Wardrobe Rails

Wardrobe Rails

The wardrobe rail is the centrepiece of any wardrobe. A system of wardrobe rails keeps your favourite pieces in sight and creates order in the bedroom, dressing room or wardrobe. Our wardrobe rails are just as variable as the areas in which they will be used: they can be attached to floor to wall posts, wall uprights and walls. ...more
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Wardrobe rails for shelving systems

Wardrobe rails are the heart piece of any wardrobe or walk in closet and ensure that your clothes are wrinkle free and perfect for the next time you want to wear them. We offer a choice of three attachment options: Our wardrobe rails for wardrobe or wall mounting are perfect for use in wall recesses or as an addition to an existing wardrobe. The wardrobe rails for rail mounting are made of steel and are used in our shelving systems WALK-IN and P-SLOT – they are attached to the wall uprights or suspended under wire shelf boards. The highly elegant wardrobe rails for the shelving system CLOS-IT are made of aluminium and attach to the posts.

Wardrobe rails – Overview

White wardrobe rail and metal wardrobe rail

The wardrobe rails from the WALK-IN closet shelving system and the P-SLOT shelving system to create order are made of steel profiles and come in a white or metal finish to suit your design. The white wardrobe rail looks extra stylish, but is also a bit more vulnerable to scratches. Scratches on the top of the white wardrobe rail will, however, not really be visible. The metal wardrobe rail and the white wardrobe rail are available in various lengths. And if you want, we can cut them to length for you. Otherwise it really is very easy to cut them yourself with a hacksaw.

Wardrobe rail white and metall
  elegant finish

Wardrobe rail holders:
What type of bracket do you need for a wardrobe rail?

There are several options for wardrobe rail brackets to choose from:

• Wall upright holder: These wardrobe rail brackets simply hook directly onto the slotted wall uprights of the shelving system.

• Attachment underneath wire shelf boards: The HANG brackets simply hook directly underneath a wire shelf board, which hooks into the slotted wall uprights of the shelving system.

• Wall mounted wardrobe rails: The WALL brackets can be mounted directly on a wall or inside a wardrobe. That way, the wardrobe gets a new wardrobe rail or you transform a wall recess into much needed hanging space.

wardrobe rail samples
  Wardrobe rail
  HANG bracket
  WALL bracket

End cap for wardrobe rail systems

The CAP end stoppers made of gray plastic are used on the open-ended wardrobe rails for an attractive, finished look. Whether or not you will need them depends on the brackets used to hold the wardrobe rail. CAP end stoppers will be needed on both ends of the wardrobe rail if you are using wardrobe rail brackets, and only one on each end if you are joining several wardrobe rails together. You should definitely use CAP if you choose HANG brackets. You won’t need CAP at all if you are mounting your wardrobe rail with WALL brackets on a wall or in an existing wardrobe.

"All the wardrobe rails are super strong. They have no problem holding several heavy winter coats or plenty of jumpers."

Stephanie, interior design expert


Shelf planner for clothes storage

Create your very own, custom clothes storage solution with the shelf planners . The shelf configurator helps you to plan your wardrobe rail systems online from the comfort of your home. And when you're done, you can generate a 3D view of your design and order everything with just a few clicks. The total cost for your custom system is always right there on screen for you to see while you are planning. Our customer service is ready and waiting if you need any help planning your shelf – contact us by phone or email! We know everything there is to know about the wardrobe rail systems and make sure that everything fits together just the way you want it.

wardroeb rail configurator
  Planning with the 3D configurator


Wardrobe rails

Uncomplicated ordering, payment and delivery. Your order is shipped the same day we receive your payment (instant transfer). Everything is securely packaged. The goods are perfect. This is the way it should always be :-)

wardrobe rail
Made to measure wardrobe rails

I ordered some shelf uprights and wardrobe rails from Regalraum. The rails were cut precisely to my specs and are really strong.

wardrobe rail cut to size
Wardrobe rail – wall

Measured, ordered, mounted. Easy-peasy! Everything looks great, the measurements are exact and I got everything done a whole lot faster, than if I would have had to search for the right stuff in a bunch of DIY stores.

wardrobe rail wallmounted
for regalraum.com


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