Room Divider Shelves

Room Divider Shelves

A room divider shelf will separate your home office from your sleeping area or the living room from the kitchen. Room divider shelves offer additional storage space for books, decorative item, and other personal treasures. Our room dividers come in modules and can be made to fit any space. ...more
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    Room divider shelves – add warmth to your home

    A room divider creates an intimate space and warm ambiance. Open plan areas appear less cold and cavernous with a room divider shelf. At the workplace, room divider shelves create private work spaces, where several people share a space, which is conducive for concentration and a more pleasant work environment. Unlike a folding screen or other piece of furniture used to separate spaces, a room divider shelf offers additional storage space and therefore plenty of functionality. It really doesn’t matter if the room divider shelf is used as a visual division between areas, e.g. separating a reading corner from the rest of the living room, or if you want to create a completely separate space, e.g. as a dressing room for more privacy in the bedroom. There is virtually no end to the possibilities and functions of a room divider shelf. Discover our many room divider ideas in our online shop.

    Practical room dividers create more structure in your home

    Room divider shelves are a great idea if you want to divide up big open spaces or if you want to create different living areas in a smaller room. They don't just visually separate individual zones, they also create much needed storage space for your things and are great for highlighting decorative objects like vases, candles or many other items.

    Versatile solutions for dividing rooms

    In small homes or apartments, one room often has multiple functions. Maybe your living and dining area needs to be in a single room, or you might need a corner of your bedroom to double as your office with a computer. It will often make sense to visually separate such areas from each other to bring more structure and order to your life. A room divider shelf is the answer. A white room divider shelf is the best choice for a smaller room, as the bright colour won't look too heavy or dark. Our MAXX , BOON and YOMO shelves are perfectly suited for use as a room divider.

    Shelving systems as room dividers
      Room divider shelf –
    versatile and expandable to any size

    So many options with a room divider

    A more flexible solution is often the best idea when separating living spaces. There are three main options to choose from:

    • Shelves or sideboards as room dividers also offer plenty of storage space
    • A hanging room divider like curtains in a variety of colours, bamboo roller blinds or maybe textile panels that can be pushed to one side
    • The traditional folding screen or "Spanish wall", consisting of three hinged elements is easy to put up and also very easy to move around

    If flexibility is not that important to you and you want to separate spaces definitively and entirely, then you could also put in a permanent dividing wall. That, however, needs some exact and – most of all – long-term planning. Don't forget that a permanently installed dividing wall is not that easily removed if your circumstances or space requirements change. In many cases, a permanent solution is off the table anyway, because the landlord will want everything restored to its original condition when you move.

    "Our room divider shelves are a perfect solution for creating separate living areas for any requirements. Simply put together the exact shelf you want with our shelf planner."

    Aylin, Online Marketing Manager


    Room dividers – great in bright colours

    White room dividers or room dividers in bright natural colours are easily integrated in the overall room concept. Very high room dividers in particular could block daylight and darken the room, but a white shelf will counteract that effect. Have a look around all the options we have to offer and find inspiration for visually upgrading your home.

    More storage space with room divider shelves

    Free standing shelves as room dividers

    A shelf as a room divider has many advantages over other types of room dividers like a folding screen, as it creates extra storage space. It is particularly practical if your room doesn't have much wall space for a shelf. In other words: a great idea for smaller rooms. A free standing shelf is a great alternative to the traditional wall shelf.

      A wardrobe as
    a white room divider

    Separating space with a sideboard

    If you are looking for a unique solution for your room, then a prefabricated shelf just won't do. What you want is a modular shelving system with flexible elements and multiple colours. You could even configure a sideboard as your room divider. A room divider sideboard can be designed to suit your exact needs with shelves of various heights and widths. Plus you can add to this room divider whenever you feel it's time for a change.

      Sideboards are a great choice
    for a stylish room divider

    "If you choose a room divider with a back wall, make sure the reverse of your room divider is just as attractive as the front. REGALRAUM furniture always comes with a perfect finish on both sides."

    Lisa, Online Marketing Manager

    expert tip

    Room dividers under slanted ceilings

    Apartments with slanted ceilings are often problematic when you are looking for a nice room divider. Room divider shelves often make the space look darker or smaller. The best choice for attic apartments are definitely our so-called stepped shelves. They fit perfectly under any ceiling angle, offer plenty of storage space and visually separate living areas.

    Shelving systems as room dividers
      Stepped shelves as room dividers
    for rooms with a slanted ceiling


    You can really let your imagination go wild with our shelf configurator. Here you can plan your room divider step by step online and even view the result in 3D. The total price of your room divider shelf is displayed after every change you make and you can order everything with just a few clicks. All that's left for you to do is relax and wait for your new furniture to arrive.

    Shelving systems as room dividers

    Assembling the shelves

    Room divider shelves are very easy to assemble. All you need are some small tools like a screwdriver and a rubber mallet for building the shelf. You can also extend your room divider or change things around to easily adapt to a new space situation.

    Shipping + Delivery

    Every order for shelves we receive is meticulously compiled, packaged and sent on its way within 24 hours. All necessary screws and wall anchors, as well as detailed assembly instructions are included. Larger shelves are sent via a carrier company, which will deliver your order kerb-side on a single-use pallet. You may want a friend to help, as carrying the parts for your room divider inside will be up to you.

    The benefits of a room divider by Regalraum


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    Top quality materials for guaranteed robustness and stability of your room divider


    Versatile, highly functional room dividers optimize storage space


    Building your shelf at home – the assembly instructions help


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