ...more
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    1-36 of 522

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    Shop shelves for your store

    A stylish presentation of your shop and wares is more important today than ever before. Customers no longer simply come to buy – they expect a shopping experience. You need to create a nice ambiance, so your customers feel comfortable and stay longer. A practical and stylish interior will help you to optimally highlight your shop, and to make shopping fun for your customers.

    How do I best present my wares on the shelves?

    You should ask yourself a few questions beforehand, so that you can showcase your shop shelving and your offering on the shelves for best effect: What is the best placement for key products? How do you display special offers on the shelves so that they can’t be missed? Practical, yet stylish shelves reflect the character of a shop or boutique. After all: shop interiors must do much more than just create space for stacked wares. The look and quality of your interior sends a subliminal message to the customer about the value of your offering. A harmonious presentation creates trust and invites customers to linger and browse, and ideally identify personally with the brand and products. It is therefore very important to think about the style and type of shop interior and the kind of shelving you want to use. Do you prefer a minimalist, focused image with a very manageable number of products? Then you should choose a white, no-frills shelf. Right on trend: Metal shop shelves. They don't just give your shop that trendy industrial style flair, they are also made of a super robust material.

    How do I choose the right shop shelving?

    You want to make sure that your interior is a good match with your products and the style of your shop. The shape and design of your shelves should therefore be perfect for your offering. It really doesn't matter if you sell books, clothes, accessories or toiletries – we have the perfect shelves for any kind of product. Do you prefer a simple, understated interior, or do you want to create eye-catching accents with unusual shelf designs? Create your perfect interior with our modular shelving systems.

    Presentation of clothes & accessories

    You want to create a fitting backdrop for your clothes and accessories? Our CLOS-IT shelving system is the perfect solution for you. There are no limits to what you can do with CLOS-IT shop shelves. Aside from the layout, you can choose custom measurements and the number of accessories like load-bearing posts, shelf boards, wardrobe rails, hooks and drawers you need. Now you can present your wares exactly as you have always envisioned them.

    CLOS-IT Shelf for stores
      Customised shelves

    Shop shelves for books

    The CASE shelving system is your perfect choice for presenting books in an accessible, as well as attractive way. These practical shelves with back wall offer plenty of space to sort your library perfectly. A little tip: Place some accessories like plants, vases or figurines between the books on offer to draw the attention of your customers. The modular CASE bookshelf system allows you to arrange shelves with a personal touch for optimal product presentation.

    CASE Store shelf
      Robust shelves for books

    Shop shelves for accessories

    Accessories objects in particular need the right backdrop to make them irresistible for customers. Your best choices here are our shelving systems BOON , YOMO and MAXX . Their modular character allows you to create a shelf that you feel will optimally present your wares and will suit the style and size of your shop to perfection. Black industrial style shelves are the latest trend.

    MAXX M store shelving system
      Stylish shelves in black

    Shop shelves for boutiques

    Your choice of shelves is not just limited to standing shelves. Wall shelves are also a great idea for shops. Beauty and body care products like perfumes, toiletries, make-up, etc. can be stylishly presented on wall shelves . Depending on the interior theme, you can choose from our great variety of shapes and designs for your customised shop interior. You prefer a purist, no-frills look? How about glass shelves! You want eye-catching accents to draw attention to your wares? Have a look at our Nordic look shelves made of genuine wood, combined with leather straps.

      Eye-catching Nordic look shelves

    Configure your perfect shelves

    Design your very own custom shelves with our shelf configurator . Here you can plan your shelves conveniently online and view the result in 3D.

      Plan your custom shelves in 3D

    Information about the delivery of your new shelf

    • Each order is assembled and packaged carefully, and shipped within 24 hours.
    • Screws, wall anchors and detailed assembly instructions are included in the delivery.
    • Smaller shelves can be mailed to you via parcel service.
    • Larger orders will come on a disposable pallet, which a carrier will deliver kerb-side. Carrying the parts for your new shelves inside will be up to you.

    Do you have any questions? Our customer service is available to you by phone or email from Monday to Friday (8:00 am to 5:00 pm CET).


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