Wine Rack

Wine Rack

A wine rack is the only place to store fine wines. Wine enthusiasts value the versatility and high durability of the design and the fact that it is visually appealing too is a major plus point. The BOON cube storage system has it all! It is perfect for storing wine bottles and can easily be extended to grow with your wine collection. ...more
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    BOON - the perfect Wine Rack

    Our BOON wine rack is the perfect solution for presenting your wine collection to best effect. The cube shelving unit is the brain child of the noted designers Hertel + Klarhoefer and stands for robustness, versatility and modern design. The whole system consists of three shelf board types BOON-S, BOON-M and BOON-L in various sizes with an innovative modular construction that offers superior stability when assembled. You can even safely store many wine bottles in your living room or wine cellar, and your guests will also appreciate the attractive display.

    What makes a good wine rack?

    • Stable wine rack with the highest quality standards for workmanship and durability
    • Manufactured in Germany, in accordance with nature- and environmentally friendly quality standards
    • Easy-care and scratch-resistant, ideal for your wine rack in the colours vintage or white
    • Extendable in height and width, so that there are no limits to your wine rack
    • The wine rack adapts to your room, whether rectangular, staircase shape, sideboard, wine rack column or as room divider for bottles
    • Bottle rack in timeless design and ideally combinable with other furniture & accessories for every room

    Robust Wine Racks for Wine Connoisseurs

    Our BOON shelving system is just what you need if you are looking for a wine rack that is modular, stores every bottle safely and doesn't cost the world. Our BOON shelves in vintage oak or white add a classy and stylish look to your treasured collection. The shelf boards are made of eco-friendly chipboard and are manufactured in Germany in compliance with strictest quality standards. The hard-wearing melamine coating guarantees high scratch resistance and is very easy to clean. BOON comes with BOON Leg Leveling Feet for millimeter exact leveling of the wine rack to cancel out any uneven flooring in your living room or wine cellar. Nothing will store your wine better and with more style for many years to come than our BOON wine rack.

    It is available in many variations and can be designed to suit your exact needs: In a rectangular or stepped shape, as a modular wine rack, side board, shelf column or as a room divider or free standing shelf along a wall. The best thing about BOON: its modular design means it can keep pace with your wine collection. We will be happy to assist you during the planning or expansion of your bespoke wine rack.

    Building the Wine Rack

    All necessary Shelf Connectors and Screw Caps for the bore holes are included in the delivery. All you need to build your new wine rack are a Phillips screw driver and a rubber mallet. Make sure to store any left over material in a safe place - you might need it at a later time. After all - you might feel like transforming your wine rack into a highboard at some point, or dismantle a sideboard to create four wine rack cubes.

    BOON Shelf Planner

    Get designing with our BOON shelf planner. Create your very own bespoke wine rack and discover the many design options available in the online shelf planner. And don't worry if your wine collection keeps growing over the years: You can expand your modular shelves in height or width at any time and create your personal wine store!

    Shipping + Delivery

    Every order we receive is meticulously compiled, packaged and sent on its way within 24 hours. All necessary screws and wall anchors, as well as detailed assembly instructions are included. Small shelving units can be delivered by parcel service. Larger shipments are sent via a carrier company, which will deliver your order to the curbside on a single-use pallet. You will be responsible for carrying all delivered goods inside your home.

    Useful Tips for Wine Storage

    Not too warm and not too cold

    The perfect storage temperature for different types of wine varies but should generally be between 10°C and 15°C. Too much warmth, but also severe temperature changes will negatively impact the quality of wine. However, normal temperature variations between day and night should be kept to a minimum if possible. Seasonal temperature fluctuations do not pose much of a problem for your wine collection.

    Wine must be protected

    Cellars have proved to be the best place to store wines over the centuries. The bottles are protected against sunlight, vibration and odors in such an environment. Storing wine alongside cans or preserves isn't a problem but it is best to separate wine from strong odorous household items like cleaners and some foodstuffs (and indeed cooking smells).

    Humidity should be just right

    Another plus for wine storage in the cellar is humidity. A relative humidity over 50% will prevent corks drying out and shrinking. And if you want to be particularly careful with your wine storage, installing a thermometer and hygrometer (measures humidity) may be a good idea. An air conditioning unit will ensure the necessary humidity if you don't have the right kind of cellar at your disposal.

    Not all Wines are the same

    We have all heard it before: good things come to those who wait. A good wine, however, will not necessarily get better with age. Young wine should be consumed soon after it is bought. The perfect storage time for many types of wine from the Alsace region, Germany or Italy, on the other hand, is about 1 to 2 years. Chianti, Merlot, Passito and other types reach their peak after about 3-5 years. There are, however, some premium red wines that may need 5-10 years until they reach their prime.

    Upright or horizontal Bottle Storage?

    Up to only a couple of years ago, the consensus was that all wine should be stored lying down. But wines have different temperaments and this very generalized statement has been thoroughly debunked. Bottles with natural cork that will be stored for more than 1-2 years should be stored horizontally. This way the wine in the bottle continuously keeps the cork wet and prevents it from drying out and shrinking. Bottles with natural cork and a storage time of under 1-2 years as well as bottles with artificial cork or screw tops can be stored upright without any problem and can even be used as decorative items for your living area.


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