PEACH Glass Shelf Board
400x230x8 mm



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PEACH Glass Shelf Board | 400x230x8 mm | clear

The PEACH glass shelf's elegant round shape adds appealing detail add flair to any living space. The PEACH glass shelf board is mad of 8 mm tempered glass*. The visible edges are high gloss polished for an overall luxurious look. Combine this glass shelf with a shelf bracket of your choice - choose from our great selection right here in our online shop.

*Tempered glass is a special, heat-treated type of glass. During production, the glass is heated to approximately 630 degrees Celsius, rapidly cooled and as a result making tempered glass much stronger than regular glass. The only drawback of tempered glass is the fact that it can no longer be altered once it has undergone the thermal process. Tempered glass shatters into tiny pieces without any sharp edges, which makes it much safer to use than regular glass. Its main use for decades has been in the production of vehicles, as the risk of serious injury due to breaking glass is minimized. For that very same reason it has found its way here.

For a beautiful home - Glass shelf boards by REGALRAUM

Product Details:
  • Item Number 32009
  • tempered glass
  • glass shelf board thickness 8 mm
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