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WALK-IN - Wardrobe Storage

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Wardrobe Storage System WALK-IN - the Perfect Modular Wardrobe Shelving

WALK-IN is a great modular wardrobe storage system with oodles of flexibility that allows you to design and build your very own clothes storage system with ease. Putting it all together couldn’t be easier and there is hardly any drilling and screw fitting involved. The wardrobe storage solution is constructed in just three easy steps: Attach the horizontal hang track to the wall, hook in the rails and place the shelf boards where you want them – that's it. The amazing flexibility of the modular system means that it will adapt to the available space perfectly while offering exactly the kind of wardrobe storage space you want. Now you can create the wardrobe storage space you need, where you need it – in your bedroom or in a separate room that you can use purely as a wall mounted wardrobe. The hanging system allows the shelf uprights to be repositioned with ease and each individual component can be moved to wherever you want it and everything combines with all other elements – they also fit with the modular P-SLOT and ON-WALL systems. And even if you need the modular wardrobe storage solution system individually made to measure, you’ve made the right choice. Because we can cut the hang tracks and shelf boards for you exactly the way you need them.

Wardrobe Storage System WALK-IN - Wall mounted wardrobe  in a corner


Image 1


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Wardrobe Storage Solution WALK-IN - Wardrobe shelving


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Wardrobe Storage WALK-IN - Wardrobe storage system with pants racks

WALK-IN Pants Rack

Image 3

WALK-IN Pants Rack

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Wardrobe Storage WALK-IN - Fitted wardrobe interiors wire drawer unit


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Wardrobe Storage System WALK-IN - Wire baskets

WALK-IN Wire baskets

Image 5

WALK-IN Wire baskets

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Wardrobe Storage System WALK-IN - Wardrobe shelving


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Promotion valid until 15 August 2022

Wardrobe Storage System: The Advantages of WALK-IN Wardrobe Shelving at a Glance

WALK-IN is an ingenious wardrobe storage system for an wardrobe solution, utility room shelving or for outfitting an office or shop. It can be used in virtually any area that needs organization and you can plan, design and build it yourself for your home.

Clothes Storage Overview 

Advantages of the Modular Wardrobe Interior Kit For Your Home

  • Classic wardrobe storage solution in powder-coated steel
  • Affordable shelf uprights and brackets
  • Wall-mounted wardrobe storage system with space underneath, no ceiling-mounting
  • Easy assembly with few attachment points in the hang tracks
  • Extensive selection of accessories like wire shelf boards, pants racks
  • Perfect as modular wardrobe storage or utility room shelving

Modular Wardrobe Racking Inspiration 

Discover the Modular WALK-IN Wardrobe Storage

WALK-IN offers you a lot of design possibilities. Use the system to fulfil your dream of an wardrobe storage solution. Have a look at this brief video to give you some ideas of wardrobe shelving.

Our Components for Your Modular Wardrobe Storage Solution

You will find plenty of multi-use elements for your wardrobe storage system in our WALK-IN range.

Robust Hang Tracks

The hang tracks are available in two standard lengths as well as made-to-measure. The steel elements are finished with a sleek powder coating. The hang tracks are available in grey and white.

Variable Hanging Uprights

The hanging uprights are variable, quickly mounted and can support up to 150 kg in weight. The slot distance in the shelf uprights is 50 mm, which means the hanging uprights are fully compatible with other shelving systems available in DIY stores. They can be mounted on the wall without hang tracks if you prefer or with the twin slot wall uprights from the P-SLOT shelving system. We recommend our TrackFix mounting hardware kit for the hang tracks.

Robust Shelf Boards

The shelf boards are manufactured in Austria and are made of eco-friendly chipboard (65-90% wood scraps from the sawmill industry and forestry) and are finished with a sturdy melamine coat. The white finish has a gorgeous silky matte look, while the oak finish has a beautiful wood look and feel. Thanks to the various standard sizes or indeed a custom-made design, even deep shelving solutions can be easily implemented. The board is attached via the BOARD shelf bracket.

Practical Wire Shelf Boards

The multi-functional and ingenious wire shelf boards are attached with matching wire shelf board brackets and are a great choice for storing textiles in your walk in wardrobe. These wire boards are a very practical choice for your topmost shelves, as you can see what is stored on them from below. Another advantage: the wire mesh offers very little surface for dust to settle. You can cut the wire boards to size with a hacksaw if you need a non-standard shelf width or if you want to fill a gap between the wardrobe storage solution and the wall. Alternatively, you can order your wire shelf boards in a custom size from us.

Premium Quality Wardrobe Rails

Wardrobe rails are the focal points of an wardrobe storage solution. You can choose between three attachment options: Use the wardrobe rail brackets that are hooked into the rails. Alternatively, you can choose HANG brackets, which combine a wardrobe rail with a wire shelf board. Your third option is to use our new WALL brackets, which attach directly to the wall for your wardrobe rail. Our heavy-duty wardrobe rails can be cut to size using a simple hacksaw. We recommend the CAP wardrobe rail stopper to finish off the look.

Spacious Drawer Units

Drawer units are great all-rounders and keep clutter at bay. The drawers with soft-close function pull out fully and move smoothly on concealed runners.

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Assembly Instruction

How do I set up my WALK-IN Wardrobe Storage?

In order to make the assembly easy for you, you will find some instructions here. With these nothing should stand in the way of quick assembly!

Wardrobe Storage System: How to Plan Your Perfect Wardrobe Shelving System

You want to design your very own wardrobe storage solution in your bedroom? Our pre-configured modules are a great starting point. Alternatively, you can design each and every aspect of your fitted wardrobe interior yourself.

Clothes Storage - FAST & EASY

Pre-configured Wardrobe Storage Solutions

Our pre-configured WALK-IN modules make planning your personal wardrobe organiser quick and easy. Screws and wall anchors are included in the delivery. Tip: You can expand your wardrobe storage system with additional shelf boards, wardrobe rails and drawer units at any time as your wardrobe grows.

shelf configurator

Design Your Wardrobe Storage Solution Online

Create a truly individual wardrobe shelving with our WALK-IN shelf configurator. Convenient planning, a full 3D view and an easy shopping cart placing.

If you need assistance with your planning, you may always call our customer service. Please send a quick sketch and your room dimensions and we will create your shelf until you are fully satisfied.

Delivery & Shipping

Information About Delivery

  • We indicate the availability and delivery time on the product page right next to the item.
  • Screws, wall anchors and detailed assembly instructions are included in the delivery
  • Smaller shelving units can be mailed to you via parcel service.
  • Larger orders will come on a disposable pallet, which a carrier will deliver kerb-side. Carrying the parts for your new shelving system inside will be up to you. More details

Customer Reviews


"We went ahead and created a really beautiful dressing room for our clothes with the WALK-IN wardrobe storage system. Each individual element came with a perfect finish and the whole thing looks a million dollars! The best thing is that you can put together the products just the way you want them. Delivery was super quick and customer service was great: they had answers to all our questions and were really patient with us."


The delivery I received was exactly as I envisaged it. It all arrived real quick, packaging was excellent and the quality of the goods was such that I have no qualms giving REGALRAUM a big fat five stars!"


"The quality was excellent and the price is definitely worth it for what you get. We are using the product as a walk-in wardrobe system for our clothes. We are very satisfied with the product, as we can put it together exactly the way we want it."


"These wardrobe storage systems are amazing and super easy to assemble, once you know how it's done. Questions are answered in less than an hour and complaints are handled quickly and without any hassle. All in all: top marks all around!"