Wardrobe Rails

Wardrobe Rails

The wardrobe rail is the centerpiece of any wardrobe. They keep your favorite pieces in sight and create order in the bedroom, walk-in wardrobe or wardrobe. We have wardrobe rails that can be attached to floor to wall posts, wall uprights, and walls. ...more
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Shelving System Wardrobe Rail

Wardrobe rails are the center point for dressing rooms and walk in wardrobes and ensure that your clothes are wrinkle free and perfect for the next time you want to wear them. We offer a choice of three attachment options: Our wardrobe rails for inside wardrobe or wall mounting are perfect for use in wall recesses or as an addition to an existing wardrobe. The wardrobe rails for rail mounting are made of steel and are used in our shelving systems WALK-IN and P-SLOT - they are attached to the wall uprights or suspended under wire shelf boards. The highly elegant wardrobe rails for the shelving system CLOS-IT are made of aluminum and attach to the wall-to-ceiling or floor-to-ceiling posts.

Our Wardrobe Rails - an overview

The wardrobe rails for the shelving systems WALK-IN - Wardrobe Shelving System and P-SLOT - Wall Shelving System are made from steel profile and come with either a powder-coated finish in white or chrome. The white coating is very fashionable but a little more susceptible to scratches. However, as these usually only occur on the top of the wardrobe rail, any actual scratches are not very visible. The wardrobe rail is available in 4 lengths and can even be custom cut for you. As both ends of the wardrobe rail are open, you can use a simple hacksaw yourself to shorten either end if necessary.
We offer various attachment options as well: The Wardrobe Rail Brackets simply hook directly onto the slotted wall uprights. The HANG Brackets attach the wardrobe rail underneath a wire shelf, which in turn is hooked into the wall uprights. The WALL Brackets can be attached directly to the brickwork in a wall recess or can be used for upgrading an existing wardrobe. Here is an overview of all three bracket types:

  • Wardrobe Rail Brackets - hook into the wall uprights of a shelving system
  • HANG Brackets - hook into the wire shelf boards on the wall uprights
  • WALL Brackets - for direct mounting on brickwork or in an existing wardrobe

The wardrobe rails from the CLOS-IT - Dressing Room Shelving System range are made of aluminum and come with an anodizes exterior in E6EV1 silver. In combination with their matching brackets, they are variably mounted on the profile posts of the shelving system.

Wardrobe Rail Stopper CAP

The CAP end stoppers made of gray plastic are used on the open-ended wardrobe rails for an attractive, finished look. Whether or not you will need them depends on the brackets used to hold the wardrobe rail. CAP will be needed on both ends of the wardrobe rail if you are using wardrobe rail brackets, but only on one end if you are creating joints between wardrobe rails. You should definitely use CAP if you choose HANG brackets. You won't need CAP at all if you are mounting your wardrobe rail with WALL brackets on masonry or in an existing wardrobe.

All our wardrobe rails are heavy duty, which means you can hang heavy winter coats and even fur coats from them.

Preconfigured Shelf Units

Planning your new Shelving System is particularly easy if you use our preconfigured shelf units. All of these shelves can be extended with additional shelf boards, wardrobe rails and drawer units of your choice. You can even add to the width of the units without any problem. The screws and wall anchors you need are included in the delivery.

Shelf Planner for Clothing

Create your very own, custom clothes storage solution with our . This planning app allows you to plan and design your wardrobe rail systems online, get a 3D view of the finished configuration and order the whole system with just a few mouse clicks from the comfort of your home. And there are no surprises, as the total cost for your custom system is always right there on screen for you to see. Our <a class='widget widget-link_cms widget-link' title='' href='https://www.regalraum.com/uk/contacts"> customer service is available via phone or email if you ever need help with your shelf system planning. We know everything there is to know about the system and make sure that everything fits together just the way you want it.

Great ideas for your home - create your own clothes storage + wardrobe rails with REGALRAUM


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