BOON L-Door/Backboard Set | 54,1x32,4 cm

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BOON L-Door/Backboard Set | 54,1x32,4 cm

The BOON-L back walls add a luxurious look to your shelf and protect your books and decorative items against slipping out the back. The choice is yours: The color-coordinated back walls create a more traditional feel, while brightly colored back walls are young and fun and can help lighten up a plain interior theme. The BOON module is the perfect piece for experimenting with color and shape: mix and match colored back walls for as many shelf areas as you like. No matter which design you choose, the functionality and versatility of these back walls speak for themselves.

The back walls can be placed at the front, middle or rear of a shelf space, which comes in very handy for room divider shelves. No tools are needed to install these back walls made of eco-friendly chipboard (65-90% recycled offcuts from the woodworking and forestry industry), which means you can add or remove them whenever you feel like changing the look of your shelf. Gently hammer them into place with your fist – that’s it! The super robust melamine finish and rubber profile around the edges prevent unsightly scratches and unwanted shifting.

TIP: Make sure to install the back wall at a small distance from the outer edge of the shelf board. That way, it will have a little room for movement if you happen to push against it while filling your shelf.

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Product details
  • 1 door incl. 1 backboard
  • also suitable for retrofitting in existing shelves
  • eco-friendly particleboard - produced in Germany
  • melamine coated chipboard
  • suitable for square BOON shelves (interior dimensions: 54,2x32,8x32,8 cm)
  • no-handle furniture door with push-to-open function
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