You are looking for a nice and spacious bookcase for your home. The modular bookcases in our shop provide you the perfect solution. Compose your dream storage out of a huge selection of furniture and decors. ...more
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A row of bookcases adds a cozy library feel to any living room. It really doesn’t matter what you read – all your favorite books, albums and art volumes will be stylishly and attractively displayed. The top-quality, modern design of the furniture highlights the value of your personal collection, which may have taken you many years to amass. Our open bookcases allow you to appreciate your precious books and mementos in a stylish frame. Depending on your room layout, you could cover entire walls with extensive shelving or use step shelves to make use of otherwise wasted space under a slanted ceiling. Many of our bookcases can also double as room dividers to create a cozy ambiance in open plan spaces. Our bookcases have a modular design, which means you can add more shelving as your collection grows – you will never have to limit your love of books in your home!

Overview of our bookcases

Each one of our shelving systems is something special. All our bookcases differ in design, structure and accessories. We have put together an overview for you to show you the benefits of each individual style:

YOMO – a gorgeous design highlight

Quality, individuality and design are combined perfectly in our YOMO shelving system . It creates useful space for books and decorative objects in your home. But there is the odd thing that we want to keep away from prying eyes as well: This bookcase has the great advantage of featuring elegant doors with push-to-open function. For a trendy look, you can add back walls in three colors to create eye-catching highlights. Well planned, you can create a clever room divider in any height or width that can be used from both sides.

BOON – the versatile all-rounder

Our BOON shelving system is particularly versatile and robust. You can create bookcases with square or rectangular shelf spaces or design a mixture of both. You can also add doors, back walls and SOFTBOXES to suit your needs. This bookcase is nothing if not super versatile ... See for yourself!

MAXX – the shelving miracle with open side frames

Open side frames in oak solid are the main focus of the MAXX shelving system . They not only give these bookcases their signature look, they also add rigidity to the layout. Combined with brilliant white shelf boards, this bookcase will be a real head-turner in the living room or library of your home - or even your home office. Unlike the oppressive timber monsters of old, our MAXX bookcase with its airy and delicate look will fit right in with the rest of your interior theme.

CASE – a clever masterpiece

This bookcase comes along in a trendy minimalist look and features a sophisticated click-in-place system. Our CASE shelving system consists of just three basic elements: Maxi, Mini, and End. These simply click into place to create a robust, high-quality bookshelf. The elements come with a depth of 34 cm, which means they offer space for books and much more in your living room, for example large decorative objects, flower vases, etc.

Accessories for your bookcase

Why not add some clever accessories to individualize your new bookcase even more! You already have a bookcase from our shop or planning a new one at the minute? Don’t forget that you can add more accessories later if you like.

Illumination for your bookcase

Some indirect light emanating from your bookcase may be enough to keep the ceiling lights off. Your room will be bathed in a soft, gentle light for extra coziness. Our MULTILIGHT LED over cabinet lights are directed straight down vertically to create a gorgeous curtain of light in your home. This accessory is suitable for all our bookcases.

Back walls for your bookcase

The best thing about our back walls is their versatility. The rubber profiles at the top and bottom edge of the back wall ensure quick and super easy installation or removal – without any tools. You can move the back walls, take out some and add others whenever you feel like changing the look of your bookcase. You could, for example, add back walls in various colors to complement the color of your wall. We offer individual back walls for our shelving systems BOON and YOMO.

Doors for your bookcase

Doors are a great idea for your bookcase if you have plenty of clutter you would rather hide than allow it to mar the gorgeous look of your well-stocked book collection. Our doors create storage space away from prying eyes and work on a push-to-open principle. Why not add some doors to your BOON or YOMO bookcase to underline its overall aesthetics?

Solid wood shelf unit

SOFTBOXES for your bookcase

SOFTBOX storage boxes are colorful, versatile and made to measure for our shelving systems MAXX, BOON and YOMO. They are made of a nonwoven material and come with a metal ring to pull them out of the shelf. And if you don’t want to use a storage box for a while, you can fold it up and put it away until you want it again. In other words: you can decide at the drop of a hat if you want to keep your furniture open or hide things from view.

'Bookcases are great for utilizing available wall space. It offers me plenty of space for my favorite books, some picture frames and decorative mementos I can arrange whatever way I want.'

Lisa, Online Marketing Manager

Buy preconfigured bookcases or plan your personal dream furniture

You have decided that you really want a new bookcase in your home? You can put your bookcase together with preconfigured module units or use our shelf planner to design the bookcase you always wanted.

3D Shelf Planner: Custom designed bookcase

Get started with the planning of your new bookcase right here with our Shelf Planner! Choose the shelving system you like best and then enter the exact dimensions of your room. You can even add accessories to get an idea of how things will look in real life. You can always keep an eye on the costs as well: the total price of the product is adjusted on screen every time you add or remove an element. Transform the look of an empty wall into a gorgeous bookcase with just a few clicks!

Service – Shelf planner for bookcases


CASE – bookcase

What a gorgeous bookcase! Putting it all together was a breeze and the finished shelf is very sturdy and looks superb. I ordered the CASE Multi 6x4 and it really does have space for plenty of books and even bulky file folders. I am looking forward to extending it some day!

Impression CASE
MAXX – bookcase

I am really happy with my new bookcase. It looks great and is super robust. The quality is amazing too. The delivery of the products went off without any problems. All bore holes fit perfectly as well. The instructions were easy to follow and everything was explained in simple terms.

Impression MAXX
BOON – bookcase

The product is very good. I am using my bookcase as a TV unit, for books and decorative items – this is perfect for anyone, who enjoys designing their own living space.

Impression BOON


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