Corner Shelves

Corner Shelves

A corner shelf offers space-saving and practical storage solutions in previously unused corners. Whether small wall shelves for the presentation of decorative accessories and vases or large standing shelves for maximum storage space, our corner shelves fit perfectly into any room situation and set great design accents. ...more
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    The corner shelf - more efficiency for your living space

    A corner shelf is a true all-rounder. It utilises unused space and fits any room decor. A great idea in small apartments or rooms, corner shelves can be an essential asset to create much needed storage space. In larger rooms, a corner shelf can bridge the gap between two distinct living areas to create a harmonious overall picture in your living room, bedroom or office. Your options are virtually endless when it comes to corner shelves and you can choose a standing or wall-mounted model. In the following, we offer some detailed information for you to help you choose the right corner shelf for your needs.

    Free standing shelves for maximised storage in corners

    We recommend our free standing shelves if you need lots of space for storage. They create stylish storage options in corners and maximise space in the smallest room. We have the right shelf solution for whatever you need and for any room in your home - have a look around!

    Shelves for your home and office

    Our BOON and MAXX modular shelving systems with their cube-like structure and gorgeous design are a great choice for books, file folders or decorative items in your living space or office environment. Our shop also offers a great selection of pre-configured modules, which you can use as a starting point for your planning and extend flexibly in height or width. Enter the measurements for your available space in our practical online Shelf Planner and start your design from there. Once you are happy with your general design, add some matching accessories like doors or storage boxes in various colours to round it all off.

    Corner shelves for home and office

    Walk in corner wardrobes

    More space for your clothes in our CLOS-IT shelving system. The corner wardrobes are a godsend for any bedroom, as they create oodles of storage room while using otherwise dead space. The shelving system can be added to at any time and can accommodate additional shelf boards or wardrobe rails.

    Corner shelves for your walk in wardrobe

    Utilise the tiniest corners with wall-mounted corner shelves

    Our small, wall-mounted corner shelves come with one or more shelf boards and you can choose visible or invisible supports. The wall-mounted corner shelf variety gives you some extra storage space or sets the stage for your most beautiful possessions. The material and colour of the corner shelf should match its purpose and the style of your existing furniture.

    Wood corner shelf for your living area

    Wood shelves always create visual highlights in the living room, bedroom or hallway. You can choose a wood corner shelf in a variety of wood types and colours, which means it will suit a country-style interior just as well as a super modern decor. You can choose a solid wood or real wood veneer in oak, beech or walnut – each one looks great and enhances the comfortable ambiance of your home. Single colour coated furniture is timeless and will fit any existing interior concept. Our customers are particularly fond of the colour white for their shelves.

    Corner shelves made of wood

    A glass corner shelf for extra space in the kitchen or bathroom

    A glass shelf is impervious to moisture and easy to keep clean. A glass corner shelf is a great idea in the bathroom for towels or cosmetic products, or as a spice rack in the kitchen. Its top-quality finish and classy look will match any interior style so that a glass corner shelf can make its way into other living spaces as well!

    Corner shelves made of glass

    These are your choices for corner shelves

    These are the corner shelf solutions in our range:

    • • Low height free standing shelves - add a touch of class and help set the stage for your most treasured mementos
    • • High free standing shelves - make more of the otherwise wasted corner space
    • • Hanging shelves - create practical storage space and can be added over the top of other furniture
    • • Floating shelves - are great for additional space and can be combined with other shelf types.
    • • Walk in wardrobes - use every last inch of available space to make all your clothes easily accessible

    You can choose either the BOON or the MAXX shelving system for free standing corner shelves. BOON offers practical doors and back walls for a tidier, more organised overall look. MAXX features open sides, which adds airiness and a sense of open space to the look.

    With REGALRAUM, you can have your very own, custom made corner shelf

    No more wasted space in corners! A free standing corner shelf will add valuable storage space wherever you need it. We have put together a selection of pre-configured corner shelves for you to get started. If the right shelf to suit your available space is not among those, then just put together what you need using the Shelf Planner and elements from the BOON shelving system or the MAXX shelving system. The best feature of these shelving systems is that they are completely modular. That means you can add to the shelf in height or width whenever you want. Moving to a new home doesn't mean leaving your shelves behind any more. You can change their configuration to fit a new space!


     BOY floating shelves - in the living room

    I installed three white wall corner shelves one on top of the other in my living room. They appear to be very sturdy and they also look great. I can definitely recommend them!

     BOON bookshelf - in the office

    We have bought a BOON shelf for file folders and books in the office. The door elements and storage boxes make things neat and tidy. The best thing about this system is that it can be extended in height and width whenever you want. All the accessories are just as flexible. A great concept all-round!

     DESIGN wall-mounted shelf - in the kitchen

    We use this shelf as a spice rack in the kitchen. The product quality is absolutely perfect. Ordering was easy and the delivery was here double quick! All in all: a great online shop!

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