Clothes rack

Clothes rack

We all know the problem: jackets, bags and scarves don't really have enough space in the hall and usually get stuffed out of sight into the already bursting wardrobe. A good alternative is a practical clothes rack. Now THAT is a good idea, as it gives you the space you need to put away everything neatly, but ready to use when you need it. ...more
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Clothes rack – creating storage space

Clothes racks are a great addition to the traditional wardrobe. The additional storage space gives you an excellent overview of your clothes. You can install a clothes rack in the hallway, bedroom or dressing room and there are endless options for designing exactly what you need. Now you can put together your very own clothes rack to suit your space. You decide its configuration and design. You decide on the number of wardrobe rails, drawers, shelf boards and dimensions.

What clothes rack would be the best choice for my home?

Clothes racks are incredibly versatile and offer plenty of storage space on a very small footprint. It really doesn't matter, in which room you want to set up your clothes rack – our modular CLOS-IT shelving system is a great choice for any room and purpose.

Coat stand in the hallway

A clothes rack in the hallway can double as a coat stand, giving your guests and family a great place for coats, shoes and jackets. Adding a wardrobe rail with hooks will be extra space-saving and is the perfect choice for narrow hallways or cramped entrances. You decide exactly how much space you need and which elements will be essential for your coat rack. Do you have lots of shoes and nowhere to put them? It would be a good idea then to add lots of shoe holders to your wardrobe. They attach very easily to our shelf boards.

  Your shoes

A clothes rack in the bedroom

A clothes rack can be a very practical addition to a traditional wardrobe in the bedroom. It could also double as a perfect substitute for the good old valet stand to put together an outfit for the next day or the entire week in advance. No more looking for matching clothes and rushing around in the morning.

TIP: Plan ahead of time, how much space you will need and decide on the number of wardrobe rails and other elements like drawers and shelves.

  Plenty of storage space
for bags, hats
& accessories

A clothes rack in the dressing room

You are running out of space in your dressing room ? Free-standing clothes racks will add more room for clothes quickly and easily. Our beautifully designed clothes rack shows off your clothes to best effect. Now you can always have your favourite pieces at hand for a great outfit. The modular CLOS-IT shelving system gives you the possibility to design your very own clothes rack that suits your needs and the available space in your dressing room perfectly.

  Clothes rack with long wardrobe rails for lots of storage space
"Free standing clothes racks are super practical and a space-saving option to store clothes. A coat stand is a perfect alternative for closed wardrobes, as they can be placed anywhere and their small size doesn't overload the room."

Olga, interior design expert


Which clothes rack matches which interior theme?

Clothes racks aren't just highly functional pieces of furniture, they can also create a visual highlight that perfectly matches your interior theme. That's why it is important to choose a clothes rack that fits with the overall colour scheme and style of the rest of your furniture. Minimalists will love the clothes racks in metal. A more rustic interior theme will be best complemented by a wood clothes rack. A great opportunity to showcase decorative elements.

Use the shelf configurator to design your own clothes rack

Put together your perfect clothes hanger from the comfort of your home. It just takes a few steps to design a wooden or white clothes rack to suit your needs with our shelf configurator and to get it delivered to your doorstep. If you need any help planning your new piece of furniture, our team of experts is standing by to lend a hand.

3D configurator
  Designing your very own clothes rack

Shipping + Delivery

Each order is assembled carefully, packaged and shipped within 24 hours. Larger shipments are sent via a carrier company, which will deliver your order kerb-side. Carrying the parts for your clothes rack inside will be up to you.

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