A beautiful bookshelf is a great eye catcher in any home. It makes a room more cozy, offers attractive storage space for books, accessories, adds space for personal mementos and declutters your home. Especially bookshelves in white are among the most popular furniture options for living rooms due to their timeless and clear design. ...more
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A bookcase doesn’t just hold books - it has to fulfill a whole range of expectations and requirements. Some people dream of their own library at home, a cozy space, where they can curl up with a good book. Others want to utilize space between existing pieces of furniture to show off their favorite volumes. REGALRAUM offers a huge choice of bookcase systems in heights, widths, depths and colours that will allow you to create a cozy, personalised ambiance. Your new bookcase will have plenty of space for all your books, DVDs photo frames and mementos you want to put on display. By the way: many of our products can be configured to exact size measurements. That means: Your bookshelf can grow to whatever size you need to accommodate your growing library.

Furniture in the right height, depth, width and color

A bookcase can be a real highlight in your home! Our modular furniture allow you to create unique solutions to suit your book storage needs. Have a look around for some inspiration!

BOON bookshelf

BOON – versatile, sturdy and sleek. The versatility of the BOON shelving system makes it a great solution for your living room, office or even your wine cellar. BOON can be extended to any height and width to fit available space. You can even combine square and rectangular shelf spaces to mix things up a bit! This shelf is also a great choice in terms of what you get for your money – it's never been easier to be creative and design an elegant, high-quality and incredibly low-cost bookcase for the exact space you have.


CASE bookcase

The purist design of our CASE bookcase gives it a very modern appeal. The combination of our sturdy 28 mm shelf boards with the delicate looking 12 mm side walls is particularly eye-catching. They give the bookcase its unmistakable look and create the sturdy frame needed for a proper shelf. The high quality and extremely clever CASE bookcase consists of just three basic elements: Maxi, Mini, and End. These simply click together to form a very sturdy bookshelf. Of course, CASE is also a modular bookcase solution, which means you can add to it whenever you want.

modular system

YOMO bookshelf in oak/white

YOMO stands for quality, individuality and design. It fits virtually any interior theme and creates plenty space for books, file folders and decorative accessories. And if you like, you can even add back walls or push-to-open doors in the three trendy colours white, pool and stone. The end result will be the shelf you always wanted - in exactly the height and width you need.


MAXX bookshelf in wood and metal

Solid oak open side frames or precision-made metal open steel frames create the eye-catching look of the MAXX shelf. The oak-and-white combination makes this shelf a true design highlight that will look great in your living room, bedroom or library. The open design of the solid wood side frames add a delicate feel to our MAXX bookshelf. The understated elegance of this system will match any interior concept with ease - be it in your living room, bedroom or office. How about creating a MAXX stepped shelf to fit under slanted ceilings or staircases - or build yourself a little corner shelf in a wall recess. For those, who prefer a more starkly modern factory style, MAXX in black metal will be an awesome highlight in your home.

  airy look

ON-WALL shelf with shelf uprights

A great piece of furniture for your library. The bookshelf system from the ON-WALL series is super versatile, modular and absolutely timeless. It will look great in any room and can be combined in many ways to suit your exact wishes. The shelf boards can be hooked in at varying heights to accommodate any book format. For file folders, literary masterpieces or your CD and DVD collection - simply adjust the shelf height the way you want it. The open shelves keep everything neat, tidy and at your fingertips.

  flexible +
'I want to be able to add to my bookshelf over time as my book collection grows. That's why I love this modular shelf – it gives me the flexibility I was looking for!'

Claudia, CEO

A small bookshelf for your wall

A wall shelf is a great idea when you want to create practical storage space in a relatively small room. A small, wall-mounted bookshelf is an excellent idea for small apartments because it utilises otherwise unusable wall recesses and space without diminishing your living space. Our great selection in terms of widths, depths and colours, as well as the affordable prices make this an easy decision for you. Have a look at our collections of modern and ingenious shelf solutions – you'll be sure to find something you love.

Everything in its place - With a stylish bookshelf by REGALRAUM.

Bookshelf: Which is the right type for you?

What shelf type do you want for your books? What functionality to you envisage for your new shelf? REGALRAUM offers the following products:

  • • BOOKCASE: for your personal library
  • • ROOM DIVIDER: doubles as shelf and room divider
  • • BOOKCASE: plenty of room for your books, decorative accessories and whatever you need close at hand
  • • FLOATING BOOKSHELVES: if you have very little available space and want to highlight some specific objects

Custom bookshelf

Bookshelves are always a great idea - no matter how small your living space or how many books you have.

As unique as your personality

How much space is available for your shelf? How many books do you need space for? Do you want to have plenty of space, so you can place design elements on the shelf as well? What colour were you thinking of? How about a double use as bookshelf and room divider? These products are great for structuring large rooms or as a clear separation of your living and working space. You could also add back walls or doors to your new piece of furniture. A stepped shelf is the perfect solution for rooms with a slanted ceiling. Now you can have storage space in those otherwise unused areas!

Vielfalt Bücherregale

You would like some assistance in the planning of your bookshelf?

We will be more than happy to design the perfect shelf for your home - and it won't cost you a cent.

Our shelf experts are ready for your call or email:

Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm (CET)
Phone: +49 (0)6245 94596 - 0

The many advantages of REGALRAUM products


Our configurator will help you to put together the perfect shelf


Elegant design and high functionality


Top quality materials for guaranteed stability


Easy construction and intuitive assembly instructions


Interior design experts to assist your planning


CASE bookcase

This system is a great choice as a bookshelf or as a storage space for all your file folders in the office. The extra strong intermediate shelf boards are a welcome extra that not many suppliers can offer. Stability and the finish are both exceptional. The product is worth every cent. Delivery was super fast too.

Impression CASE
MAXX system

I am really happy with my new bookshelf. It looks great and is super robust. The quality is amazing too. Everything arrived in perfect shape without a scratch or dent. All bore holes fit perfectly as well. The instructions were easy to follow and everything was explained in simple terms.

Impression Schubladen
BOON shelving system for books...

The product is very good. I am using my bookcase as a TV unit, for books and decorative accessories – this is perfect for anyone, who enjoys designing their own living space

Impression WALK-IN


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