Clothes Storage

Clothes Storage

Our clothes storage systems CLOS-IT, WALK-IN and P-SLOT are the perfect solution if you want to design a dressing area that is elegant, individual and functional at the same time. Enjoy the freedom to choose from numoerous components such as wardrobe rails, drawers and shelf boards to create the clothes storage space that simplifies your life and adds value to your home. ...more
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    Customised Clothes Storage for your Home

    Clothes storage systems are the perfect solution for creating space and order in virtually any room situation. Our open shelving systems create walk-in areas for organising your clothes and optimising available space. Some of the systems let you create room dividers or maximize the space under slanted ceilings and corners using modular elements. Place decorative items in your clothes storage to add a personal touch and new character to your home.

    Discover our Clothes Storage Systems CLOS-IT, WALK-IN and P-SLOT

    Are you looking for a new clothes storage solution that will perfectly fit the available space and complement your existing furniture? Read about the many advantages of our clothes storage systems CLOS-IT, WALK-IN and P-SLOT and choose the one that best suits your home and your needs.

    CLOS-IT - Clothes Storage Design

    The open shelving system CLOS-IT features a great range of high quality components, plus an elegant design that makes it a perfect choice for a walk in wardrobe in your bedroom. You can add more wardrobe rails, roomy drawers and sturdy shelf boards to the system as needed, which means it will grow with your wardrobe over time. The floor to ceiling posts can be cut to length to the exact ceiling height of your room, which means you can create attractive room dividers or create storage space under a slanted ceiling. Alternatively, you can choose standing posts that have a stable foot and therefore do not have to be fixed to the wall or ceiling. Start planning you clothes storage system for your bedroom now - with our  configurator .

    Dressing room system CLOS-IT

    WALK-IN - Clothes Storage Classic

    The shelving system WALK-IN is a more low cost solution, super versatile and quickly installed, which means you really don't need any expert skills to create your dream closet. Once you have attached the hang track to the wall at a couple of connection points, you can simply hook in the hanging uprights and add whatever shelf boards, wardrobe rails or rolling storage containers you want. The hanging uprights slide horizontally for extra flexibility, creating and endless range of design options that you can assemble in minutes. Use our configurator to help you plan and design your very own WALK-IN storage solution.

    Open wardrobe system WALK-IN

    P-SLOT - Clothes Storage Basic

    The uncomplicated and low cost shelving system P-SLOT is exactly what you need to create storage space in your laundry or storage room. The steel wall uprights are super strong and are mounted directly on the wall. All you have to do is add shelf brackets and shelf boards. Wall mounting has the added advantage of freeing up floor space for bulky appliances like washers or dryers and maintaining an overall neat, well-ordered space. The wood shelf boards are hard-wearing and can be customized to your required length, offering space for detergents and laundry baskets or for non-perishables and other supplies in your storage room.

    open shelving system P-SLOT


    CLOS-IT Shelving System

    Robust, space-saving and classy! I can recommend this system to anyone looking for a compact and robust option for storing clothes. Our house is pretty old and drilling holes into any wall can result in unwanted surprises. This system only requires a few wall attachments to make it very stable.

    WALK-IN Shelving System

    Our wardrobe had gotten too small, so we decided on new wall shelves for clothing to maximize space. Great quality shelving systems. The boards and the wardrobe rails are extremely strong. It is so easy to expand or add to the modules. Everything fits together. We are extremely satisfied and will shop here again when we need something.

    P-SLOT Shelving System

    We built a shelf in the basement and in the not too distant future, we are planning to add a peg board for tools as well. I love the amazing range available on the website and I am now planning a whole new P-SLOT shelving system for my den.


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